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As the first solids control company in China getting vertical cutting dryer this year and the years to come, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has been foremost the drilling waste management technology in China with the birth connected with complete drilling waste management system which are now portion in over 10 value packs around the world. Over three pieces are in Africa where our own after sales team is doing having service now, one arranged is in Cyprus for ocean going oil based drilling cuttings therapy. Eights sets are in Italy including four sets provided last December for Baker Hughes. Yesterday, the 9th drilling waste management system is delivered to Russia together with customized insulation covers to get winterization in Russia. It is evident that many solids control vendors in China can producer and provide vertical cutting dryer and drilling waste management system, and GN Solids Control is not the one on lowest price. What GN discover is the high quality at a cost-effective and competitive price. Here is why GN Solids Control finally win many jobs after customers visit every one of the suppliers in China.

GN Drilling Waste Management System
The actual ninth set of drilling waste material management system to The ussr is designed to operate in frosty winter as it always is within Russia with a container as well as heat reservation cover. This specific sets of drilling waste materials management system totally consists of one set vertical cutting dryer with the G drive up to 750 at a twelve hundred RPM and flushing system to avoid blinding on screen basket and at liquids produce channel, two sets decanter centrifuge with one to get solids control the other for more waste treatment, three pieces screw conveyor with a couple of for feeding the up and down cutting dryer and one to get transporting dried powders, in addition to three sets screw pump with one for flushing and two for providing the decanter centrifuge.

Recently GN Solids Control exported a oil drilling rig mud system for a 1500hp oil rig in Russia, with our partner supplying the mud tanks. GN supplying all the main equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuges, centrifugal pumps.

A normal 1500HP oil drilling rig developed with a 350 t hook load capacity for medium deep wells. Every aspect of rig operation from mobility and deployment to machine and structural design has benefited from a wide array of improvements that maximize safety while minimizing the time for rig-up/down and transport. An integrated hydraulic system is connected to raise the mast and the substructure. When the substructure is in the lowered position, the mast is connected to the drill floor. The mast is raised by two hydraulic cylinders. When the mast is in the vertical position then the hydraulic cylinders are disconnected and retracted. Two telescoping cylinders now lift the substructure into operational height.

GN Shale Shaker


The normal mud system (4 mud tanks system 1600bbls) mainly including


MUD TANKS: SHAKER TANK (1) ea. 40 L x 8’ W x 8’ High 400 BBL with porch

INTERMEDIATE TANKS: (1) ea.‐40’L x 8’ High x 8’ wide 400 BBL with porch

SUCTION TANK: (1) ea.40 L‐x 8’ft W’ x 8’ High, 400 BBL with porch

RESERVE TANK (1) ea.40 L‐x 8’ft W’ x 8’ High, 400 BBL with porch

TRIP TANKS (1) 80 BBL Capacity With 3”x 4”transfer Pump X 20 hp.

PILL TANK: (1) 80 BBL Capacity

GN Centrifuge

Slug Pit

1) 4 sets of shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB.

This shale shaker is 4 panel shakers with big treating capacity,

2) DESANDER‐DESILTER (1) With 16 x 4” De‐silter Cones and (3) 10”in cone De‐sand 6 x 8 centrifugal pump (2) ea 100 hp. motors

3) 2 sets of decanter centrifuge, GNLW363CG

The centrifuge is high speed centrifuge can reach 3200RPM, and G force 2062@3200RPM.

4) 20 sets of centrifugal pump

Freely contact with GN Solids Control for a total solution.

GN Solids Control deliveried the 9th range of containerized drilling waste management system with winterization to get Russian client and this is a third containerized drilling waste material management system for a identical client in Russia. Seeing that everybody knows, Russia drilling surgery always in very cold weather and want all equipment and mud tank to be working in winter. That’s why we construct many sets of drilling waste management system and also solids control equipment intended for winterization design.

Main Tools For Winterized Drilling Squander Management System
One set of containerized vertical cuttings dry remain inside of 40 feet gift basket, the vertical cuttings dryer can process drilling cuttings 30 – 50 loads per hour by 0. twenty five to 0. 5 millimeters mesh bracket. The revolving speed is 900RPM with drying efficiency make essential oil content bellow 5 pct. The oil tank capability is 48 liters, the oxygen knife installed to help stay away from screen block especially by means of water base drilling cuttings.
Three sets of mess conveyor installed, 2 units of the screw conveyor will likely be working to feed vertical cuttings dryer and the last a single for delivery the shop drilling cuttings after up and down cuttings dryer.

Two value packs of decanter centrifuge fitted, one set install VFD control panel for modify centrifuge speed from zero to 3200 RPM and also the other one is fixed velocity centrifuge on 3200 RPM. the 2 sets of decanter centrifuge installed on solids control mud tank and the centrifuge will be working to recycling going mud that out of straight cuttings dryer.
Three range of screw pump, one of them will likely be working for flushing dryer liquids outlet and the other two will be working for feeding decanter centrifuge.
All the above drilling waste management equipment place in a container and the burial container sit on the tank skid and the skid with a include installed for winterized design and style.

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GN Solids Control deliveried one set of mud mixing system which is work with a mud vegetable in Caribbean. GN Solids already have several clients intended for solids control equipment or maybe related equipment or mud tanks from Caribbean water and this client is already experience of GN Solids for more than four years before place order to get mud mixing system. Our factory test already passed just before delivery to sea dock and realeased delivery with last week.

Main EquipmentsOf the actual Mud Mixing System
You can find one set of two panel shale shaker for remove solids in the drilling mud to get first phase cleaning. The particular GN shale shaker almost all wedge type installation intended for fast replacement and plus 2 degree for minuscule shale shaker deck angel, -1 to +5 qualification deck angel for several panel shale shaker. Shale Shaker screen is stainless substance for screen mesh to help you screen working better.

A pair of sets of high speed decanter centrifuge to remove the very good solids after shaker patio separation above 2 instructions 5 micron at 3200 RPM speed. It is stainless steel material for centrifuge jar and rotating part and another set of submersible slurry pump used to feed drilling mud into centrifuge inlet. Often the bowl size 360 milimetre diameter and 1270 milimeter bowl length for fifty cubic meters per hour the treatment of capacity.

4 sets involving 40 feet container sizing mud tank for mud storage with mud agitators, control panel, handrail along with walk way, etc . The particular mud tank can be personalized as per clients request, typically the 40 feet or twenty feet size just for move convenient in side from the country. Some client buy mud tank with skid mounted which can be pull regarding moving mud tank to put it briefly distance.

The modular waste cuttings drying units are meaning the separate equipment used for drilling waste cuttings drying processing. Equipment with frame, skid, beneath installed tank, these equipments could be used both independently and worked as an assembled drilling waste cuttings management system.

Modular Waste Cuttings Drying Unit

GN Modular Waste Cuttings Drying Unit

The reason that GN solids control made this kind of design is to provide more customized solution and save the customers with great funds. According to the feedback from the customers who are always working on the oilfield, GN firstly launched the skid mounted drilling waste cuttings management system with the key equipment vertical cuttings dryer and waste decanter centrifuge mounted on the same skid. This complete skid could be moved by only 1 trailer, which is the customers’ preference. While some other customers came to GN and ask whether they could get single equipment and connecting with their existing waste cuttings drying equipment. Or due to the limited space on site, they cannot put a 40 ft skid on the site, they are seeking some units could be located more freely. The modular waste cuttings units are exactly what they are looking for.
GN’s modular waste cuttings drying unit series includes telescopic skid vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, High G force drying shaker with under located catching tank, the intermediary tank specially for effluence storage, waste cuttings transferring unit and the waste collection container unit.
According to the base of the drilling mud, the user could choose to use the cutting dryer or high G drying shaker as the critical equipment to make a complete waste cuttings drying system. Comparing with the 40ft size design, the modular unit has the advantages of freely located onsite and the connecting is more customized. The user also could choose several units of the complete line according to their budget.
GN’s modular waste cuttings drying units have been used onsite and the feedback is returned good. Keeping providing the customer with good solution and bringing benefit for the customer is always GN’s purpose.

Still feel difficult to find a good solution to dispose the drilling waste cuttings? GN solids control now has developed the complete treating system for to drying the drilling cuttings and recover the drilling liquid stick on the cuttings maximally.

As per the market feedback and customer’s requirements, GN has independently designed 2 series waste cuttings management system with the Model No. of GNCM-40A and GNCM-40B.

GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying System

Waste Cuttings Dryer System

The Configuration of GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying System

First Stage separation: GN’s drilling waste cuttings drying system mainly includes 2 modules, in which the first module is the vertical cuttings dryer system. The cuttings dryer model of GNCD930 is designed with fixed speed and variable speed. The cuttings with size larger than 250 microns could be removed by the screen located inside the dryer bowl. By using the material of stainless steel, the screen would have better features of anti-corrosion. With the air knife and flushing system on the cover of the dryer, the dryer could consistently for longer time without blocking on the screen. The super high speed of 1200RPM could produce the G-force of 750. If application for the oil based drilling cuttings, the oil content could be reduced down to 3-5 percent.

Second Stage Separation: The fluid going through the screen opening of the cutting dryer would be fed into the high speed decanter centrifuge series of GNLW363CG with working RPM of 3200. Here, the solids down to 2 microns could be separated out.

In this system, both the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge have fixed speed and variable speed models for option which could meet the customer’s request for different drilling mud conditions. GN’s VFD control panel is PLC smart design with visual and touchable screen for easier operation.

For this system, we also provide the feeding pump system. And as per customer’s option, GN could also provide the cuttings delivery system screw conveyor for feeding and discharge.

The customer could choose to locate the decanter centrifuge on the telescopic frame or catching tank. That is also the difference between the model of GNCM40-A and GNCM-40B. The GNCM-40A is to put the centrifuge on the telescopic frame with the height adjustable, the discharged clean liquid would pipeline manifold guiding to other catching tank. While the GNCM-40B is self with the catching tank beneath the decanter centrifuge, the liquid could be stored in the catching tank and wait for pumped to reuse.

GN drilling waste cuttings drying system is an excellent solution to make the cuttings dry so as suitable for transportation. And it maximally recovers the drilling liquid to reduce the drilling cost.

GN just finished an order for a customer from Russia who required the drilling cuttings dewatering decanter centrifuge and some cuttings transferring equipment.

2015.1.3 High Speed Centrifuge (1)

GN High Speed Centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge is common seen and widely used equipment in the drilling industry to remove the solids from the drilling fluids. While the centrifuge unit involved in this order GN’s most popular model GNLW 363 series. The bowl diameter of the centrifuge is 14 inch. For this model, GN could provide 2 speeds of 2670 RPM and 3200 RPM by changing the belt pulley. For different speed, the unit could be used for different processing. For barite recovery, the low speed 2670 would be suggested. While for ultra find solids separation or dewatering project, a high speed would be preferred.
GN provides 2 options to customer for changing the speed of the decanter centrifuge. As mentioned above, one way is to adjust the speed by changing the belt pulley, once the belt pulley fixed, the speed are fixed. Another better solution is to use a VFD model, GN’s design of PLC variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge GNLW363- VFD could realize the typical working speed various from 0 to 3200RPM which could meet various processing demand.

2015.1.3 High Speed Centrifuge (2)

GN Screw Conveyor

Attached with the decant centrifuge, the customer also required the transferring equipment. What GN provided for this order is the Screw conveyor which is also called auger. The auger is widely used transferring equipment in the job site for drilling and some other industry projects. GN’s auger is classified as 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch for screwy diameter. According to customer actual working condition, GN could design the auger with fully power could meet the customer requirement for transferring the cuttings with certain slant degree. The motor installation type has horizontal and vertical type for option.
GN can also provide the vertical cuttings dryer which is also critical equipment in the drilling waste cuttings management projects. For more information, welcome contact with GN Solids Control.

Verti G cuttings dryer is specially used in drilling fluids solids control system to recover the waste cuttings out from the primary shale shaker and mud cleaner. At present, the company CSI is the world accepted most famous manufacturer for the Verti G cuttings dryer unit. No matter on quality and production series, CSI is the No. 1.

GN verti G Cuttings Dryer with Flushing and Blowing System

VVerti G Cuttings Dryer Unit

GN Solids Control has been dedicated to design and manufacture the Verti G cuttings dryer in the past three years, and now GN 2nd generation cuttings dryer have been tested successfully and already applied on site. GN’s verti G unit is workable for both the water based drilling mud and oil based mud which makes GN Solids Control occupy the first seed in China solids control market. To ensure the smooth performance of the verti G dryer, GN equipped on the unit with flushing and blowing system.

GN Verti G dryer flushing system

The flushing system on GN second generation verti G cuttings dryer is consisting of a screw pump and relative hoses. Usually the material getting into the Cuttings dryer would be high viscosity and dry. With the rotating of the dryer bowl, the fine solids and liquid would be sprayed on to the inner surrounded wall of the bowl and stick on it. To clean the inside of the cuttings dryer, the screw pump would feed clean water into the bowl. Under the high pressure of the flushing water, the fine solids and dirty liquid would be flushed down from the wall and get out from the dryer vessel.

GN Verti G Air Knife System

One of GN first generation Verti G cuttings dryer defects is that the discharged solids out from dryer unit is not dry enough for easy transportation. The air knife design could solve the problem of the block on the rotating screen opening. GN’s vertical cuttings dryer has 3 types screen for option, the opening is 250 microns, 350 microns and 500 microns. Under high pressure of the blowing air, the blocked opening of the screen would open and the solids would be blow to much dryer. This greatly enhances the working efficiency and makes the transportation of the discharged solid very easy.
Besides the verti G dryer, there would be another important equipment called decanter centrifuge which would remove the much fine solid particles in the drilling mud.