dewatering unit

The drilling operator might know that after several times reuse of the drilling mud, there will accumulate more and more ultra fine solids in the mud that cannot be separated out with physical method even by using high speed decanter centrifuge unit.
The accumulated solids will rise up the mud specific gravity that will greatly affect the mud performance. While, in order to keep the normal density of the mud, under this circumstance, the flocculation no doubt is the most popular method to be used.

polymer mixing unit (1)

polymer mixing unit

The flocculation process is produced in a type of machine called polymer mixing unit. This unit is used to mix the polymer that will be fed into the centrifuge to gather the fine solids in the mud. This polymer mixing unit is always connected with the centrifuge unit in the solids control system. After the separation by primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and cyclone unit, most of the solids larger than 5 microns could be removed out. The centrifuge unit plays an important role in this flocculation process. Sometimes, this centrifuge is called dewatering centrifuge.
GN’s polymer mixing unit is designed as 3 compartments mixing tank with automatic dosing conveyor and agitating device. Dry chemicals and water are fed into the first compartment for mixing, and then overflow into the second compartment for maturing process. The third compartment is used to store the solutions waiting for use.

polymer mixing unit (2)

dewatering centrifuge

The material of this machine body is PP. At each compartment, there is installed one automatic agitator with stainless steel made agitating shaft and impeller. The chemicals feed hopper is also made of SS304.

In order to realize the continuously mixing, the tank compartments are installed with liquid level control device. The mixing, maturing and storing process continuously transfer with low labor cost. The PLC design makes the operator adjust the solution concentration as per request, high automatic degree, and no need human watch over.
GN could provide the polymer mixing unit with dewatering centrifuge containerized for weather proof. For more information, welcome click to see GN Dewatering System.

It is more often heard about dewatering unit in drilling industry but most of the persons in this industry are not very familiar with the dewatering unit. In this article, we may give a simple introduction on what is dewatering unit and the application.
Dewatering unit we can also call it ultra fine solids removing system. It always includes the polymer mixing system and fine solids separation system.

20141026 GN Dewatering System

GN Dewatering System

What is the composition of the dewatering unit

1. Automatic polymer mixing system.

GN dewatering unit automatic polymer mixing system is 2 tanks system. It is equipped with medical feeding system, water injection system, delivery system and mixing system, gauge system and electrical control system. This APM system has 2 screw conveyors, one is used to transfer the powder medicines to the hopper on the mixing tank, and the other screw conveyor is located under the hopper to deliver the powder into the pre-mixing tank. The pre-mixing tank would receive the powder from the screw conveyor and the water from the water injection pipe which could automatically inject the water as per the control of the control panel when the water flow gauge send the signal to the control panel. The mixing tank is divided into 2 parts and 2 compartments is same design and the function is also the same. According to the signal send to the control panel, one of the either compartments is mix the medicine while the other one is already full and to start the output of the flocculation.

2. Feeding System

GN’s dewatering system has 2 screw pumps used for transferring the flocculation and the slurry to the decanter centrifuge. The chemicals and the slurry meet at the feeding pipe of the decanter centrifuge and the flocs also produced here. Then the slurry with large size flocs gets into the centrifuge together and there for separation.

3. GNLW553-VFD dewatering centrifuge for separation

GN dewatering unit choose GNLW553 various frequency drive model as the separation centrifuge. The control panel is designed as four various frequency drive for the centrifuge main motor, back motor and two feeding pumps for slurry and medicals. After the separation of the centrifuge, the large size flocs would be removed out, then the ultra fine solids is separated out.
GN’s dewatering unit is also equipped with pre-separation system. The separation includes the shale shaker and mud cleaner which could remove the large size solids then make the drilling fluids could be fed into the centrifuge for dewatering process.