dryer maintenance

Verti G cuttings dryer is specially used in drilling fluids solids control system to recover the waste cuttings out from the primary shale shaker and mud cleaner. At present, the company CSI is the world accepted most famous manufacturer for the Verti G cuttings dryer unit. No matter on quality and production series, CSI is the No. 1.

GN verti G Cuttings Dryer with Flushing and Blowing System

VVerti G Cuttings Dryer Unit

GN Solids Control has been dedicated to design and manufacture the Verti G cuttings dryer in the past three years, and now GN 2nd generation cuttings dryer have been tested successfully and already applied on site. GN’s verti G unit is workable for both the water based drilling mud and oil based mud which makes GN Solids Control occupy the first seed in China solids control market. To ensure the smooth performance of the verti G dryer, GN equipped on the unit with flushing and blowing system.

GN Verti G dryer flushing system

The flushing system on GN second generation verti G cuttings dryer is consisting of a screw pump and relative hoses. Usually the material getting into the Cuttings dryer would be high viscosity and dry. With the rotating of the dryer bowl, the fine solids and liquid would be sprayed on to the inner surrounded wall of the bowl and stick on it. To clean the inside of the cuttings dryer, the screw pump would feed clean water into the bowl. Under the high pressure of the flushing water, the fine solids and dirty liquid would be flushed down from the wall and get out from the dryer vessel.

GN Verti G Air Knife System

One of GN first generation Verti G cuttings dryer defects is that the discharged solids out from dryer unit is not dry enough for easy transportation. The air knife design could solve the problem of the block on the rotating screen opening. GN’s vertical cuttings dryer has 3 types screen for option, the opening is 250 microns, 350 microns and 500 microns. Under high pressure of the blowing air, the blocked opening of the screen would open and the solids would be blow to much dryer. This greatly enhances the working efficiency and makes the transportation of the discharged solid very easy.
Besides the verti G dryer, there would be another important equipment called decanter centrifuge which would remove the much fine solid particles in the drilling mud.