drilling mud recycling

For the upcoming no dig show this September in Australia, GN solids control would like to show there one set self-contained 200 GPM drilling mud recycling system for HDD projects. As a leading manufacturer especially for drilling mud recycling equipment, besides the large footprint mud system for oil drilling, GN solids control could also provide compact structure design mud recycling system.
According to the HDD rig mud flow, GN’s economic mud systems are classified as 150/200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM/1000GPM and 1500GPM. Just like the unit of 200GPM would be shown in Australia, though it is small footprint, it has all necessary functions for drilling mud recycling and mud re-configuration.

2015.6.19 gn 200 gpm compact mud system for hdd (1)

200 GPM HDD Mud System

Below is the equipment list for the 200GPM unit
1. GNZY753-4N shaker and de-silter composition unit which has the functions for first stage primary solids separation and second stage for drying the solid discharged from the 4” cyclones. This unit has a top located buffer box for well back drilling mud feeding, the bottom layer screen of this unit remove the coarse solids, liquid goes through the mesh screen opening and gets down to the storage tank. Pumped by a 15hp centrifugal pump, the liquid was transferred to the de-silter cone for fine solids removing. The upper layer screen with much finer opening would block and separate out the finer solid cuttings.
2. GNSLM20A-110 Jet mud mixer is used for adding the mud chemicals and re-configuration of the drilling mud. The beneath located mud tank was divided into 2 compartments and one of them is used for mixing and storing the active drilling mud. The mixing pump adopted is same with the one for feeding to de-silter cones. That would be much easier for future maintenance and parts replacement. The mixing pump could also be used as discharging pump for transferring the active mud to the rig.

2015.6.19 gn 200 gpm compact mud system for hdd (2)

Compact Design Mud System

GN also has more compact unit for de-sanding, by connecting the de-sanding unit with a customized mud tank, the operator could run the mud recycling system more fit their own project condition. For more information on GN compact mud system, you may contact with GN team without hesitate.

Every year, GN Solids Control would have a sales promotion in order to return the profit to customer. What GN would do is to sell the equipment with very special discount. The equipment on sale is also proved performance very good and with positive feedback from the customer.

GN 18 Inch Decanter Centrifuge GNLW454

GNLW454 Decanter Centrifuge

The Parameters and features of the on sale 18 inch decanter centrifuge GNLW454:
1. 18 inch bowl diameter and 61 inch bowl length, nearly 4:1 length and diameter ration which would make the separation performance much better.
2. Bowl material of stainless steel 2205 even much better than the 316L guarantee the long life time. While the screw propeller is made of SS316L, comparing with other China manufacturer using the SS304, GN’s centrifuge is more qualified.
3. Complete importing SKF bearing application make sure the operation stability and easy for maintenance.
4. Tungsten carbide tiles protection on the screw propeller and solids discharge port further make sure long time no shutting down running.

This unit is designed the Max. speed of 2800RPM that could cut solids size down to 2~7 microns. 30% discount, absolutely, it is a real a hard to get opportunity for drilling contractor or the oilfield mud service provider. Please no hesitate to contact with GN solids control for more information on that.