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GN Solids Control vacuum pump is mainly designed for solids and slurry transfer. With its special design, the vacuum pump can reach discharging distance up to 500m or 1000m, it’s up to the models clients choose. The big size vacuum pump can discharge to 1000m away, and the even the smallest model vacuum pump can reach up transfer distance 500m away.

Recently, GN Solids Control offered a mini size vacuum pump applied for tank cleaning works. The client will use the mini size vacuum pump to suck the waste slurry from deep tanks. The model of the mini size vacuum pump is GNSP-10B. It is the smallest size vacuum pump made by GN Solid Control. The biggest model is GNSP-10B.

After tank cleaning, the client choose a GN mini size decanter centrifuge to do the liquid and solids separation. After the separation, the client can reduce the waste liquid, recover more usable liquid and reuse the water. It is a 9 inch baby centrifuge with high speed and high G force for water treatment and slurry recover. GN Solids Control mini size centrifuge is widely used at Industry Waste Water Treatment plant and Diamond Core Drilling Fluids Treatment.

GN Solids Control major advantage is to offer full package tank cleaning treatment system and solids removal unit for mining industry, which will consist of shale shaker separator, desander / desilter, decanter centrifuge, feeding pumps, control panels, mud tanks, and skids to holding all items. Sometimes, the chemical dosing unit will be used together with centrifuge to ultra fine solids separation.

GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump, also named as solids transfer pump. It is a pneumatic slurry transfer vacuum pump. The pump is widely used for liquid, slurry, powder and solids transfer. GN vacuum pump is a high vacuum loading solids transfer pump, so it can be used at tough environmental for solids or sludge transfer especially used to suck and transfer the high density and high viscosity oil sludge from waste pits generated by oil and gas drilling. GN vacuum pump is working with high performance and less maintenance. The pump can transfer material with high gravity and high density, with dry solids material or slurry with solids content max. up to 80%.

Alumina is a stable oxide of aluminum and its chemical formula is Al2O3. Bauxite is also called bauxite in mining, ceramics and material science. GN Decanter centrifuge are widely used for alumina slurry dewatering for production of alumina.

GN-CD series chemical decanter centrifuge are designed for the chemical treatment. Typically The alumina (Aluminum Hydroxide) slurring have a water content of 90%. And the purpose to treat the alumina is to remove water to get 20% to 40% content of slurry. And the Aluminum slurry contains alumina ( fine particles) water and sodium nitrate dissolved in water. Different client have different requirement for the capacity for the alumina slurry treatment.

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Application of alumina are very wide, include but not limited to following:
1. The main components of ruby and sapphire are alumina, which show different colours because of other impurities. Ruby is red with chromium oxide, while sapphire is blue with iron oxide and titanium oxide.

2. Among the main components of bauxite, the content of alumina is the highest. In industry, bauxite is purified into alumina by Bayer process, and then converted from Hall-Heroult process to aluminium metal.

3. Alumina is the reason why metallic aluminium is not easily corroded in air. Pure aluminium metal reacts easily with oxygen in the air to form a thin alumina film covering the surface of aluminium exposed to air. This alumina film prevents aluminium from being oxidized further. The thickness and properties of this oxide film can be enhanced by a process called anodic treatment (anodic anticorrosion).

4. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Aluminum crystal form diamond is suitable for grinding materials and cutting tools because of its high hardness.

5. Alumina powder is often used as a medium for chromatographic analysis.

China market for Alumina
The data show that China is the largest alumina producer in the world. In 2010, the global alumina output was 56.355 million tons. China’s alumina output reached 28.955 million tons, an increase of 20.14% year on year, accounting for 51.38% of the world’s total. In 2010, China’s apparent consumption of alumina reached 33.21 million tons, with an annual growth rate of 14.05%, net imports of 4.26 million tons, bauxite imports of 30.19 million tons, external dependence of 39.71%, and alumina external dependence of 47.26%.

With the rapid development of China’s electrolytic aluminum, ceramics, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries, the market demand for alumina still has greater room for growth, and alumina production will continue to grow. GN Chemical Decanter Centrifuge made by GN separation and conveying equipment company

Diamond core drilling is a type of drilling used to get the stratum samples so that the geological experts could analyze what under the ground, and if there is mineral reserve, how deep need to be drilled for exploitation. Diamond core drilling always uses tube type drill bit for getting a cylinder earth sample. The drill hole is not too big to use plenty drilling mud. However, on consideration of environmental protection, the recycling of the
drilling mud is firmly requested, which is also a method of cost saving.

gn-solids-removal-unit (1)

GN Solids Removal Unit for Diamond Drilling

The drilling mud recycling system of the diamond core drilling can also be called as solids removal unit. As the drilling site of diamond core drilling is always space limited. The solids removal unit needs to be as compact as better. GN has 2 equipments that are made especially for diamond core drilling: Mini shaker and Mini centrifuge unit.
GN Mini shaker is 2-panel screen design with vibration G force up to 7.1 that is used to remove the coarse solids in the drilling fluids. Heat treatment on whole shake deck greatly strengthens the deck to ensure a better performance on drying the solids.
GN Mini centrifuge is 2-phase type for solids and liquid separation, 9 inch bowl diameter, with speed up to 3800RPM, the centrifuge could effectively remove the solids with size of 2 microns in the mud. Stainless steel material of the bowl guarantees the good working for all kinds of chemical liquid. The protection of tungsten carbide tiles on screw and ceramic casing at solids discharge port significantly extends the life time of the centrifuge.

gn-solids-removal-unit (2)

GN 9 Inch Centrifuge

The mini shaker and mini centrifuge could be ordered separately as well as included in GN’s solids removal unit. By fixing the shaker and centrifuge unit on a tank, GN could provide clients a very compact mini mud recycling system-SRU. GN SRU can also do the job for re-configuration the drilling mud. GN also has modular type solids removal unit which is transportable by helicopter to remote area.
GN solids removal unit could greatly decrease the solids content in drilling mud so that to make the drill bit down hole perform well. It could greatly reduce the consumption for water and drilling mud, which is a large saving and benefit for environment. GN now has brochure especially for solids removal unit, any interests, please feel free to contact with GN.

GN Solids Control mud recycling systems are widespread in the world. Mud systems may be used in oil and gas area in addition to HDD, TBM Drilling, CBM Drilling or Water Very well Drilling. Last year, GN offered two sets of high construction mud recycling systems to get no dig drilling to 1 Asian client. Just some days and nights before, GN Solids control provided another set soil systems for one client coming from Philippine.
With a compact framework, this system is mainly used to distinct dirty mud can get clean up water. By using this set, each of our client can get water wherever possible, and solids can be individual out for further treating. The item mainly includes the following accessories:
1 . GN shale shaker GNZS594E-HB, 1 set
The dealing with capacity of this shaker will be 600 GPM. By using world renowned vibration motors like German OLI or USA Charlie, GN shaker can work to get a quite long time without cracked.
After the mud is shipped to the shaker from the serving box, the 4 portions shaker screens will distinct out most the solid waste. GN using good quality cable mesh to manufacture individuals shaker screens in order to keep going longer while also has a pretty excellent separating performance. GN likewise manufactures some other shaker window screens to replacement well-known shaker screens, such as Mongoose, Brant, Derrick etc .

2015.05.27 500gpm mud system
2 . GN decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, 2 units
These 2 sets centrifuges both have one 14 inches rotating bowl. Running rate can be changed easily by employing touch screen when using the VFD manage box. GN VFD package is using ABB or Siemens electrical components for long life use. Different explosion proof cardboard boxes can be customized based on customers’ demands, such as IEC, ATEX.
The first variable speed centrifuge is rotating at a decrease speed compared with the second just one. It mainly used to separate out and about those solids with a greater diameter. On the other side, the second centrifuge is used to separate finer debris at a higher speed.
3. GN Screw Pump, 2 pieces
These 2 screw pumping systems are used to feed the decanter centrifuge without agitating the soil too much. GN is using well-known positive displacement pumps Netzsch.
4. GN Mud tank
All the above equipments tend to be fixed on one mud aquarium.

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Oilfield operation need various electrical equipment like control panels, electrical motors and so on. All these electrical equipment performing well make sure the entire project job done well. But the most import is a safe working environment on the oilfield as there is the risk of explosion any time during oilfield operaton.

oilfield cuttings dryer

Oilfield Cuttings Dryer

As per the define of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the explosion working environment is classified as gas explosive and dust explosive. When we talking about the explosion proof standard electrical equipment, we are talking about the equipment used in the various gas explosive working environment. And then according to the existence time of the gas explosive, the working environment is classified to 3 zones as below:
1. Zone 0 – Under normal operation condition, the gas explosive exists continuously. Always more than 1000 hours per year.
2. Zone 1 – Under normal operation condition, the gas explosive exists sometimes. More than 10 hours buy less than 1000 hours per year.
3. Zone 2 – Only under abnormal operation condition, the gas explosive exists. Always less than 10 hours per year.

The Zone 0 always represents some airtight space such the gas storage tank. On the oilfield, the Zone 1 represents the area around the drilling rig. And the area which includes the space for mud recycling system, mud pump, water tanks and other drilling field equipment. As per the minimum ignition power required, the gas explosive are classified as 4 degrades separately Ⅰ,ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC. This classification can also be treated as the equipment group. The equipment used in group Ⅰ is for mining industry. Group Ⅱ is for other industry working environment. The equipment used in group ⅡC can also be used in ⅡA, ⅡB which means the equipment in Group ⅡC has a higher explosion proof level.
GN could provide the solids control equipment with motor and control panel explosion proof certified. The explosion proof level is ExdⅡBT4 which could meet the demand of gas explosive Zone 2.

Functions of drilling fluids mud desilter

Drilling fluids mud desilter is the 3nd stage solids control equipment. It is usually used after desander. For mud cleaner used for oil and gas drilling field, 4 inch deciliter cone is the most frequency be used. It can remove solid particle around 30~70 microns.

Working principle of drilling fluids mud desilter

drilling fluids mud desilter

drilling fluids mud desilter

Main part of drilling fluids mud desilter is the hydrocyclone cone (desitler cone). It is a kind of pressure device. The separation process is carried out by employing centrifugal forces. Under pressure, drilling fluid with solid particles will flow into the mud desilter cones, after high rotation, bigger and heavier particle will be threw to cone wall, then slide down till drop in apex and separated out. Clean fluids will be moved out from cone top port. So, there will be 2 rotary gas flow in the drilling fluids mud desilter cone, one is liquid contains quantity big solid flow down as cyclone, the other is smaller solid mixed with gas go up as bow wave.

The angle of the fluid entry has been specifically designed to facilitate the flow and separation. The Cones are made of high durameter polyurethane with optional steel inserts, which ensure consistent productivity.
Desilter Cones remove fine sand and silt down to 30 microns.
Desilter Cones are available of 4″ size that have a 2″ inlet and a 2″ outlet.

Available models of drilling fluids mud cleaner

From design, there are mainly 2 types of mud desilter: with under flow shale shaker or without under flow shale shaker. For different capacity, the desilter cone can be used from 4 each to 24 each. Users can choose suitable models per his jobsite detailed condition.

There are mainly 3 types protection for solids separation centrifuge propeller screw. Many customer do not know the difference of them and wondering about how to choose the suitable one for its centrifuge. Below is the elaborate for the difference of the 3 screw protection design.

1) Tungsten carbide hard surface for screw protection: It is the most common type in China. Nearly all other companies make this type, besides GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. It is easy for process, and cost lower. But the height of the welded Tungsten carbide on the screw surface is very thin, only around 1mm. This type of centrifuge is cheaper, but not good at anti-friction and anti-abrasive. If the solids content high, after half year or 1 year, not more than 2-year time, the Tungsten carbide hard surface will be worn out and the centrifuge will lose balance. The users need to open the centrifuge bowl, welding again to maintenance it and make dynamic balance again. It requests the operator with a higher specialty, and more cost on maintenance.

Tungsten carbide hard surface for screw protection

Tungsten carbide hard surface for screw protection

2) Interchangeable ceramic tiles for screw protection: It is interchangeable small pieces, with exact same weight and dimension. It is strong. And mostly, it has a higher function on anti-abrasive under heavy Acid / Soda corrosion, even better than Tungsten Alloy Tile. Therefore it is mostly used for mining industry. Its cost higher than Tungsten carbide hard surface. The height of the each ceramic tile is reach to 4mm, much more anti-friction than Tungsten carbide hard surface.

Users only need to replace the worn out piece with new one, new need to make dynamic balance. Easy for maintenance.

Interchangeable ceramic tile for screw protection

Interchangeable ceramic tile for screw protection

3) Tungsten Alloy Tile for screw protection: It is the most perfect one and most anti-friction. It is interchangeable small pieces, completely made from each piece with exactly the same weight and dimension. It is the most expensive type, as the material is expensive and a higher request on machining Précising. The height of the each ceramic tile reaches to 4mm, much more anti-friction than Tungsten carbide hard surface, and even strong than ceramic tiles. It is mainly used for barite recovry, fine solids separation and drilling waste managment field.

Users only need to replace the worn out piece with new one, new need to make dynamic balance. Easy for maintenance.

tunsten alloy tile for screw protection

tunsten alloy tile for screw protection

As world famous manufacturer on solids control and waste management centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer, GN Solids Control offer centrifuges with ceramic tile or tungsten alloy tile. Tungsten carbide hard surface do not recommended. The users can choose ceramic tile or tungsten alloy tile according to its real condition and its budget.

GN have just came back from Australia from a NO DIG drilling show there. GN take a compact 200GPM drilling rig mud system for the show. The mud cleaning system is in stock for sale now.

It is a complete mud cleaning system with a tank, a double deck shaker with mud cleaner, mixing system, electric control system, and tank accessories.GN200 GPM mud system for HDD

Suitable applications of the GN200 GPM drilling mud system:

1) Water well drilling

2) Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

3) Coal bed methane (CBM drilling)

Parameter of the GN200 GPM drilling mud system:

1) Mud tank

2) Double deck shale shaker combined with 4 each 4 inch desilter (the same dimension desilter cone with Derrick cone)

3) Mud mixing system (mixing pump and mixing hopper)   GN200 GPM mud system for HDD

Advantages of GN200 GPM mud system for drilling:

1) The double deck shale shaker is combined function of shale shaker and mud cleaner, but much more compact and have a very limited footprint.

2) Centrifugal pump for mixing and feeding interchangeable with NOV Mission

3) Desilter cone interchangeable with Derrick

4) The whole system is in very compact design and take a limitation footprint

5) Ladder, guardrail and walkway are foldable, easy for movement

If you have interest on the system, contact GN group freely for more information.



Shale shaker is the act as the first stage solids control equipment. Its performance important to the whole system. If the shale shaker can work well, it can greatly improve the lifetime of next stage equipment.

Shale shaker vibration

Vibration of the shaker basket creates G-forces which help drive shear thinning fluids such as drilling mud through the screens. Vibration also conveys solids off the screens. Most linear motion shakers operate in the range of 3 to 4 G’s to balance throughput with screen life. G-force is a function of vibration frequency (rpm) and stroke length.

Top brand Linear motion shale shaker

Top brand Linear motion shale shaker

But there are alway some misunderstanding on shale shaker performance, it should be avoided :

• “High-Speed” should not be equated with “high performance”.

Laboratory tests indicate that, in the normal operating range for linear motion shale shakers, lower frequency vibration and longer stroke lengths improve throughput capacity. Most linear motion shakers operate at 1200 to 1800 rpm.

• Avoid deck inclinations above 3˚.

High deck angles reduce solids conveyance and increase the risk of grinding soft or friable solids through the screens.

• Shakers are designed to accept either hookstrip or rigid frame screen panels.

Hookstrip screen panels are the most common and are usually cheaper, although cuttings wetness can be a concern due to deck curvature. Flat, rigid frame panels promote even fluid coverage, but can cost more.

• Shakers may have single or tandem screening decks. Single deck shakers offer mechanical simplicity and full access to the screening surface. Single deck shakers may be arranged to process mud sequentially as a “cascading” system to improve performance under high solids loading conditions. Tandem deck shakers offer improved processing capacity under high solids loading conditions when space is limited.



Solids control equipment are widely used in mining industry for mining dewatering. In about last year, we give a solution for slime dewatering in mining. Here is the Q&A of Slime Dewatering System.

For a good solution, usually we need to know:

1) The particles, it is better if we can have a curve to show how many bigger ones, how many smaller ones.

2) What are you aim to, get the clean water for environment friendly, want some of the particles for economy purpose?

slime dewatering

3) Sometimes density and viscosity of the drilling fluid is needed.

As shown in the picture, we choose our GNZS83-2 two panel linear motion shale shaker, ZQJ100s with PU hydrocyclones. Then we can get mixed water with particles less than 15 microns. Then if still need cleaner water, we can add decanter centrifuge.

Thi is a system for hydromining to Turkey, we also customized kinds of system as required.