China is the world’s largest oil and gas importer, also the second largest oil consumer and third largest gas consumer in the world. CIPPE is the largest oil and gas exhibition in China. It is an annual event. As the affect of the COVID policy, CIPPE was canceled in the past 2 years. It is reopen now.

The 23rd China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (2023 CIPPE) will be held in Beijing China at end of May . Welcome visitors from worldwide.

The exhibition space of CIPPE is around 100,000 sqm, including 18 international pavilions. 1,800 exhibitors and over 123,000 professional visitors from 65 countries and regions will come and joint the big event.

Below are details of the exhibition:
Time of CIPPE: May 31rst to June 2nd, 2023
Venue of 2023 Beijing CIPPE: New China International Exhibition Center,Beijing
Booth NO. of GN Solids Control: E2168

As the major solids control brand from China, GN Solids Control will get back with latest design solids control and waste management equipment showing on the booth:

1. Shaker Screen vacuum unit
2. Decanter centrifuge in various sizes
3. Drilling waste Vertical cuttings dryer. GN Solids Control advanced design vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with
4. Solids and sludge vacuum pump for long distance suction and discharge
5. Screw conveyor for drilling cuttings collection and transfer. GN Solids Control make screw conveyor augers vary from 10 inch to 18 inch, with transfer length from 12 ft, 24 ft to 36 ft and 48 ft.
6. Replacement shaker screen for various shaker models. GN makes high quality composite frame pretension screens.

GN Solids Control engineering team and sales team will come for the exhibition, for offering professional supporting to visitors.

And plus, GN Solids Control have 2 factories nearby the exhibition center. GN Solids Control will provide shuttle bus between the exhibition center and GN Solids Control plants. If clients and visitors have interest to check and see more about GN Solids Control, they can come and check.

GN Solids America, which is located in Houston America, is a subsidiary of GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer who is focusing on drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management. Its products covering oil and gas drilling, as well as non-oil drilling, such as water well drilling, horizontal directional drilling, piling, pipe jacking, and other trenchless activities.

GN Solids Control make various types of waste management equipment to treat the oily and non-oil slurry generated from drilling and construction field.

GN Solids America and GN Solids Control Successfully attended 2022  Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.
The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston is the largest exhibition in oil and gas field. It takes place every year in May, the same as this year. There are many visitors in oil field coming from middle east, Africa, South America, and other areas. As the effect of covina-virus, internal trip become very difficult. There are restrictions in many countries. OTC is a good chance to meet clients there.

GN Solids America has big warehouse in Houston. Clients can get standard equipment stock equipment and replacement spare parts in Houston warehouse. This yeas, GN Solids America team take below equipment for the exhibition.

1. Screen vacuum unit. The unit is fixed under shale shaker to further recover useful drilling fluids from the drilling cuttings. It is a 100% air driven unit. A GN screen vacuum unit can be connected to 1 or 3 shale shakers.

2. Sludge and solids vacuum pump. It is also a 100% air driven device. It is specially designed for long distance transfer on solids, powder and sludge.

Replacement screens for various brand and models shale shakers. GN Solids Control makes high quality composite frame pretension screens. GN Solids Control can even make customized screens per clients drawing, and packing.

In order to control the COVID-19,  all exhibitions in 2020 were canceled or postponed. With more and more people get vaccinated, and with the under-control of COVID-19, China become to normal situation. More and more exhibitions are taken in 2021. After the Water Treatment exhibition in Shanghai in April, GN Solids Control are waiting for the largest petrochemical exhibition. GN Solids Control will attend the 2021 CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition.

CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is the largest exhibition in China for oil and gas field. All major oil company, drilling companies, mud services companies will have their booth on the exhibition. Nearly all major manufacturers and supplier related to oil and gas drilling products will joint the exhibition. And CIPPE Beijing Petroleum Exhibition is also one of the largest oil and gas industry exhibition in the world. It is a good chance to meet and talk with clients and companies in the field.

GN Solids Control will takes their advanced design equipment to the exhibition and show to their clients. And the exhibition is a good chance to share the ideas of each other in oil and gas drilling field. Below list is some equipment GN Solids Control will take for 2022 Beijing CIPPE.

1) Shale shaker screen vacuum unit
2) Big bowl and high speed decanter centrifuge
3) Oil sludge separation system. It is the combination of shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, 3-phase separation centrifuge, chemical dosing unit, etc…
4) Solids and sludge vacuum pump

It is so pity that, as international trip is still limited. Clients outside China will not have the chance to come for the exhibition. In order to let clients who are interested in GN to have the opportunity to know more of GN, GN Solids Control offer online factory visiting. Clients can make appointment with GN sales manager to check and visit GN Solids Control factories through webcam and internet.

The annual China Environmental Expo was held in Shanghai International Expo Center in April. As the brand of environmental separation and transportation equipment of GN Solids Control, GN Separation brought the latest technology and equipment to participate in the 22nd China Environmental Expo of IE Expo China 2021. GN team just got back from the exhibition.
Below is the the main products of GN Separation taking for the Environmental Expo in Shanghai.

1. A complete set of oily sludge treatment equipment was taken by GN Separation.

GN Solids Control apply heating and chemical washing technology to treat oil sludge and oil base drilling cuttings. The system is used to recover oil and water, and reduce the oil content of solid waste to 2% through heating and chemical hot washing technology. The main equipment includes: high G drying shale shaker, sludge solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge, three-phase centrifuge separator to get oil, water and soil cakes.

2. Large bowl decanter centrifuge with large rotating drum for sludge dewatering.

The diameter of the large bowl dewatering centrifuge is 30 inch. The large rotating drum decanter centrifuge provides high efficiency and large capacity sludge dewatering solution. It has the advantages of small area, large capacity, high efficiency and high automation.

3.  Solid / sludge vacuum pump

GN Solids Control take the big size skid mounted solids and sludge vacuum pump for the Environmental Expo. The crown energy solid and sludge vacuum pump is a pneumatic vacuum suction and positive pressure pump. The suction capacity is strong and the discharge distance is far. The suction length can up to 50m, and the discharge distance can up to 1000m. It can be used for solid, solid-liquid mixture, sludge and other material transportation. GN sludge and solids vacuum pump is widely used in various fields and different industries. The application of the pump includes but not limited to suction, solid waste transportation, kitchen waste treatment, river dredging and so on.

GN have just came back from Australia from a NO DIG drilling show there. GN take a compact 200GPM drilling rig mud system for the show. The mud cleaning system is in stock for sale now.

It is a complete mud cleaning system with a tank, a double deck shaker with mud cleaner, mixing system, electric control system, and tank accessories.GN200 GPM mud system for HDD

Suitable applications of the GN200 GPM drilling mud system:

1) Water well drilling

2) Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

3) Coal bed methane (CBM drilling)

Parameter of the GN200 GPM drilling mud system:

1) Mud tank

2) Double deck shale shaker combined with 4 each 4 inch desilter (the same dimension desilter cone with Derrick cone)

3) Mud mixing system (mixing pump and mixing hopper)   GN200 GPM mud system for HDD

Advantages of GN200 GPM mud system for drilling:

1) The double deck shale shaker is combined function of shale shaker and mud cleaner, but much more compact and have a very limited footprint.

2) Centrifugal pump for mixing and feeding interchangeable with NOV Mission

3) Desilter cone interchangeable with Derrick

4) The whole system is in very compact design and take a limitation footprint

5) Ladder, guardrail and walkway are foldable, easy for movement

If you have interest on the system, contact GN group freely for more information.



GN get a biggest booth in China suppliers to OTC in Houston, more people start to know GN in OTC. Even our competitors wanna know more about this admired dark horse, several team of Swaco Derrick and other suppliers visit our booth, supprised to find another competitor which balance better on quality and price.
2012 GN Offshore Technology
Some Chinese companies also called us dark horse, competitor or not, because in China, without any background, or strong support from goverment, or financial team, it is hard to imagine a company can develop so fast.
Also a lot of old clients visit our booth, too. But we get different feedback, GN people is more than a dark horse, your team is our consultant, and our friends; GN Solids Control is a strong company with reputation.
Anyway, thanks for their highly commends.
GN Solids Oil Show
GN Solids Control would like to be your friends, consultants, not just a supplier, it does not matter if we are dark horse or not. After saling to more than 60 countries around the world, we are trying our best to serve for more projects, with our friends everywhere.

We will also attend some other exhibitions, DO visit our booth, and our people.