Solids control mud gun

Applicaiton of mud gun:

Inside the tank, there are always some dead corner, where mud agitator cannot effect. In this case, mud gun will be used to flashing and agitating the dead corner to avoid fluid deposition. It usually used together with mud agitator.

Mud gun is also meant to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks. It depends on the number being used and the pit size. It is best used in tank corners to keep solids from settling and a mud agitator is placed in the tank center.Mud Gun 4

How to choose the suitable mud gun:

The number of solids control mud gun depends on the size of tank. Usually mud gun installed with mud line of mud tank. According the inlet pipe size, there are 2’ mud gun and 3’ mud gun for option. According to different structure feature, there are two types of mud gun: fixed mud gun and rotary mud gun.

Design features of solids control mud gun:

A molded replaceable wear resistant polyurethane jet nozzle is used, with lift time as long as 2000 hour.

Three nozzle with 120° between each other. All tank corner can be covered by mud gun, even for fixed mud gun.

Locating the mud gun for mud recycling system:

·GN recommend to set a mud gun at every tank length simiar to tank width. Mud gun located on the middle of this length.

·Solids control mud gun inlet centerline aligh to mud tank central mud line.

The centerline of the nozzle is to be located about 6” off the tank bottom.