drilling fluids recovery

GN has promoted the 4th generation of the vertical cuttings dryer. After few-year upgrade on the structure and perfection on the design, GN’s vertical cuttings dryer could be applied in both the water base mud and oil base mud drilling waste cuttings drying projects.

Generally, the drilling waste cuttings processing job requests a complete system that will involve the cuttings transfer equipment, drying equipment, liquid storage vessel , liquid transferring device as well as the ultra fine solids removing unit.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with frame (1)

Waste Cuttings Drying System

Some customer prefer to getting a complete cuttings drying system from GN. GN cuttings drying system is designed as a skid mounted tank and frame stand system. In this system, there are the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge that are located on 2 ends of the skid and supported by the frame. The cutting dryer is fed with the sick cuttings via the screw conveyor. Besides the screw conveyor, the hose pump can also be used to deliver the cuttings from the primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and mud cleaner. Sometimes, the cuttings are coming from several different sites and collected to be transported to a facility for treatment. Under the cuttings dryer, there is a chute that is used to guide the dry cuttings to the collection box after separated by the dryer unit. And the liquid would flow into the V-type storage tank waiting for further treatment. The liquid is transferred to the high speed centrifuge by the screw pump and there the fine solids would be removed out. By locating the dryer and centrifuge on the frame, it is easy for solids removing through the under installed chute.

Some customer may only request the cuttings dryer unit if the already have the centrifuge. GN could also provide the single cuttings dryer unit on the frame. And the customer could connect with their existing slurry transferring device and centrifuge unit to make it a complete waste cuttings management system.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with frame (2)

Vertical Cutting System with Frame

GN’s vertical cuttings dryer is always equipped with a screw pump that is used to flush the screen inside the dryer to avoid blocking. This pump is located on the skid but under the frame to save the space. The customer could choose to use the fixed speed or variable speed model for the cuttings dryer and centrifuge, if VFD model is selected, the control panel could be located un the frame which is also easy for transportation.

The drilling fluids is nowadays widely used in drilling projects and under the strict regulation on environment protection, how to minimize the discharge of environmental hazardous waste solids and maximum the drilling fluids recovery is the mainstream topic among the industry.
The using of mud tank to store the drilling fluids coming back from the drill well has been widely accepted and recognized by all the drilling contractors. Without digging a mud pit on the ground greatly reduce the pollution to the soil. Especially for some limited job area, the mud tank would be the preferred choice for drilling fluids. The using of the various kinds of the solids control equipment highly speeds up the separation of solids in drilling fluids.

GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Dryer

GNCD930 Cuttings Dryer

The closed loop drilling mud solids control system, if complete configuration, will include 2 parts. Drilling mud solids control and waste drilling cuttings treatment. The purpose of this 2 parts is same for minimize the discharge of environmental hazardous waste solids and maximum the drilling fluids recovery.
For solids control, after treated by the shale shaker, desander, desilter, even the decanter centrifuge. The ultra fine solids particles would be removed out from the drilling mud, and then active mud could be re-used.
The waste cuttings treatment part is functioned to recovery as much as possible the drilling fluids and make the cuttings dry enough for easy transportation to further environmental friendly treatment process. The cuttings out from the solids control shale shaker and desander, desilter would be transferred to drying equipment first. The drying equipment would be different according to water base mud or oil base mud is used. A high G force drying shaker would be better for water base drilling mud cuttings. The Verti G cuttings dryer, e.g. GNCD930 cuttings dryer could be used for both the water base and oil base cuttings drying. The drilling fluids out from the drying equipment would be pump into high speed decanter centrifuge for ultra fine solids separation.
By doing so, the drilling fluids would be maximum recycled and no discharge to outside of the tank system. The discharge drilling cuttings is dry enough for further treatment. Greatly guarantees the environment protection and high working efficiency.