Drilling Waste Management

GN Solids Control design and make vacuum pump for solids and sludge suction and transfer. Sludge vacuum pump is a high efficiency and powerful suction pump for high solids content and big size solids material suction and transfer.

GN solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump can suck and discharge oil sludge material with solids content up to 80%. And the max. solids size the vacuum pump is capable to transfer can up to 75mm.

GN solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump is an ideal equipment used at offshore drilling rig platform. As at offshore drilling rig platform, the layout is very compact, space is very limited. Screw conveyor is popular used at on shore drilling rigs to collect and transfer drilling cuttings from solids control shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge. But screw conveyor takes a bigger footprint. The space is very limited at offshore platform. Screw conveyor is not suitable offshore drilling mud system.

Vacuum pump is suitable for this situation. A cuttings transfer station is used before vacuum pump after solids control equipment to collect drill cuttings. And then through hoses, vacuum pump can suck drilling cuttings from the cutting transfer station, and discharge to outside cutting storage tanks or places which can be max. 1000m away from the solids control equipment.

GN vacuum pump can also be used to suck and transfer rocks, sands, powder material directly. We can see, if the material is flowable, GN vacuum pump can be used.

As GN solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump is 100% driven by air. There is no electrical components. But the vacuum pump can suck material max. up to 50, and discharge material up to 1000m. In this case, in order to support the powerful suction and discharging capability, a big air supply is necessary to support stable running of the pump.

GN Solids Control Screw Conveyor is popular in the oil and gas industry for transfering the drilling cuttings, and feed the drill cuttings to processing equipment, like to feed to the vertical cuttings dryer, high G force cuttings dryer, and cuttings collection box. GN designed different sizes of auger diameter, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch. They are the most popular 3 sizes, each size has 4 different length for option according to the drilling site of the customer. GN Solids Control can also make small dia. auger 10 inch and big dia. auger 18 inch.

Some days ago, a client contacted GN Solids Control to inquire about drill cuttings screw conveyor. Below is the communications between the client and GN Solids Control.

Client’s Question: Do you have 5.5 m transfer auger?

Comments and questions from GN Solids Control: Why you ask for 5.5m auger? Do you mean transfer length is 5.5m? GN Solids Control standard screw conveyor is combined with standard sections with 12ft in length. Job site operators can remove a mid. Section to shorten the transfer length, or add a mid. Section to extend the transfer length. For standard auger models, the available length is 12ft, 24ft, 36ft and 48ft. And the auger dia. varies from 10 inch to 18 inch.

Client’s reply and comments: I want 5.5 m auger. In this case, I can put the auger into 20ft container. By the way, I will need a 20ft containerized dewatering unit. Can I put the 5.5m auger into the 20ft dewatering unit container?

Comments and questions from GN Solids Control: What materials you want to transfer with the auger?

Client’s reply and comments: I want to transfer oil sludge with the auger.

Besides used for oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control screw conveyor is also popular in other applications, below are some of the applications of GN Screw conveyor:
1) Environmental Waste management industry for material transfer
2) Mining and Coal industry transfer
3) Construction field waste managerial and bulk material handling and transfer
4) Grain industry.
5) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Industry.
6) Food & Beverage Industry
7) Power and metallurgy Plant

This week, a client contacted a sales manager of GN Solids Control; he said he wanted to order some Augers. He asked GN Solids Control sales manager to inquire what augers can GN Solids Control make, and he also want to know what the safety protections on GN Solids Control auger are equipped, so someone will not be hurt while using it.

GN Solids Control recommends the client some of the same safe standard for a major Oil copany in Middle East. Below are some of the HSE standards suggested to the client:

1) GN Solids Control can equip grab wire along the auger length: operator can stop the auger at any place along the auger. And in case the auger cover is opened, or not closed well, the auger will be stopped automatically. In this case, operators will not be hurt.

2) Control panel can be equipped with E-stop and with control for the grab wire, to switch off power supply to the auger automatically in case the auger covers are opened or removed or not closed or not appropriately fixed.

3) Another optional safety protection is Audio and / or visual alarm system on auger control panel: the voice and light alarm will automatically switch on once the power is switched on, and the Audio and / or visual alarm system keep for some seconds before the auger start rotating. The alarm gives time for the nearby operator to know the screw conveyor will start rotating, and reminder them to keep away.

Auger is also known as screw conveyor. It is widely used at oil and gas drilling flied. Screw conveyor can be located under shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, or decanter centrifuge, to collect drilling cuttings discharged from solids control equipment, and transfer the drill cuttings to drilling waste management equipment, like high G force shale shaker and vertical cuttings dryer.

GNSX-450 is a three phase decanter centrifuge. The bowl size of GNSX-450 three phase decanter centrifuge is 450mm (18 inch) diameter by 1800mm in length. It is designed for 24 hours continuous and smooth operation throughout the day. It is mainly composed of driving system, decanter bowl, and screw conveyor inside the bowl, cover box, skid and VFD control panel.

Working principle of GN Solids Control 3 phase decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control 3 phase decanter centrifuge is mainly designed and made for liquid, liquid and solids separation. GN Solids Control 3 phase decanter centrifuge can also be applied to two immiscible liquids with different specific gravities. When the solids and liquid mixture (raw material before separation) rotates into the high-speed rotating bowl internal the 3 phase decanter centrifuge, the solids and liquid mixture rotates synchronously with the drum. As the reason of the different specific gravity, the centrifugal force of the solids and different liquid is different.

The solid particles which with the larger specific gravity are subjected to the greatest centrifugal force, followed by the heavy phase liquid (such as water) and the light phase liquid (such as oil). So the centrifugal force is becoming less from outside to inside according to the magnitude of centrifugal force. A concentric solid layer and two liquid layers are formed.

The Solids phase inside the mixture will be pushed out by the conveyor impeller of the centrifuge bowl, and liquids are removed from their respective nozzles depending on different gravities. As the reason, GN Solids Control three-phase decanter centrifuge can not only separate the solid from the solids and liquid mixture, but also separate the two-phase liquid with different specific gravity in the liquid and liquid mixture. In this case, Solid / liquid / liquid separation can be achieved.

Besides 3-phase decanter centrifuge for oil field and non-oil field, GN Solids Control has other separation equipment to cater for different application, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, degasser, transfer pumps, drilling waste management equipment, etc…

Many people are interested in GN Solids Control Screen Vacuum System. It is not a popular technology, many people do not know much about the vacuum screen technology. Many customers contact GN Solids Control to ask for information of Screen Vacuum Unit, including Catch Pan, Hoses and all the required accessories. Below are some communications between clients and GN Solids Control.

Question: The Screen Vacuum Unit is designed to be used on Onshore rig and offshore rigs. There are different shale shaker models at different drilling rigs. Can GN Solids Control build Catch Pans based on the existing shale Shaker models?
Reply from GN Solids Control: GN Solids Control can only build catch pan for GN own design shale shaker, and a few shale shaker models. GN Solids Control cannot make catch pan for other brand shale shaker at this moment.

Question: It said, the air pressure required is 100-150 psi. Most of the rig air compressor only supply 80-120 psi, would this affected the Screen Vacuum Unit performance?

Reply from GN Solids Control: 80-120 PSI is fine.

Question: What are the sizes of hoses from the catch pan to the Screen vacuum Unit? What are the chances of this hoses being plugged up?
Reply from GN Solids Control: It’s 2 inch hoses from the catch pan to the screen vacuum unit.
Because of the high vacuum which is up to 25 HG (Mercury Column), the power for suction is high. And also the hose for the suction is specially designed with anti-blocking material like plastic inside the hose. So it will avoid the blocking.
The capability of the vacuum pump is shown below as in the video:

Question: Where is the recovery fluid going to be discharge? Back to the active or through centrifuge?
Reply from GN Solids Control: The recovery fluid will go back to the shaker tank under the shale shaker, it needs to be treated by the afterward solids control equipment like desander desilter or decanter centrifuge. The advantage for our vacuum screen unit is that, you can calculate the flowrate of the recovery fluids volume.

Screw pump is also called as Progressive Cavity Pump. A screw pump is a type of rotary pump which is equipped with rotor and stator. The rotor and stator is combined together and rotate within a cylindrical cavity or liner. The fluid or transfer medium enters from the suction side of the screw pump and moves linearly along these intermeshing screws / rotors to the discharge side of the pump.

Screw pump is a popular feeding pump type for centrifuge, no matter for decanter centrifuge, 3-phase centrifuge, or disc centrifuge. Besides screw pump, submersible slurry pump and sand pump are also been used a centrifuge feeding pump. But as submersible slurry pump and sand pump are both a kind of centrifugal force pump, they are not as good as screw pump to feed for decanter centrifuge.

Decanter centrifuge is a high speed rotating device. There will be many self-protection function for safety and also for protect the device. A major self-protection application is over-load protection. It means in case the centrifuge feeding is over load, the centrifuge will be stopped to avoid damaging bearings or damaging rotating component. In this case, the feeding screw pump must be capable to adjust the feeding flow. There are mainly 2 ways to control the feeding screw pump input flow rate:

1) If fixed speed screw pump is used to feed for decanter centrifuge, a VFD control panel is requested to adjust the feeding flow rate to avoid over load, and to reach the better separation performance.

2) If manual adjustable speed screw pump is used as decanter centrifuge feeding screw pump. Fix speed control panel can be used for the pump for start and stop.

Furthermore, as the decanter centrifuge has self-protection function in case of overload. To avoid damage the centrifuge, there must be an inter-lock connection between the centrifuge control and the feeding pump control. In case the centrifuge is stopped, feeding pump can be stopped immediately. And the screw pump cannot be started until the decanter centrifuge is running stably.

GN Solids Control is specialized in drilling mud solids control and waste management solutions. GN Solids Control is capable to design and make Oil Water and Solids Separation System to treat and recover various kinds of waste materials.

GN Oil Water and Solids Separation Systems are capable to treat below waste materials, but not only limited to below materials:

1. It can be used to treat oil sludge and oil, oil contaminated soil remediation, like from drilling waste pits, or from pondsand tanks
2. It can be used for water oil contaminated water-control and recovery
3. It can be used to treat waste oil and recover the oil to reuse
4. It can also be used to treat waste oil, water and solids mixture, and to recover oil, water and reduce the solids waste

Oil sludge means the waste mixture consisting of oil, water and solids. Oil water separation system is used to treat the oil sludge in order to reduce waste material, and recover oil and water for reuse. The oil sludge treatment system is also a popular solution to treat oil contaminated soil and sands.

Oil sludge is a mixture consisting of oil, water and sands. The treatment on oil sludge would recover much oil and water for reuse. Also it is an ideal solution to for the solids disposal. More oil and water recovered, more energy and resource could be saved. GN oil sludge treatment products mainly include decanter centrifuge, oil water separators and thermal desorption unit.

As many customers did not do waste management system before. To ensure GN Oil Water and Solids Separation Systems can applied for their applications, GN Solids Control specially designed a one-skid compact Oil Water and Solids Separation System for trial purpose. GN one-skid Oil Water Solids Separation System is in stock for sale. Clients can buy the small system as trial base to show to their clients their capacity to do the projects. For clients in China, they can choose to buy or rent the one-skid system.

If clients do not want to buy the one-skid compact Oil Water and Solids Separation, they can send their oil sludge or waste material to GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control can do the separation at GN factories and show clients the performance. After separation, GN Solids Control can do lab test and show the final output specs to the clients.


Last week, GN Solids Control got an inquire from a client regarding oil sludge treatment system. The client said they are a company specializing in the industrial cleaning works. They are intend to treat the sludge in oil comes from below field:

1) Waste tank bottom sludge, oily sewage generated by the crude oil tank;
2) sludge, oil sands or soil from oil pit of the refinery plant;
3) Waste oil-based drilling fluid or oil base cuttings produced by oil and gas drilling, etc.;

As part of the development of the client activity, and also they hearted about GN Solids Control before, they are interested in the acquisition of GN Solids Control Oil sludge treatment solution, for that they ask GN Solids Control to give them a suitable solution for (01) unit of sludge oil treatment plant . They want the oil sludge treatment system with capacity of 2 m3/h to 5 m3/h.

GN Solids Control confirmed with the client that, the material mentioned is their list is all inside GN Solids Control scope. Based on their requirement on handling capacity, GN Solids Control recommends the oil sludge treatment system model GNOST-05A, which can suit for the client’s capacity.

Major separation equipment in the oil sludge treatment unit is high G drying shaker, 2-phase decanter centrifuge, 3-phase disc centrifuge, dewatering unit, screw pumps slurry pump, mud agitators, etc.. .

The technology GN Solids Control is using is heating and chemical washing. The processing equipment in the system is GN core products which are sold well and performance good for many years.

GN Solids Control has many oil sludge treatment system running in China and outside China. GN Solids Control has projects reference in China, Canada, USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Indian, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, UAE, etc…
If you have any questions about sludge oil treatment, you want to get solution on sludge oil treatment, welcome you contact GN Solids Control.

Drilling cuttings solidification or stabilization unit is for the final treatment of drilling cuttings or waste sludge after the drying treatment. It is especially used to treat the drill cuttings treated by GN vertical cuttings dryer, and GN high G drying shale shaker, or decanter centrifuges.

A full package of GN Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit is finished for production and inspected by international famous third party inspection company. The full package of GN Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit is made for an Africa client. It will be dispatched to the sea port for exporting to the Africa client to complete his waste management processing system.

Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit can use lime as curing agent, flyash and Cement kiln dust as filler to do the solidification. This apply to solidifying the inorganic pollutant, like Petroleum refining sludge, Heavy metal sludge, oxidizing material, waste acid etc. The curing agent and filler is easy to get; operation is easier and cheaper than cement solidification.
Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit is composed of waste cuttings transfer system, mixing system, solidifying system, electrical control system, lighting etc. It can be used for transferring, mixing, agitating and solidifying of the waste cuttings.

GN Solidification unit is composed of Auger skip feeder unit, Single axis continuous Rotary mixer, variable speed control screw conveyor, electrical control system and ladder, walkway, handrails etc. GN Solidification unit is with compact design, reasonable layout; it is convenient for assembly & disassembly.

Besides Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit, GN Solids Control design and makes all the full line solids control and drilling waste management equipment before the Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit, like the solids control shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, various decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying shaker, various sizes and lengths screw conveyor, solids and sludge vacuum transfer pump, chemical dosing dewatering unit, oil sludge treatment system, thermal desorption unit, etc…

This week, a package of oil sludge treatment system was departed to an oil field service company in China. The unit will be used to recovery oil sludge from oil base drilling cuttings. The oil sludge treatment system including below items:
1) 2 phase decanter centrifuge. Material fed to 2 phase decanter centrifuge must be with solids content Less 20% and Particle Size less than 20mm.
2) 3 phase disc centrifuge. The solid phase material entering the three phase disc separator usually shall be reduced the solid content to less than 3% and the solid particles to less than 400 micrometers by the decanter centrifuge, then the three-phase disc separator can achieve the best effect.

3) Transfer pumps
4) Dewatering chemical dosing system with dosing pumps and automatic control system
5) Transfer tank and holding tanks for mud recovery and mud transfer.

The project is for processing oil and solid wastes in sludge storage tanks. After the oily sludge wastes have been pre-treated. After the oil sludge wastes have been treated by sieving, sand washing, demulsify, and finely screened, they have now achieved reductions and preliminary separation. After that, the oily sludge will be treated for three-phase separation.

Two phase decanter centrifuge and three phase disc centrifuge is used in the three phase separation process. After three phase centrifuge separation, the final outputs are soil, oil and water.

Chemical dosing system is used before 2 phase and 3 phase centrifuge separation to help for the removal of as more fine solids as possible.

Besides 2 phase decanter centrifuge, 3 phase disc centrifuge and chemical dosing sytem, GN Solids Control also offers other oil sludge treatment and transfer equipment, like 3 phase decanter centrifuge, high G drying shale shaker, mud cleaner, Vertical cuttings dryer, Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit, Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU), oil water separator, sludge vacuum pump, screw conveyor, etc…