australia drilling

The drilling mud system and mud mixing system for Australia is GN Solids Control new and fast developing market.There are many Australia Horizontal directional drilling,mining drilling,civil construction and tunneling company inquire us for mud systems.

Have you visited xx Tunneling Company to see our jet mixing unit?

drilling mud system

drilling mud system

By the way,besides xx Tunneling Company,xx Drilling company has ordered drilling mud decanter centrifuge from us last week.

Also xx Civil Constructions are very interested in GN 500GPM Mud System and GN 200GPM Mud System,they are planing to visit us in a fewdays.We ‘ll Bring him to the job site near to our factory.Australia is our new market,we have exported many solids control equipments to about 20 countries.

We enclosed GN 500 GPM Mud Recycling System FYI.Because,in this system,it only have a small compartment for mud storage,and also the mud mixing system is not combined in the recycling tank.Clients have mud storage tanks and mixing system and tanks separately.This reduce the cost for mud recycling system.