shale shaker screen

World top manufacturer for solids control and drilling waste management equipment, they get an urgent request to deliver one high G shale shaker with one sump tank to be used as drying shakers for OBM (Oil based mud) cuttings.

Below is the detailed request of customer:

1- Quotation for drying Shaker and related skid itself.

2-  Quotation for 15 bbls sump tank with 1 x 4”  Flange and 1 x 2” Flange connection; the customer also attached pictures of a drying Shaker with sump tank.

3-  Shaker Screen: 140 API Size and 120 API Size.

4-  Two years spare parts.

For the sump tank, GN Solids Control engineer cannot make sure the position of the flange and inlet or outlet just for customer attached pictures,  so we put forward questions to specify following for quick solution:
1)  Please you send us drawing of the sump tank in order to see connection of the drying shaker,inlet & outlet, size, flange connection?
2) Or pls send us more pictures from different views to show item 1 information.

high G drying shaker

high G drying shaker

The customer give answers very soon as below:

1) We intend to install a shaker on a tank that length and width of the sump tank is exactly same as drying shaker length and width basket and we want the height of the sump tank to be at range of 1 m.

2) We need two flanges by 2″ and 3″ size to be installed on width side close to the bottom the tank to be able to connect a Welden pump (air supply type) and suck collected oil for the sump tank that has been installed below the H-G Drying shaker into the active mud system.

And customer further request: for drying shaker, they usually don’t need the back buffer box.

Based on above information, GN Solids control engineer give proposal as below:

1) High G drying shaker model GNZS594HGE-LD, with hoper feeding on shaker top for drilling waste management system.

2) Sump tank with length and width is exactly the same as drying shaker length and width basket, and total height with skid is 800mm for usable capacity 15bbls

3) Further more, GN Solids recommend its screw conveyor to transfer cuttings from solids control shaker to the high G drying shaker. Customer is satisfied and give orders.

Double deck shale shaker and High G shale shaker is widely used for oil and gas drilling rigs site.They can be used for both mud solids control or drilling cuttings waste management.

They are both linear motion shale shaker. Many customer do not know the difference of Double deck shale shaker and High G shale shaker. Below is the explanation from world top solids control and waste management equipment manufacturer – GN Solids Control. Let GN tell you the difference of the 2 types of shale shaker and choose the suitable model for your drilling rig.

Double deck shale shaker, linear motion: GNZS703D

double deck shale shaker linear motion

double deck shale shaker linear motion

GNZS703D is the typical double deck shale shaker. It utilized 2 each shaker screen for top deck and 3 each shaker screens for bottom deck.

Advantages of GNZS703D double deck shale shaker

1). For the same API size and the same area bottom shaker screen. double deck shale shaker can treat a bigger capacity. The wide-meshed shaker screen on top deck can separate most big size solids before the mud enter into the bottom deck. It greatly reduce the load of bottom shaker screen.

2). For the same API size and the same screen area shaker screen. double deck shale shaker can separate the drilling mud or drilling cuttings more dryer. As there are 2 times shale shaker separation.

Disadvantage of double deck shale shaker

The double deck shale shaker have advantages of bigger advantage and dryer separation result, but it has some difficult to change shaker screen. And the cost of replacement shaker screen also higher, as there are 5 each screen for a shale shaker.

High G shale shaker, linear motion: GNZS594

linear motion high G shale shaker

linear motion high G shale shaker

GNZS594 is a high G shale shaker model, with linear motion. It uses 4 panel shaker screen. And the shaker screen interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, composite material. It is single deck, relative easy to change shaker screen compared with double deck shale shaker.


So the user can choose shaker type per your drilling rig conditions and per your applications (for solids control or for waste management). If you have a higher solids content, or want bigger capacity, and take more time for screen changing is not problem, you can choose double deck shale shaker. If you prefer fast screen changing, high G shale shaker single deck is better.

Functions of solids control equipment- shale shaker

Solids Control shale shaker is the first stage separation equipment for oilfield drilling mud cleaning system. It utilizes vibrating motor to generate vibrating strength. The vibrating strength drive the drilling mud going through the shale shaker. When the drilling mud go through the shaker screen, clean mud will filter into mud tank. Not allowable bigger solids will pass the screen surface and been discharged.

solids control equipment -shale shaker

solids control equipment -shale shaker

Types of solids control equipment – shale shaker

Per different motion design. There are mainly 2 types of shale shaker:

1) Linear motion shale shaker. It is the most common shaker model for oil and gas drilling solids control system

2) Balanced Elliptical motion shale shaker. It is not recommended for oil and gas drilling, as the flow capacity is big. The BEM shaker, while mud flow not equal, the motion of the shaker will be changed. And performance not good. Mostly, professional users prefer linear motion for a wide use.

Separation size of solids control equipment – shale shaker

The separation size of the shale shaker equipment depends on shaker screen size. We call it API size or mesh size. The API defers from API 20 to API 325 per API RP13 standard.

Through changing different API size shaker screen, the solids control shale shaker can separate solids size min. above 40 microns (at API 325 shaker screen)

If you do not need to separate so fine solids, you can choose more fine shaker screen, Like 800 microns @ API 20.

The common screen API size for solids control shale shaker is API60, API80, API100, API140,API160. Customer can choose the suitable size per drilling mud condition.

solids control equipment -shale shaker

solids control equipment -shale shaker

Features & Benefits of GN solids control equipment- shale shaker

1) Heat treatment on complete shaker deck.
2) Vibrating Motor: Italy OLI brand, IEC Ex and ATEX Option available.
3) Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand.
4) Shale Shaker Deck Bottom Screen Support Material Stainless Steel
5) Shaker Basket Material: Q345 High Strength alloy material.

6) G force of GN shale shaker can up to 7.5G. And adjustable. It can separate the drilling fluids more dryer.

7) Deck Adjustment (AWD): -1°~+5°

AWD Angle Adjustment System for GN solids control shale shaker

GN AWD Angle Adjustment System for solids control shale shaker is the patent design. It is synchronized change for both sides. You can adjust from any side, the angle change is the same for both side.

GN have a options for AWD Angle Adjustment: Left side of the shaker is a small motor for automatic control. And there are control for the small motor on shale shaker control panel. Right side of the shaker utilize tools for angle adjustment.  GN will offer tools together with the shaker. Customer can choose any way to change the angle.

Shale shaker can also combined with desander or desilter assembly and used as mud cleaner. For more information of GN solids control shale shaker, you can visit GN website or contact GN group.

There are rubber ring for sealing on most shaker screen model, like Derrick503 screen, Derrick48-30 shaker screen, Brandt Cobra shaker screen, GN Solids shaker screen, and many other shaker screen models.

Functions of the sealing rubber:

1) Sealing between screens and shaker deck. To avoid un-treated dirty mud seep into mud system, and damage the mud system machine.

shaker screen sealing rubber

shaker screen sealing rubber

2) To reduce the bad effect of vibrating to the shaker screen. Protect screen from strong vibrating.

What will happen if the sealing rubber not workable

1) The screen frame will touch directly with shaker deck, and damaged within a very short time

2) The worst result is, if the screen rubber damaged, the dirty mud from well head will flow into mud system directly with much solids. It requires a higher capacity on downstream equipment processing, or even make damage to the downstream machine, like desander, desilter or vacuum degasser

If the material of the sealing rubber not strong enough and not very good at anti-corrosive, the high temperature drilling mud with heavy sand will damage the rubber very soon. The shaker screen will be broken very soon. Dirty mud flow into the mud system from the shale shaker deck with heavy sand and solids. It will have bad effect to the mud system.

GN Solids Control utilzie high quality material for sealing rubber. They can offer high quality shaker screen with reasonable price.

Huge surprise is coming for shaker users.

GN Solids Control is a top manufacturer for high quality replacement shaker screen.Derrick shaker screen

GN advanced replacement shaker screen model as following:

1)Replacement screen for Derrick 503 / 504 shaker

2) Replacement screen for Derrick 48-30 shaker

3) Replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker(GN linear motion shaker model GNZS594 utilize the same screen with Mongoose shaker)

4) Replacement screen for NOV Brandt Cobra shaker

For customized shaker model, customer only need to offer exact dimension and pictures of both sides.mud cleaning shale shaker

GN Solids Control have distinct advantages on shaker screen manufacturing:

1). Compared with other shaker screen manufacturer, GN have more understanding on shaker screen and shaker design. GN Solids is the famous shale shaker manufacturer as well as shale shaker screen.

2) GN mainly focus on international market and top domestic market, GN quality making is per international standard, API RP 13 for shaker screen manufacturing.

3) Top material for shale shaker screen: wire cloth for GN made replacement screen have 2 options: SS304 and SS316.

4) The SS316 material wire cloth for GN shaker screen is choose from the same with Derrick original screen

5) Better quality than China brand and much more cost effective than U.S. brand

For more information of GN shaker screen or solids control equipment, you can visit GN website or send inquire GN at

Swaco Mongoose is one of the advanced shale shaker model made by MI-Swaco. Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, Derrick 503 / 504 shale shaker, Derrick 48-30 shale shaker, together with NOV Brandt Cobra shale shaker, they are the most common shaker model.

GNZS594 shaker, as a replacement of Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, it is designed and made by China top manufacturer- GN Solids Control.

Swaco Mongoose replacement shale shaker

Advantages of Swaco Mongoose replacement shale shaker GNZS594:

1) Utilize composite material shale shaker screen, lifetime more than double compared with steel screen

2) The same size screen with Swaco Mongoose, users easy to source shaker screen worldwide

3) Shaker deck material: Stainless steel 304

4) Heat treatment for complete shale  shaker deck

5) Wedged type shaker screen for fast screen changing

6) Bisynchronous adjustament for shaker deck angle

7) IEC/Ex standard vibrating motor

Besides above mentioned advantages, the manufactuere-GN Solids Control is the 1rst API certified solids control company in China. All GN equipment made per standard of API and ISO.

GN have the complete production line from solids control to waste management and shale shaker screen. GN has the most advanced processing machine in this field. GN factory located near to Beijing, and Tianjing. GN can dispatch equipment to internaitonal airport or deaport within 1 week, shorten leading time. Throught the years, GN equipment have exported to over 60 countries worldwide.




GN Solids Control Company makes all  series replacement shale shaker screens. They mainly make screens for drilling field: Oil and gas drilling, HDD, CBM drilling, and also GN makes steel frame shale shaker screens for micro tunneling.

GN Brand shale shaker screen

Firstly, GN Solids offer high quality frame screen and composite material screen for GN brand shale shaker model: GNZS703 and GNZS853 high G. GN own brand shale shaker are widely used in oil and gas drilling field, waste management field, and other drilling applications.

Replacement shale shaker screen for Derrick

Derrick repalcement shaker screen

Replacement screen for Derrick 

It is the most hot sold screen model from GN Solids Control (Replacement for Derrick 500 series and Derrick48-30 series). It adapts the advanced powder glue for stick under high pressure.

Screen rubber is capable for high temperature mud and both Oil base mud and Water base mud. GN replacement shale shaker screen for Derrick is hot sold as the NO. 1 Screen model as its high quality and reasonable price.Swaco Mongoose replaccement screen

Replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose

Besides GNZS703 composite shale shaker screen, GN can also make high quality replacement for Swaco Mongoose with composite material. Customer buy it containers by containers and give us repeat oder periodically.

Replacement screen for Brandt Shale shaker

Brandt King Cobra is one the common shale shaker model from Brandt company. GN can make good quality replacement shale shaker screen for it.  And it sold well in Middles East, Affrica and Europe.

GN owns the most advanced shale shaker screen processing machine, strong technical force, and strict quality control team. GN products have been exported to over 60 countries worldwide. All GNscreen package per API RP 13 C standard. And GN have made OEM shaker screen for many famous company.

For more information about GN Solids Control, contact GN.