Nov 06

GN Centrifuge Modular Package with Telescopic Skid

Decanter Centrifuge
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Decanter centrifuge is a kind of equipment used very often in oil drilling separation process. Like in the drilling mud recycling system, the decanter centrifuge is located after the de-silter cyclone unit for ultra fine solids separation. Some operators will install the decanter centrifuge unit on the mud tank top, while, the decanter centrifuge is not used all the time during the drilling. Thus, some drillers take out the decanter centrifuge from the mud tank system and put it on a skid closed to the mud tank system for easy connection once needed.
Comparing with other solids control equipment in the mud recycling system, the decanter centrifuge is of high cost. This is also one reason it will be taken out from the mud tanks system, always, the driller will find a third party who owns the centrifuge unit to sign the lease agreement.


GN Decanter Centrifuge with Skip Frame

What Materials Are Included in GN’s Centrifuge Modular Package
1. Decanter centrifuge unit – GN has now 3 main decanter centrifuges for oil industry with bowl size of 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch. All these 3 types could be equipped with a PLC smart electric panel for all the remote operation. Both the electric motors and control panels provided are complying with the explosion proof standard. Either for Zone 1 or Zone 2 is available.
2. Electric Control Panel – All the above 3 sizes centrifuge has VFD control panel. The panel would be put on the skid, people could operate on the ground. The panel need is designed positive pressurized needing air blowing into the panel for cooling down and explosion purpose.
3. Telescopic Skid – GN’s telescopic is designed to comply with the DNV lifting certification for widely acceptance. The operator could adjust the skid height as per the actual site condition.
4. Screw Feeding Pump – one unit screw pump is fixing on the skid for feeding the slurry to the decanter centrifuge. This pump is also controlled in the aforementioned control panel.
5. Other Accessories – hose from feeding pump to the decanter centrifuge inlet, solids discharge chute for the centrifuge, liquid discharge port matching flange with nipple and the tools case.

GN’s modular centrifuge package is compact structure for easy location on jobsite. GN can also provide customized centrifuge skid by knowing the installation dimension of Customers’ existing centrifuge unit.

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Jan 19

Few months before, GN got order of 4 pieces decanter centrifuges from one Africa drilling company, after the jobsite actual operation, they placed the repeated order of 6 pieces decanter centrifuge. Many of the GN’s customers are this kind of old customers. A certain percentage of GN’s business is coming from the old customer who is satisfied with GN’s equipment performance.

This total 10 Sets decanter centrifuge are all package provided with the feed pumps. While for the centrifuge, there are both the fixed speed model of GNLW363BG and the variable speed model of GNLW363BG-VFD. The feeding pump is provided as a package solution for the customer; it is also an option for the customer.

GN Decanter Centrifuge

GN Decanter Centrifuge to Africa Drilling Company

The parameters of the centrifuges and feeding pumps are as below:

GN’s fixed speed centrifuge is designed typical speed of 3200 RPM, while maximum speed is 3900RPM. And there are different belt pulley for option and could also be package provided, the belt pulley are 2500RPM and 2200 RPM. The variable speed model could be adjusted from 0 to 3200 RPM. GN’s 363 series decanter centrifuge is designed bowl diameter of 14 inch and bowl length 50 inch which is very popular used in the drilling mud solids control and waste cuttings proposal processing. The treating capacity of 130 GPM could meet the general application demand on site.

GN always recommends the feeding pump for the provided centrifuge. The pump proposed is positive displacement type screw pump. The main material of the pump is stainless steel of SS316L that make sure a long life time and better feeding performance. The gearbox used for this pump is from Germany Nord. The capacity of 30 cubic meters per hour is matched to the treating capacity of the centrifuge.

GN’s decanter centrifuges are more and more used in the jobsite of drilling company worldwide. It is the stable performance won the customers trust and got the repeated orders for GN Solids Control.

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