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GN Solids Control mud recycling systems are widespread in the world. Mud systems may be used in oil and gas area in addition to HDD, TBM Drilling, CBM Drilling or Water Very well Drilling. Last year, GN offered two sets of high construction mud recycling systems to get no dig drilling to 1 Asian client. Just some days and nights before, GN Solids control provided another set soil systems for one client coming from Philippine.
With a compact framework, this system is mainly used to distinct dirty mud can get clean up water. By using this set, each of our client can get water wherever possible, and solids can be individual out for further treating. The item mainly includes the following accessories:
1 . GN shale shaker GNZS594E-HB, 1 set
The dealing with capacity of this shaker will be 600 GPM. By using world renowned vibration motors like German OLI or USA Charlie, GN shaker can work to get a quite long time without cracked.
After the mud is shipped to the shaker from the serving box, the 4 portions shaker screens will distinct out most the solid waste. GN using good quality cable mesh to manufacture individuals shaker screens in order to keep going longer while also has a pretty excellent separating performance. GN likewise manufactures some other shaker window screens to replacement well-known shaker screens, such as Mongoose, Brant, Derrick etc .

2015.05.27 500gpm mud system
2 . GN decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, 2 units
These 2 sets centrifuges both have one 14 inches rotating bowl. Running rate can be changed easily by employing touch screen when using the VFD manage box. GN VFD package is using ABB or Siemens electrical components for long life use. Different explosion proof cardboard boxes can be customized based on customers’ demands, such as IEC, ATEX.
The first variable speed centrifuge is rotating at a decrease speed compared with the second just one. It mainly used to separate out and about those solids with a greater diameter. On the other side, the second centrifuge is used to separate finer debris at a higher speed.
3. GN Screw Pump, 2 pieces
These 2 screw pumping systems are used to feed the decanter centrifuge without agitating the soil too much. GN is using well-known positive displacement pumps Netzsch.
4. GN Mud tank
All the above equipments tend to be fixed on one mud aquarium.

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GN Solids Control LTD and GN Solids America LLC’s VFD (variable speed drive) decanter centrifuge it allows oil well drilling service contractors or drilling mud service contractor company to perform the barite recovery, fine/ ultra fine solids filtrations and water-removal centrifuge. GN Solids Control LTD has the decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl to 22 inch bowl available for different solids-removal applications. GN Solid Control’s decanter centrifuge bowl length and diameter ratio is over 3 times and it gives the best result for the drilling fluids cleaning.

GN Solids Control China

Purposely to make drilling fluid decanter centrifuge parameter to perform adjustment according to the drilling stratum, depth of the oil well and drilling technology evolved through times, the development of the variable-control  speed and the closed-looped solids control system which basic on the main electric current to be as sending the control signal.

The oil-field application shows that drilling fluid decanter centrifuge matched frequency control speed closed-loop control system can use the different drilling fluid viscosity and density according to technology used and oil field’s physical condition.

Using decanter centrifuge main electric current signal, it automatic adjust the feeding pump displacement and high speed centrifuge actual parameter to realize drilling fluid centrifuge closed-loop control, ensure the de-slugging quantity and decanter centrifuge handing capacity always be in the condition at the fullest.

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge frequency control closed-loop control system parameter can be automatic adjustment and realize self-awareness, also can efficiency avoid decanter centrifuge overload the fluid feeding and blocking.  It can improve the reliability of centrifuge operation; reduce the uncertain operation surprise because of sudden failure.

By using frequency control speed closed-loop centrifuge can automatic and manual adjust decanter centrifuge’s rotary speed, make it can be as the middle speed centrifuge(1000-2000 rpm), also can as the high speed centrifuge( 2000-3000 rpm) to achieve efficiency control drilling fluid solid phase content and improve drilling fluid solid control condition.


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In some mining projects, before the exploitation, the contractor would like to do some research on the geological condition. The most popular method is to use the core drilling machine to get some sample of the stratum. By analyzing the stratum sample, the mining operator would get some basic information like the mineral reserves and what kind of the mineral it is.

When getting the sample of the stratum, the contractors always apply to use the core drilling machine to get a series column shape stratum. The drilling bit is a type of pipe, not like the drilling project for oil and gas, the core drilling not need too much drilling fluids to cool down the drill pit and take the cuttings out from the drilling whole. However, in order to make sure the better performance of the drilling process, the drilling contractor always will get a solids removal unit to separate the drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids.

Now the solids removal package unit specially for core drilling designed and manufactured by GN Solids Control has already been applied on site and the performance was proved good.

GNLW223 Centrifuge

GN Centrifuge for Core Drilling

In GN’s solids removal package unit, the equipment involved is as below:

Shale shaker model of GNZS752 with 2 panel screens, which is used as the first stage solids removing unit to separate out the larger size solids in the drilling mud.

High speed decanter centrifuge GNLW223 which is also the key equipment in this solids removal unit. It could run at a typical speed of 3800 RMP that ensure a good performance for dewatering. The semi-dry solids discharged out from the centrifuge unit could be transported easily.

Considering the requirement of the small footprint, this solids removing unit is designed structure compact and the mud tank only has 2 compartments separately to be used for sand settling and mud mixing. The centrifuge pump used in this system could both transfer the mud to centrifuge and mud mixing. This dual function centrifugal pump saves great power cost and reduces the system size.

For the power supply, GN could also provide a diesel generator as an option.

GN Solids Control is welcoming the customer worldwide come to us for learn more about the core drilling solids removal unit.

GNLW223 Series decanter centrifuge is a main product of GN Solids Control, different from the centrifuge used in oil drilling and drilling cuttings management system. The GNLW223 centrifuge is more compact structure and has a relative small treating capacity which determines this series decanter centrifuge is always be used in diamond drilling mud recycling.

GNLW223 Decanter Centrifuge

GNLW223 Diamond Drilling Decanter Centrifuge

GN now could provide this GNLW223 centrifuge electric drive fixed speed GNLW223G and Variable Speed GNLW223-VFD.
Both of the two models are driven by one unit electric motor. Regarding the motor and control panel, GN could also provide IEC explosion proof standard which could be used in hazardous area. Some customer may prefer the fully hydraulic drive model, at this time, GN hydraulic driven centrifuge for GNLW223 still under research process. But GN could provide the Decanter Centrifuge without motor and control panel, the customer could get the hydraulic driven unit locally and assembly together with the mechanical part. The unit which was sent to Canada is like that.
GNLW223 series decanter centrifuge has a normal treating capacity of 6 cubic meters per hour. The designed maximum rotating speed is 4900RPM. If variable frequency drive, the speed would be 0~3800RPM. Under general condition, the solid particles size in diamond drilling is very fine, however, sometimes, there would be large size drilling cuttings. Thus, one unit shale shaker maybe needed as first stage cleaning equipment to remove the large size solid particles. GN has a mini model shale shaker GNZS752 is especially for this job.
The mud system for diamond drilling is very simple; always it is consisting of mini shale shaker, GNLW223 decanter centrifuge, and mud tank and mud agitators.
Diamond drilling is very popular in Canada, there are more than 50 diamond drilling company in Canada right now. GNLW223 series decanter centrifuge has already been used in Canada for diamond drilling and performance proved very good.

Lots of GN’s solids control equipment has been used in Turkey project and the feedback is good. This time, GN again got order for 2 sets solid control equipment for 1000HP rig from Turkey customer.

2014.7.26 gn shale shaker and mud cleaner to Turkey (2)

The ordered equipment in this project are 2 units GNZS594 shale shaker and 1 unit GNZJ594-2S12N mud cleaner for each rig. Total 4 units shale shaker and 2 mud cleaner. The shale shaker is designed 4 screens panel that would be interchangeable with Mongoose screen.
Worth to mention is that the customer is manufacturing the mud tank in Turkey and uses our equipment. To make sure the better matching of GN equipment and the mud tank, GN would provide the drawing and technical support to the customer. GN Solids Control will also dispatch engineer to customer site for installation instruction and training when the time of assembling the mud recycling system.

2014.7.26 gn shale shaker and mud cleaner to Turkey (1)

GN Solids Control would like very much to cooperation the customers who could fabricate the mud tank by themselves and get GN’s equipment. This cooperation method would greatly reduce the cost of delivery on large size mud tank and make sure prompt delivery of order equipments.

GN factory produced mud cleaners all over the country in all oil and gas fields. Overall, this Decanter Centrifuge with large-displacement, high pressure, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, low weight and small size, a series of advantages, is adapted to the needs of modern Jet drilling technology a good device. In the last few years, GN technicians of the company for the use of this type of mud cleaner has done some research work. Also found some problems, worth designing and manufacturing units and user attention.

Mud cleaners, widely used in the construction of water projects, sending smoke fiber-containing mud, stones and other impurities. Ordinary mud cleaners, high energy consumption, low efficiency, overcurrent short service life and maintenance disassemble frequently. Therefore, preparation of high effective Grout Cleaner is imperative. According to the features of mud cleaner, combined with NL100-118 design of centrifugal mud pump and explore its hydraulic design method, key parts of the manufacturing process, sealing joints, such as selection of material. Design parameters are: flow rate: 160 m3/h; Head: 18m; Efficiency: 68%; Speed: 146 or/MSN; Number of leaves: 3; Impeller blade streamline imports a distorted involute shape.

Decanter Centrifuge

LWF450x1000N Mud cleaner is really a center spead centrifuge along with sixty-M3 treating capability as well as 5-7 microns splitting up. This particular shale shaker is extremely popular depending on it’s broad programs as well as discounted. However for many ALL OF US customers they’ll select a higher pace design or even variable spead centrifuge. All of us simply obtained four models associated with higher pace centrifuge final 30 days as well as additional solids manage tools.

Besides Mud cleaner, GN additionally produce shale shaker, dirt solution, desander & desilter, centrifugal pump motor, dirt agitators, dirt container, aircraft dirt machine, and so on. GN additionally produce the entire type of solids manage program in addition to little dirt program with regard to HDD CBM as well as gemstone drilling. Visit here (

GNZS703D Double deck shale shaker is the advanced shaker model promoted by China leading solids control company-GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. It is widely used in waste management and compact mud system.

Waste management system applicationGNZS703D double deck shale shaker

Double deck GNZS703D shale shaker adapt high G force (≤7.5G) and a double deck. Some users choose it as a better replacement of high G shaker. It can better dry cuttings with the 2 screen deck.

Some users will request to add steam coil for double deck shale shaker while used to treat waste cuttings. GN Solids Control have experience and can customize per users requirement.

Compact mud system application.

Double deck shale shaker GNZS703D used for small mud system to make the system for compact. Usually, the bottom deck will be used as shale shaker, while the upper deck used as mud company together with desander/desilter cone assembly. the total machine takes a smaller footprint but act as 2 separated machine. And surely, the cost is much lower than a separate shale shaker and mud cleaner.


Although there are many advantages, but there are also many operators they do not like double deck shale shaker, as it is not convenient to change the bottom shaker screen. It is the main problem of shaker manufacturer faced now, and need to be improved.

Shale shaker is the act as the first stage solids control equipment. Its performance important to the whole system. If the shale shaker can work well, it can greatly improve the lifetime of next stage equipment.

Shale shaker vibration

Vibration of the shaker basket creates G-forces which help drive shear thinning fluids such as drilling mud through the screens. Vibration also conveys solids off the screens. Most linear motion shakers operate in the range of 3 to 4 G’s to balance throughput with screen life. G-force is a function of vibration frequency (rpm) and stroke length.

Top brand Linear motion shale shaker

Top brand Linear motion shale shaker

But there are alway some misunderstanding on shale shaker performance, it should be avoided :

• “High-Speed” should not be equated with “high performance”.

Laboratory tests indicate that, in the normal operating range for linear motion shale shakers, lower frequency vibration and longer stroke lengths improve throughput capacity. Most linear motion shakers operate at 1200 to 1800 rpm.

• Avoid deck inclinations above 3˚.

High deck angles reduce solids conveyance and increase the risk of grinding soft or friable solids through the screens.

• Shakers are designed to accept either hookstrip or rigid frame screen panels.

Hookstrip screen panels are the most common and are usually cheaper, although cuttings wetness can be a concern due to deck curvature. Flat, rigid frame panels promote even fluid coverage, but can cost more.

• Shakers may have single or tandem screening decks. Single deck shakers offer mechanical simplicity and full access to the screening surface. Single deck shakers may be arranged to process mud sequentially as a “cascading” system to improve performance under high solids loading conditions. Tandem deck shakers offer improved processing capacity under high solids loading conditions when space is limited.



Slurry separation plant

GN Solids control slurry separation plant

GN Drilling Mud Processing equipments and system hold slurry separation plant. Slurry separation plant including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, tanks, etc. GN provides you qualified items insure cost-effective drilling slurry separation with advanced technology.

A multi-stage re-circulating separation plant consisting of inclined vibrating screens to remove the larger solids, desander hydro-cyclones and centrifuges to remove fine material.

Other related slurry separation info

The slurry separation plant utilizes multiple processing steps, each designed to remove successively smaller solids. Critical steps within the process provide solids removal capacities equal to the maximum tunneling rate of the Tunnel boring machine.

Slurry separation plant

Slurry separation plant

GN has developed a versatile modular Drilling Mud Cleaning System which can be used for various underground construction applications such as O&G well drilling, horizontal drilling, micro-tunneling, and slurry wall milling. The innovative design provides optimal flexibility for a wide range of ground conditions. Separation plant

The Slurry separation plant function

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