Mud Agitator

Mud Agitator is one of the solids control equipment that is mainly used to mix the drilling fluids in the mud tanks to keep the solids inside the drilling fluids suspending other than sedimentation down to the tank bottom.
GN’s sales team ever received many inquiries on the mud agitators; unfortunately, most of the clients have no idea on how to choose the right model for their project and even don’t know how to use the equipment properly to ensure a longer life time.


Drilling Mud Agitator

GN’s sales are good at understanding clients’ specific request by asking few simple questions. With the answer from the clients, GN always could give the best proposal for clients. Now let’s see what these questions are and what information GN need to give a proposal.
a. What is the inside dimension of the mud tank or pit. From this question, GN will know the inside length, width and depth of the mud tank, and then GN will know how long the agitator shaft should be suggested for clients and how big impeller should be used. For the deep mud tank or pit, the stabilizer will be provided to hold the agitator shaft for stable performance.
b. What is the shape of the mud tank, cylinder or rectangular? Then GN will know how to design the agitator.
c. What is the electric specification, mainly GN would like to know the jobsite electric voltage and frequency. Different countries may have different frequency, the 50 Hz motor cannot be used under 60 Hz, and safety is ever the first think we should keep in mind.
d. What is the S.G. of the liquid? For very thick liquid, GN will propose bigger horse power motor to drive the agitator.
Mud agitator is always installed in mixing tank with jet mixing unit, active mud reserve tank and trip tank. For some clients who get the mud agitators from GN and make the mud tank by themselves, GN always recommends them to make the mud tank with same dimension, thus they can get the agitator all same model, which would be much better for clients’ future maintenance. GN suggest the RPM setting of the mud agitator between 40-96, too high will disturb the solids suspending, while too low will lead to solids sedimentation.

Submersible mud agitator is also used widely in oil & gas drilling, for the drilling work is usually complicated. To prevent

submersible mud agitator

sedimentation, that is why we use mud agitator, but the suspend type is not usually suitable for all kinds of condition.

Drilling mud is composed of extremely small particles and has a thick consistency. Its settling velocity is therefore low, and sediment should not be a problem if the contents in a tank can be kept in motion. But, due to the combination of the irregular shape of tanks and the inefficiency of conventional mixing systems, sediment build-up is a timeconsuming and expensive problem.

Features and Advantages:

•   No sedimentation – the agitator suspends the solids, counteracting the mud’s tendency to stratify.

•   Full tank volumes – by preventing sedimenta-tion, the full volume of a tank will always be available, allowing for prolonged drilling opera-tions.

•   No manual clean-out – ends time-consuming and expensive manual or mechanical removal of sediment.

•   Problem-free pumping – with well-mixed drill-ing mud, problems are avoided when pumping the mud.

•   Monitoring and control – we supply monitoring devices, for full operator control.

•   Faster batch productivity – the combination of high turbulence and high flow results in fast batch turnover.


Submersible, then it must be used in tanks, or something alike. Mud tanks in supply ships, drilling rigs, mud plants.

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GN manufacture direct connecting Mud Agitators with compact design.

Clients requirements for Mud Agitator:

My company is looking to procure a Mud Agitator, a compact low profile design using single Worm Gear drive,

Compact Mud Agitator

Compact Mud Agitator

complete with 10HP Explosion proofs Motor using Para-flex flexible coupling, explosion proof Electric Starter and coupled with impeller complete unit. The technical specifications are listed below.

Type of mud agitator:    Single reduction Worm Gear drive

Coupled with motor by:  Dodge? Para-Flex? Flexible coupling Motor Driven

Motor Driven: 10 HP Explosion proof Motor with Delta Star Connection.

Impeller/ Fan Diameter:      40 inch

Impeller Shaft Diameter: 2.5 inch

Impeller Shaft Length:  90 inches

Impeller Speed:  48 rpm for 50HZ application

Max; Displacement:    150bbl/min

System:     Quite Smooth vibration free

Motor Spec;  Explosion Proof 3-Phase INDUCTION Motor,

10 HP, Class-I/Group B.C,D

Motor RPM/HZ:       1450/50Hz

Volts:       220/380 V