In past couple years, besides the petroleum industry, GN also tried expanding the business to some other fields. The big bowl decanter centrifuge and dosing system are two of the main equipment that widely used in environmental protection for waste water treatment. The decanter centrifuge is used to remove the solid particles in the waste water, used together with the dosing system; the treated water could be discharged directly with national standard for environmental protection.

GN Decanter Centrifuge

Dewatering Centrifuge

By now, GN has already developed he big bowl decanter centrifuge for dewatering process. A very popular model GNLW553 in GN’s production line is the unit with 22 inch bowl diameter. The bowl length is over 3 times of the diameter. This is not the largest model GN can make. In near future, GN’s decanter centrifuge especially used for water treatment will be released. The model series would be 454 and even 554.
GN’s decanter centrifuge is VFD available for main motor, back motor and the feeding pump. All the electric components used come from worldwide famous brand. Operator could set the RPM on the HMI panel and monitor the machine running conditions.

The dosing system is designed containerized with all the components are installed inside the container. GN has both 20 feet and 40 feet model. Clients could choose high configuration that including automatic dosing system and acid/alkali mixing tank or simple polymer mixing tank.
The cured flocculation polymer is fed to the waste water and then the ultra fine solids will be gathered to become large size blocks for easy separation by the centrifuge.

Polymer Dosing System

Dosing System

Features of GN Waste Water Decanter Centrifuge
1. Speed adjustable as per treated waste water condition
2. Humanized HMI operation for easy operation and reducing of manpower
3. Low consumption on polymer and energy comparing with filter press
4. Considerable protection for solids discharge port and scroll for longer lifetime

GN will release more models of decanter centrifuge for environmental protection waste water treatment. Any questions, please feel free to contact GN know.

Drilling cuttings would be produced when drilling. In order to recover and reuse the drilling fluids, the operator need remove the drilling cutting from the drilling fluids. The well known equipment to remove the cutting from drilling fluids is the solids control equipment. So, what is the cuttings dewatering system? And how it works to remove the cuttings in the drilling fluids?

The drilling fluids with cuttings coming from the well hole is fed to the shale shaker unit via the elevated pipeline, this the method used in oil rig package. For some other drilling project, like the no-dig horizontal directional drilling, the used drilling fluids would be collected into a pit on the ground, and then the fluids would be transferred by a slurry pump to the shale shaker unit.


Mud Dewatering

Shale shaker unit is the first stage for removing the coarse size cuttings in the drilling fluids. And then the de-sander and de-silter cyclone could remove out the cuttings with size down to around 20 microns. The used drilling fluids treated by the de-silter cyclone are already clean enough to be reused. However, the cuttings with size less than 20 microns would build up to make a heavy mud which is not suitable for normal drilling application.
The dewatering system is especially equipped to remove the ultra fine solids that even cannot be separated by the decanter centrifuge unit. A decanter centrifuge like GN’s 22 inch model GNLW553 can remove the cutting with size down to 5 microns. For the even finer cuttings, we need a flocculation process to gather the ultra fine solids so that the decanter centrifuge could remove out. The polymer mixing system is a critical part of the dewatering system, GN’s polymer mixing system is designed with powder hose conveyer, automatic dosing system, mixing tank and diaphragm pump for transferring the polymer to the drilling fluids. For better flocculation process, always one acid tank and one alkali tank is equip to make the suitable PH value.
Sometimes, the drilling fluids are mixture of water and oil, GN is also able to provide the oil water separator system for recovering the water and oil.
GN now has already have the design of the complete system for drilling cutting dewatering system, for more
information, please feel free to contact with us.

Some oil refineries store the crude oil in cylinder tank and clean the tank regularly. The tanks are cleaned and the oil sludge would be taken out with solids in it. The sludge cannot be discharged directly to environment, as it has large content of valuable oil, moreover it will pollute the environment.
Can the solid and oil could be separated and recycled. Absolutely they can. The solids and oil are 2 types of material with different density, which makes the solids easily separated by the decanter centrifuge. GN has a sludge treatment system is especially for oily sludge separation. This system is consisting of 3 parts: storage, mixing and separation.


Oil Sludge Management

The whole system is mounted on one skid, at one end of the skid. A square tank is used to collect and store the oily sludge. Always this tank compartment will be equipped with an agitator to prevent the solid sedimentation. As the solids in the sludge are really fine that cannot be removed out by only use the decanter centrifuge. The flocculation agent is needed to gather the fine solids and become large size block. GN’s sludge treatment system has automatic dosing system for flocculation agent mixing. The configured mature chemicals will be fed into the tank, once blocks got, the sludge will be transferred via a pump to the decanter centrifuge for separation.
Solids discharged out of the centrifuge will be collected by the screw conveyor and delivered to some catching box waiting for further treatment. The liquid coming out from the centrifuge includes water and oil, as the oil tank is cleaning by using the high pressure flushing water. This water and oil mixture has to be further treated by an oil water separator or a 3 phase decanter centrifuge.
Decanter centrifuge is the key equipment in the oily sludge treatment system. GN has already enriched the centrifuge production line from 9 inch to 30 inch. The centrifuges could be respectively for mining slurry separation, oily waste treatment, and dewatering system even some other industry like civil waste water treatment.

Besides of the drilling industry, the decanter centrifuge could also be used in some other industries such as the waste water treatment. The sources of the waste water may include dirty water in river or lake, civil sewage and the waste water from paper mill. For this kind waste water treating, some operator will also use the machine of filter press which is also an efficient machine to separate the solid from the water and get dry mud cakes.
Decanter centrifuge and filter press are different working principle on remove the fine solids from waste water. Filter press use the fine mesh, while the centrifuge by centrifugal force. However, purpose is the same just by adding the flocculation agent to make fine solids become large size blocks that can be easily separated. Filter press need more polymers when working, while decanter centrifuge use less, some material like even no need polymer if separated by using a decanter centrifuge. This will save the cost on polymer.


Centrifuge for waste water

Decanter centrifuge is a type of machine can work continuously without flushing, only before fully stop the machine, the operator need feed clean water to flush inside of the centrifuge bowl. If use the filter press, the operator need flush the filter mesh frequently, this is really a large consumption on water. With the advantage of easy operation, one operator can operate and monitor 2 or 3 unit centrifuges at the same time. While one belt filters press may need 2-3 operators at one time. Decanter centrifuge will save a lot on the labor cost.
From the structure, the decanter centrifuge is designed compact enough with a small footprint, while the belt filter press will need large space to put it. To some small workshop with limited area, a decanter centrifuge will be a better option.
GN now have 22 inch decanter centrifuge could be used in water treatment; it can be supplied with polymer dosing system. GN now is developing much bigger centrifuge with 30 inch bowl that could be used in some other industries.

To be a professional manufacturer for solids control equipment, GN has nearly 10 years experience on decanter centrifuge research and fabrication. With these years development, GN decanter centrifuge have been supplied to the many giants in the oilfield industry. Subsidiary company of Halliburton, Baker Hughes, COSL and some other world famous company tried GN decanter centrifuges and gave good remarks.
A company has to keep improving if he wants to live for a long time. GN is an example for continuously upgrading the existing equipment and developing the new products according to the market feedback. At the beginning of foundation of GN Solids, GN only made middle speed decanter centrifuge that can only be used in normal drilling fluids recycling system, like barite recover process and some high speed unit could be used in fine solids separation. The middle speed model and high speed model will be kept in the same one mud recycling system.


GN Decanter Centrifuge for Baker Hughes

Thanks to the many kind clients’ feedback and valuable suggestions, the only thing GN did in the past years was to perfect the design of the centrifuge and improve the quality. Nowadays, GN’s 4th generation decanter centrifuge is under design processing. The best seller of GN C version decanter centrifuge could be electric controlled as fixed speed or variable speed. The PLC design high standard positive pressurized control cabinet is available. Top quality centrifuge bowl material duplex SS2205, optimized feeding direction and high standard material for solids discharge touching parts make GN decanter centrifuge could be adopted in waste cuttings management system, drilling fluids de-watering system, and crude oil tank bottom sludge cleaning out of solids control system. In the past two years of winter of oil business, it was widely application of GN’s decanter centrifuge that brought GN many orders which kept GN alive, even became bigger than ever before.
GN’s second facility close to HQ will be launched into use very soon. This facility is specialized used to develop centrifuges. Most industries could be a GN’s future market like the sewage treatment, environmental projects and food industry. Actually, it is because many inquiries coming from these industries, which urges GN to expand into these areas. Where there is a request, there is a market.