No Dig Mud System

GN Solids Control made a small liquid and solids separation system. The small system is customized for an Europe company per clients request. The client asked for a small recycling unit with cleaning capacity of about 12-15 m³ / hour. The client wants a small single centrifuge in the small recycling system.

GN Solids Control customized a compact system which is composed of a small size shale shaker and a mini size decanter centrifuge. The shale shaker and decanter centrifuge are located on a mud tank together with a centrifuge feeding pump and electric control cabinet for the whole system. Tank size for the whole system is 3900Lx2250Wx1300H (mm) for easy movement. It is a small capacity recycling system with turn-key solution. All connections inside the system are included.

The Shale shaker separator model is GNZS752F-MDZF. It is a 2-panel small size shale shaker with small footprint.

The Decanter centrifuge model is GNLW223D-VFD. It is a 9” baby centrifuge for fine solids separation. The Cut point of GNLW223D-VFD centrifuge is 2 ~ 5 microns.

The color, brand and logo are all customized per client’s request. GN Solids Control is capable to make other customized system per clients job site situation. Clients can contact GN Solids Control sales engineer to get customized solutions.

Besides the small mud recycling system, GN Solids Control makes various sizes of Mud Recycling System for HDD, water well drilling, Trenchless, Piling and TBM activities.

The major applications of GN mud recycling system covers below field, but not only limited to below:
1) Trenchless HDD Project
2) Bored Pile Project
3) Micro TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)
4) Diamond Drilling, Water Well Drilling etc

Below are some Mud Recycling desanding plant Models GN can make:
D Series Mud Recycling Models:
1)GNMS-200D Capacity: 200GPM, 50m3/h
2)GNMS-500D Capacity: 500GPM, 120m3/h
3)GNMS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM, 240m3/h
4)Other models should be customized per clients’ request

The business of today’s GN has been divided mainly into 2 scopes, one is the normal drilling mud recycling, and the other is the waste management including the waste coming from petroleum related and other separation industries. This blog is mainly talking on the drilling mud recycling system that used in non oil drilling industry.
In oil drilling, the drilling depth and safety regulation request large drilling mud storage and more solids control equipment. Thus, the mud recycling system is always equipped with degasser unit and large volume mud tanks.


HDD Mud Recycling System

Comparing with the mud recycling for oil industry, the unit for non oil drilling is more compact and less equipment needed.

  • Trenchless/No Dig HDD project – The mud recycling system used in this type drilling is matching with a No dig rig. In some project for long distance pipeline and cables laying underground, it is inconvenient to dig an open groove on the ground as that will interrupt the normal traffic. The trenchless is an ideal choice. The mud recycling system for this project is always consisting of 3 stages separation as shale shaker unit, de-sanding and de-silting cyclone.
  • Piling is the main method to install the bridge supporting pillar. A de-sanding unit with a small tank would be enough to remove out the coarse solids from the drilling fluids. The de-sanding unit is a composition of de-sander cyclone and shaker unit that can separate out the solids with size of 40-70 microns. Piling does not request very clean mud; less equipment involved makes the recycling unit for piling is very compact.
  • GN also can manufacture the mud recycling system for tunneling project. For micron tunneling, GN has model available with capacity of 120m3/h, 240m3/h and 500m3/h. For large flow rate request, GN has the mud plant GNMS -3600M with treating capacity of 3600m3/H.

Tunneling Mud De-sanding Plant

Besides, GN’s mud recycling system can also be used in water well drilling, coal bed methane exploration, dredge slurry separation and the mining flushing waster cleaning process.

For the upcoming no dig show this September in Australia, GN solids control would like to show there one set self-contained 200 GPM drilling mud recycling system for HDD projects. As a leading manufacturer especially for drilling mud recycling equipment, besides the large footprint mud system for oil drilling, GN solids control could also provide compact structure design mud recycling system.
According to the HDD rig mud flow, GN’s economic mud systems are classified as 150/200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM/1000GPM and 1500GPM. Just like the unit of 200GPM would be shown in Australia, though it is small footprint, it has all necessary functions for drilling mud recycling and mud re-configuration.

2015.6.19 gn 200 gpm compact mud system for hdd (1)

200 GPM HDD Mud System

Below is the equipment list for the 200GPM unit
1. GNZY753-4N shaker and de-silter composition unit which has the functions for first stage primary solids separation and second stage for drying the solid discharged from the 4” cyclones. This unit has a top located buffer box for well back drilling mud feeding, the bottom layer screen of this unit remove the coarse solids, liquid goes through the mesh screen opening and gets down to the storage tank. Pumped by a 15hp centrifugal pump, the liquid was transferred to the de-silter cone for fine solids removing. The upper layer screen with much finer opening would block and separate out the finer solid cuttings.
2. GNSLM20A-110 Jet mud mixer is used for adding the mud chemicals and re-configuration of the drilling mud. The beneath located mud tank was divided into 2 compartments and one of them is used for mixing and storing the active drilling mud. The mixing pump adopted is same with the one for feeding to de-silter cones. That would be much easier for future maintenance and parts replacement. The mixing pump could also be used as discharging pump for transferring the active mud to the rig.

2015.6.19 gn 200 gpm compact mud system for hdd (2)

Compact Design Mud System

GN also has more compact unit for de-sanding, by connecting the de-sanding unit with a customized mud tank, the operator could run the mud recycling system more fit their own project condition. For more information on GN compact mud system, you may contact with GN team without hesitate.

As per the feedback from the customers who are engaging in the pilling business, GN designed and perfect the economic mud recycling system specially for the drilling mud cleaning application in piling project. On the consideration of limited location area of the piling project job site, GN’s piling mud recycling system is designed with a very compact structure but with full functions for drilling mud recycling.

GN economic desander unit (2)

De-sanding Unit

Below is the standard configuration of piling mud recycling system with treating capacity of 500GPM.
Model: GNMS500-D
Flow Rate: 500 gallons per minute
Cyclone Specs.: 1 pc 10” de-sanding cyclone made from 100% polyurethane
Screen Specs.: Shale shaker with up and down 2 layers screen with total screen area of 2.23m2
Feeding Pump: Mechanical seal type centrifuge pump of 50 HP used to feed mud to the de-sanding cyclone
Cut Point: Solids Removable down to 40 microns
Catching Tank: Under located catching tank for mud storage. The tank is equipped with lighting system and ladders for easy operation.
Electrical Control System: Explosion, water, and dusty proof electrical control panel with SIEMENS or Schneider components

GN also has the model of GNMS200-D and GNMS1000-D available and the treating capacity is separately 200GPM and 1000 GPM.
The advantage of this type mud recycling system is cost competitive. By connecting with storage tank and mud mixing hopper, this de-sanding unit could also be used in other kind of project like the small horizontal directional drilling, micro tunneling and water well drilling.

GN economic desander unit (1)

Economic Mud Recycling Unit Layout

GN recommends the layout of this economic mud recycling system:
1) Mud Pit
2) Submersible Slurry Pump
3) Mud Recycling System
4) Storage Tank
5) Outlet Pipe
6) Jet Mud Mixer.
GN Solids Control also offers submersible slurry pump, mud storage tank, as well as jet mud mixer per request.
GN is now on promoting this type economic mud recycling system, for more information, you may sent inquiry to

500GPM is a very common capacity for mud cleaning system. How to choose the right equipment for 500GPM mud system system.

Below is a standard proposal from world top solids control specialist – GN Solids Control. GN now have a complete set 500GPM mud cleaning system in storage for sale:

Solids Control Equipment for the 500GPM mud cleaning System

500gpm mud cleaing system for sale1) One Linear Motion Shale Shaker GNZS703
2) One Mud Cleaner with Desander / Desilter
3) Centrifugal Pumps 6×5 (37kw) for feeding to desander/ desilter
4) 40 Feet Size length and width ISO container size with fast fixing on trailer.
5) Centrifugal pumps completed with mixing hoppers for you drilling mud mixing.
6) Transfer function for transfering clean mud to the drilling rig mud pump.
7) Mud Agitators and Mud guns for agitation of the mud.
8) High quality mud tank attachment for easy operation and safety, Handrails can be fold up to the side of tank without removing during shipment.

Mud tank size for the mention proposal of 500GPM mud cleaning system is a common standard; it can meet the shipment limitation of most countries. GN can also customize other tank size per customers’ requirement on tank storage capacity.

For equipment, GN can also change other model per different requirements of different jobsite. For some jobsite, they may only need separate desander and desilter without the underflow shale shaker, it is also option.

For a more exact proposal, no hesitate to contact GN Group now.

Last week, China top solids control Manufacturer: GN Solids Control exported a complete mobile unit mud system to Kazakhstan. It is a 500GPM mobile mud system specially designed and made for DHH drilling rigs.

Mobile mud system is a kind of fast movement system. GN Solids Control have much experience on mobile mud system used for HDD drilling rigs.

Mobile mud system for HDD drilling rig to Kazarkstan

Strong points of GN 500GPM mobile mud system for HDD drilling rig:

1) Mud tank with same dimension with 20 feet container

2) The mud system is separated with the mobile skid. It can be taken off and used as skids mud system

3) Linear motion shale shaker. With the same shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose shaker

4) Centrifugal feeding pump interchangeable with NOV Mission pump

3 stages solids control equipment including in the 500GPM mud system:

1) GNZS594 linear motion shale shaker, 1 set (interchangeable shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose)

2) GNZJ594-2S12N mud cleaner, 1 set

3) Jet mud mixer, 1 set

4) Centrifugal sand pump 2 sets feeding for mud cleaner (desander and desilter)

More for information on GN500 GPM HDD mud system mobile unit, or if you have any inquire on HDD recycling mud system, contact GN group at Email:

GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturer who are specialized in both oil & gas drilling rig, as well as compact mud system for HDD, CBM drilling. 500GPM mud recycling system for HDD and CBM is one of the most common model from GN Solids Control.

CPP(China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau),the largest HDD contractor in China, by now, they have already got nearly 30 sets mud system from GN Solids Control. Before they shift to GN, they bought mud system from U.S. And many user contact GN for mud system as they see GN 500GPM mud system running world wide with CPP worldwide activities.

GN 500GPM HDD mud recycling system

GN 500GPM mud system for HDD is a high configration including all the 4 phase solids control equipment. For higher standard, it includes 2 tanks to insure sufficient space to store the active mud. For some users wants system more compact, GN offer 1 tank system with all 4 phase treatment equipment on it.

Solids Control equipment included in GN500GPM HDD mud system under High ranking:

1) One unit 500GPM linear motion shale shaker is proved by both home and abroad customers as a well performed unit.

2) Mud Cleaner is designed 2 units De-sander cyclones and 12 units De-silter cyclones to meet a maximum 1000GPM capacity is case damage of any cyclone leading to broken down.

3) One uint GNLW363G decanter centrifuge  separate ultra fine solids in drilling mud greatly enhance the quality of mud. (Centrifuge is for option)

GNLW363 centrifuge




Microtunneling slurry separation is very important for the drilling effieciency of the TBM machine.As a leading export for Solids Control  Decanter Centrifuge ,Liquid/Solids separation equipment manufacturer,GN have the total solutions for microtunneling contractor of the slurry

MICROTUNNELING Slurry Separation

MICROTUNNELING Slurry Separation


GN Normal Slurry  Separation equipments including Shale Shaker,Desander,Desilter Mounted on mud tanks.For fine solids separation.GN have the big bowl big volume GNLW553  Model Centrifuge available.

Slurry Separation for Microtunneling with Decanter Centrifuge Process.

Primary solids removal is accomplished by GNZS853 H G Dryer  with 7.5 G’s of consistent acceleration, outfitted with 0.3mm screens.

After the primary separation, a 100HP centrifugal pump is used to feed three (3) 12” sand separator cones with underflow regulators. Oversized material recovered from the sand separators is fed to another GNZS853 High G Drying Shale Shaker with API-120 mesh openings for further dewatering and discharge into the muck pit.

Because of the size TBM, and the amount of fine solids that could be generated, a GNLW553 big bowl big volume high speed, decanting centrifuge with VFD control was selected to maximize fine solids removal. This unit offers up to 500 GPM and 15-20 t/hr of solids removal.

GN is one of the very few companies who have all complete line equipments available for Solids Control including the big bowl big volume

MICROTUNNELING Decanting Centrifuge

MICROTUNNELING Decanting Centrifuge

decanter centrifuge .

Features of GN Decanter Centrifuge

  • Southwest Petroleum University Technology Support
  • High Speed up to 3200RPM & Variable Speed by frequency converter
  • The main body of the decanter centrifuge made from stainless stee:SS304/SS316/Titanium Alloy
  • The screw propeller and solids discharge made from stainless steel Stainless Steel protected by  tungsten carbide alloy.
  • German FAG/SKF Brand Bearings
  • Screw propeller & Solids Discharge Stainless Steel protected by  tungsten carbide alloy.
  • Solids Liquid separation system package available
  • Eletrical Components: SIEMENS/Schneider/ CHINT

Trailer mounted mud system are very popular for HDD drilling,CBM drilling and Water well drilling.GN also have the Trailer mounted mud system for oil workover drilling rig.

For any drillers,when they decide to buy the mud system,the have options for the type of the mud tank.Normally it is skid mounted mud tank,trailer mounted mud tank and Hyraulic Jack up mud tank.With the design and manufacture capability.GN Solids Control is able to design all of the above type mud system for your different drilling applications.

Trailer Mounted Mud System

Trailer Mounted Mud System

GN Trailer Mounted mud sytem models for HDD water well,and CBM drilling: GN 200 GPM, GN 350 GPM,GN 500 GPM,GN 800 GPM,and GN 1000GPM.

GN Trailer Mounted mud sytem for Workover oil drilling rigs:350HP 450 HP 550HP 650 HP 750 HP workover rig mud system available.The system is completed with Solids control equipment and mud agitators ,mud guns.


Features of GN trailer mounted mud cleaning unit

  • Cost Effective Equipments integration:Complete drilling mud equipments from a single source-GN Solids Control Factory.
  • Fast moved compact system:Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.
  • Assured customer service:We can send our experienced engineers for installation,and training up customer engineers.
  • Compact Tank design: Easy moving,and complied to raod regulations for most areas in the world

Here we suggest mud recycling system especially the shale shaker for drilling rig250, as the name suggests, offers 250 tonnes.

Mur Recycling System for Rig 250/90

To get the best performace of no dig drilling rig, we need high performance mud recycling system to process drilling fluid at 800gpm.

mud recycling system

It comprises 2 GNPS703 shale shaker for primary screening, and a GNPJ703 mud cleaner complete with two 10″ de-sander cones and 12 deisilter cones for de-sanding and de-silting. All these equipments are mounted one tank to save space. Usually 12meters long with 26 cubic meters net storage.

 Balanced Eliptical Shale Shaker

With the most famous professor in China from Southwest Petro University, we developed our own model shale shaker.
GNZS852, GNZS703, GNPS703 are our updated shaker from this year, after testing and feedback from our clients, this is a big step and successful step.
Balanced elliptical shaker is more compact and more efficient. See more about GNPS shale shaker.