mud pump

HDD mud recycling system is usually compact system which is convenient for moving,if we design a horizontal directional drilling mud system with some equipments can act dual functions,that would be great.

Requirements of clients for mud mixing pump.

With the pumps I believe that you do not need a stand alone pump for mixing . During HDD operations you stop to mix

HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD Mud Recycling System

between drill pipe changes , before lunch or before commencement of work in mornings . Its not often that you need to mix when pumping with the drill rig as the mud needs hydrate any way . The supercharge pump can be used for this by having a valve . The supercharge pump can also be used to pump mud back into the desilt tank , because with HDD normally there is lots of time when the desilt pump is on and sucking dry because there is no drilling occurring or there is not sufficient volumes coming back from the pit slurry pump to keep it charged efficently . Pumping clean mud back into the desilt tank also agitates the sludge at the bottom of the tank makes it easier to clean out . It also keeps the mud weight down and dilutes the fluid before going through the cones and further more the mud gets constantly recirculated resulting in cleaner drilling fluid .   This a key area for a good system in HDD and does not cost alot to install onto the system ! A 5×4 pump can operate this easily and also pump to the rig concurrently .

You are free to consult GN Solids Control for customized HDD mud recycling system for your application.