waste cuttings management

To be a professional manufacturer for solids control equipment, GN has nearly 10 years experience on decanter centrifuge research and fabrication. With these years development, GN decanter centrifuge have been supplied to the many giants in the oilfield industry. Subsidiary company of Halliburton, Baker Hughes, COSL and some other world famous company tried GN decanter centrifuges and gave good remarks.
A company has to keep improving if he wants to live for a long time. GN is an example for continuously upgrading the existing equipment and developing the new products according to the market feedback. At the beginning of foundation of GN Solids, GN only made middle speed decanter centrifuge that can only be used in normal drilling fluids recycling system, like barite recover process and some high speed unit could be used in fine solids separation. The middle speed model and high speed model will be kept in the same one mud recycling system.


GN Decanter Centrifuge for Baker Hughes

Thanks to the many kind clients’ feedback and valuable suggestions, the only thing GN did in the past years was to perfect the design of the centrifuge and improve the quality. Nowadays, GN’s 4th generation decanter centrifuge is under design processing. The best seller of GN C version decanter centrifuge could be electric controlled as fixed speed or variable speed. The PLC design high standard positive pressurized control cabinet is available. Top quality centrifuge bowl material duplex SS2205, optimized feeding direction and high standard material for solids discharge touching parts make GN decanter centrifuge could be adopted in waste cuttings management system, drilling fluids de-watering system, and crude oil tank bottom sludge cleaning out of solids control system. In the past two years of winter of oil business, it was widely application of GN’s decanter centrifuge that brought GN many orders which kept GN alive, even became bigger than ever before.
GN’s second facility close to HQ will be launched into use very soon. This facility is specialized used to develop centrifuges. Most industries could be a GN’s future market like the sewage treatment, environmental projects and food industry. Actually, it is because many inquiries coming from these industries, which urges GN to expand into these areas. Where there is a request, there is a market.

Derrick, NOV and Swaco are well known to all people who work with solids control equipment. These are the 3 big guns in this industry. It could be seen from that, almost every corner of the world, their equipment are running. During this oil business depression, most of the drillers, mud service companies and even oil field service companies who have mud engineering business abandoned these 3 brands and convert to find some other brands with cost effective price but same good quality.
There are several solids control equipment manufacturer in China. Customers from abroad have no enough information to tell who qualified manufacturer is. GN Solids Control devoted himself in this industry for nearly 10 years, would like to share below information on GN to tell everyone who want to make a deal with solids control manufacturer in China.


GN Beijing company

1. What certificates you have to be a solids control manufacturer
GN Company was founded in the year of 2007. And 1 year later, GN got the certificates from API. From that time, GN became the first API certified solids control equipment manufacturer in China. So far, GN is also the number one solids control manufacturer who has passed most times of the examination by API in China. GN also got the certificates of ISO, HSE, CE certificates issued by DNV and Russia Customs Certificates.
2. What is your facility looks like
GN’s facility is up to around 400,000 square meters including 2 factories near Beijing downtown and airport, which is very convenient for customers’, visiting for business negotiation and delivery inspection. In the year of 2013, GN set up the facility (sale office and warehouse) in Houston, USA. Till now, GN has finished the inventory in Houston warehouse for several of GN main equipment like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer. For the wear parts of shaker screen, GN also has stock in Houston. In the year of 2014, GN did establish the sales office in Moscow, Russia.
3. What did you do and what are you doing
Only the company who is continuously researching and improving can live longer and get bigger. From the beginning of the foundation of the company, GN made the normal solids control equipment and system. Till now, GN can provide drilling waste cuttings management system to finally make the hazardous waste environmental friendly. GN is not only an equipment manufacturer, but also a turnkey solution provider. In the year of 2015, GN got the approval of National New High-tech Enterprise, which is the best prove of GN’s willing to be the number one of solids control manufacturer in China.
4. Who choose GN Solids Control
Today, GN’s equipments are running in over 60 countries and regions. Many world famous enterprises have ordered from GN. Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Shell and COSL respectively ordered waste cuttings management equipment from GN solids control. Moreover, good remarks were sent back to GN on the performance of equipment. Some of the customers even repeated order from us. If you don’t know much on GN’s equipment, or you want confirm what we done ever before. Welcome to GN, we have many real cases for potential customers to refer. Facts speak louder than words.
4 reasons would make you convinced on why GN is the top class manufacturer of solids control equipment. For other solids control brands in China, you can ask them same questions and see what answers you can get.

All persons who ever been a drilling site will know that the solids control equipment like shale shakers are located on top of the mud tank. The shakers are fixed directly by bolts onto the mud tank top, if you want disassemble the system, you need loose the bolt and take off all the shakers units one by one which will cost much time.
GN Solids Control ever made several mud systems in which the primary solids control equipment are pre-installed on a framework, and then the framework whole package is put on the mud tank top. Just like below picture shows 2 unit GN’s double layers shale shakers in installed in a 20 ft container size framework, under the shaker base and on the frame skid, there are opening through where the drilling fluids could flow down to the mud tank.

20160217 gn frame installed shale shaker

GN Shakers Pre-installed in Framework

What benefit this design would brought to the operator
1. Preinstalled shakers on the frame greatly save the time for assembling and disassembling, not bolt will be lost during the procedure of many times installation.
2. Container sized frame with container fixing point at all 8 corners of the bottom skid and top beam. This frame could be put directly on the flat bed trailer for easy transportation.
3. The horizontal and vertical beams and legs could be used as support of rain cloth to cover outside the frame for bed weather.
Actually, not only shale shakers could be pre-installed in this type framework, the decanter centrifuge unit can also be put in it. On the frame, there will be enough space for wire cables laying.

Framework is simple but it could bring convenience to operators. Besides this type frame, GN could also provide telescopic skid frame used to put decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer on that for waste cuttings management application. That type frame is little complex, however, it could make the equipment a modular package to meet customers’ requirements better.

Recently GN Solids Control exported a oil drilling rig mud system for a 1500hp oil rig in Russia, with our partner supplying the mud tanks. GN supplying all the main equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuges, centrifugal pumps.

A normal 1500HP oil drilling rig developed with a 350 t hook load capacity for medium deep wells. Every aspect of rig operation from mobility and deployment to machine and structural design has benefited from a wide array of improvements that maximize safety while minimizing the time for rig-up/down and transport. An integrated hydraulic system is connected to raise the mast and the substructure. When the substructure is in the lowered position, the mast is connected to the drill floor. The mast is raised by two hydraulic cylinders. When the mast is in the vertical position then the hydraulic cylinders are disconnected and retracted. Two telescoping cylinders now lift the substructure into operational height.

GN Shale Shaker


The normal mud system (4 mud tanks system 1600bbls) mainly including


MUD TANKS: SHAKER TANK (1) ea. 40 L x 8’ W x 8’ High 400 BBL with porch

INTERMEDIATE TANKS: (1) ea.‐40’L x 8’ High x 8’ wide 400 BBL with porch

SUCTION TANK: (1) ea.40 L‐x 8’ft W’ x 8’ High, 400 BBL with porch

RESERVE TANK (1) ea.40 L‐x 8’ft W’ x 8’ High, 400 BBL with porch

TRIP TANKS (1) 80 BBL Capacity With 3”x 4”transfer Pump X 20 hp.

PILL TANK: (1) 80 BBL Capacity

GN Centrifuge

Slug Pit

1) 4 sets of shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB.

This shale shaker is 4 panel shakers with big treating capacity,

2) DESANDER‐DESILTER (1) With 16 x 4” De‐silter Cones and (3) 10”in cone De‐sand 6 x 8 centrifugal pump (2) ea 100 hp. motors

3) 2 sets of decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG

The centrifuge is high speed centrifuge can reach 3200RPM, and G force 2062@3200RPM.

4) 20 sets of centrifugal pump

Freely contact with GN Solids Control for a total solution.

As a leading drilling mud recycling equipments manufacturer, GN solids control is keeping design new products that can be applied on the oil field. With more and more new products launched, GN’s products line is getting much wider. Besides the normal solids control equipment and system drilling waste cuttings management system, GN solids control has developed the waste cuttings solidification system for disposal of the waste materials.

GN Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit

GN Solidification System

The waste cuttings solidification system could also be called as curing system. It always includes 3 parts: waste cuttings collection unit, curing agent storage unit and solidification and mixing unit. GN’s solidification unit is also design like this, the picture shown how does it look like.
The waste cuttings collection part of this unit is a big opening hopper which can collect the waste cuttings conveyed from the primary solids control system. In case the screw conveyor onsite broken down, the operator could use an excavator to put the cuttings into the hopper.
Under the hopper, there is also a screw conveyor could transfer the cutting to the mixing bowl unit.
GN’s solidification system has 2 stainless steel material tanks that used for storing the curing agent. One tank is for cement powder, the other one is for other curing agent. According to different site condition, the operator could add the different curing agent into the mixing bowl. The curing agent is also transferred to the mixing unit by separate screw conveyors.
The waste cuttings solidification and mixing unit is also made from stainless steel with 2 inlet ports controlled by valves. This 2 inlet ports is used to feed the water and other acid or alkali liquid that helpful for curing processing into the mixing bowl. The stainless steel material would have a better anti-corrosive feature for these liquids. The feed rate into the mixing bowl of the waste cuttings and curing agent are all adjustable.
After fully mixed, the hazardous material in the waste cuttings would be closed and will not leak into the nature. The cured material could be buried directly or used for road paving.
GN’s waste cuttings solidification system could be connected with the normal solids control system and drilling waste cuttings management system. After drying firstly by the cuttings drying system, a better solidification effect would be got. According to different site condition, the operators choose to use screw conveyor or cutting pump to transfer the cuttings. And the layout of the equipment will be little different. For more information on GN’s solidification system and waste cuttings drying system, please contact with GN sales team for an elegant brochure.

GN has promoted the 4th generation of the vertical cuttings dryer. After few-year upgrade on the structure and perfection on the design, GN’s vertical cuttings dryer could be applied in both the water base mud and oil base mud drilling waste cuttings drying projects.

Generally, the drilling waste cuttings processing job requests a complete system that will involve the cuttings transfer equipment, drying equipment, liquid storage vessel , liquid transferring device as well as the ultra fine solids removing unit.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with frame (1)

Waste Cuttings Drying System

Some customer prefer to getting a complete cuttings drying system from GN. GN cuttings drying system is designed as a skid mounted tank and frame stand system. In this system, there are the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge that are located on 2 ends of the skid and supported by the frame. The cutting dryer is fed with the sick cuttings via the screw conveyor. Besides the screw conveyor, the hose pump can also be used to deliver the cuttings from the primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and mud cleaner. Sometimes, the cuttings are coming from several different sites and collected to be transported to a facility for treatment. Under the cuttings dryer, there is a chute that is used to guide the dry cuttings to the collection box after separated by the dryer unit. And the liquid would flow into the V-type storage tank waiting for further treatment. The liquid is transferred to the high speed centrifuge by the screw pump and there the fine solids would be removed out. By locating the dryer and centrifuge on the frame, it is easy for solids removing through the under installed chute.

Some customer may only request the cuttings dryer unit if the already have the centrifuge. GN could also provide the single cuttings dryer unit on the frame. And the customer could connect with their existing slurry transferring device and centrifuge unit to make it a complete waste cuttings management system.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with frame (2)

Vertical Cutting System with Frame

GN’s vertical cuttings dryer is always equipped with a screw pump that is used to flush the screen inside the dryer to avoid blocking. This pump is located on the skid but under the frame to save the space. The customer could choose to use the fixed speed or variable speed model for the cuttings dryer and centrifuge, if VFD model is selected, the control panel could be located un the frame which is also easy for transportation.