gravel washing

GN was founded as a manufacturer of solids control equipment that used in drilling industry. Drilling fluids was used to lubricate and cool down the drill bit, and it can also bring out the drilling cutting from inside of the drilling hole. The working principle of solids control equipment is to remove the solid phase from liquid phase by various methods, mostly using screen technology and centrifugal separation. Thus the solids control equipment are more and more used in some other industries where need separate the solid from liquid.


Gravel Washing Water

High pressure water for mining is one of the industries that can use the solids control equipment to increase the working efficiency. The mining worker will use the high pressure water gun to flush the mineral ore, thus the mixture of ore, silt and water will collected in a pit. High pressure washing will reduce the silt content on the ore, thus the more pure ore could be obtained.
Ore and water slurry would be firstly fed to a coarse shaker for large size solid particles separation. Then de- sander and de-silter would be used for much finer solids separation. The extreme fine ore particles may use decanter centrifuge to separate. Decanter centrifuge is an ideal choice for slurry separation, as the centrifuge is working by centrifugal force, water, silt and ore particles have different specific gravity, which would make the separation much easier.
The worker will get different ore from each stage of solids control equipment. The more important is large volume water is recovered. This greatly reduces the consumption of water. The recovered water could be used again and again.
Nowadays, GN solids control is not only a manufacturer of solids control equipment, but also a separation solution provider. For a example, GN developed the centrifuge for food and beverage industry.