Drilling Waste Management

GN Solids Control makes various transfer pumps and transfer equipment for drilling mud and drilling waste material carrying and transfer, such as centrifugal pump, slurry pump, solids and sludge vacuum pump, screw conveyor, etc…

Centrifugal pump is mainly used for drilling mud transfer and water transfer. It is also called as sand pump. It is the most popular transfer equipment in drilling mud solids control system. Centrifugal pump is used as feed pump for mud cleaner, desander and desilter. It is used as suction tank for mud pump. Centrifugal pump is used as transfer pump between tanks. Centrifugal pump is also used as mixing pump for mixing hopper and shearing hopper.

Slurry pump can transfer bigger size solids and bigger percentage slurry compared with centrifugal pump. GN Solids Control makes horizontal slurry pump and vertical slurry pump. The big size slurry pump is normally used to feeding for shale shakers. The small size slurry pump can be used to feed for decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control makes big model skid mounted vacuum pump and portable type small vacuum pump. It is a 100% air driven pump without any electric components. And there is no rotating parts inside the vacuum pump tank. It enable the pump or big size solids transfer, reliable performance and less maintenance. The pump is specially designed to transfer solids, powder, liquid, and liquid sludge, etc… It is widely used for various applications, such as in construction field to transfer rocks, powders, in waste management field for oil sludge separation, in tank cleaning project to suck and transfer tank bottom sludges, in offshore platform to carry drilling waste and drilling cuttings.

Screw conveyor is mainly to transfer materials with less liquid content. GN Solids Control makes various sizes screw conveyor with various transfer length. GN Solids Control screw conveyor is combined by standard length 12 ft for each section. The jobsite operators can reduce and extend the transfer length by changing the qty of the middle auger sections.
GN Solids Control is among the few manufacturer who makes screw conveyors to suit for KOC additional HSE standard. GN Solids Control makes hundreds screw conveyors for KOC projects every year.


As GN Solids Control major is mainly focusing on domestic high level market, and international market. GN Solids Control design is compete with U.S and EU brands, the quality and design of GN Solids Control products must be high standard, reliable HSE standard, as well as user friendly.

Take screw conveyor for example, it is a sample transfer device to carry drilling waste and drilling cuttings, and transfered to waste pits for disposal. It is widely used with solids control shale shaker, desander cleaner, desilter cleaner, combined type shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, as well as drilling waste management high G dryer, vertical cuttings dryer, etc… Many people say the screw conveyor is sample device. Frankly speaking, its design is really complex, but it is easy to make it durable and safety.

Firstly, as the screw conveyor is mainly used to carry drilling cuttings, sludges, hence it must be good at wearing resistant. GN Solids Control use high quality hard iron for long lifetime.

Secondly, some clients said they faced HSE issues caused by screw conveyor. Their workers hurt their figures or feet while touch the augers accidentally. It is serious HSE issue and caused the job site shut down for correction.

GN Solids Control has 3 safety protections to avoid the problem:

1. There a closed loop grab wire along the whole auger length. The operators can stop the auger at any position of the auger by pull the grab wire in case of any accident issue happened.

2. GN Solids Control offered fixed covers on top of the auger. The top cover material can be metal plate for good sealing, and small hole gratings for watching side to check the auger discharge.

3. The covers can be fixed at both sizes, or with hinges on one side & provision for locks and bolts on the other side. It is for fast open and close. And plus, it can avoid the missing of the cover at job site.

4. And plus, in case of the auger top cover can be opened unexpectedly, or un-locked well, the auger will be auto-stop for protection.

5. GN Solids Control equips Audio / visual alarm on auger starter control panel, which is located near the auger. The Audio & visual alarm which will be automatically activated once the power is switched on followed by the actual auger start-up with a safety delay time. Audio / Visual Alarm to be in the OFF mode after some time once the auger starts operation.

If you need more information of GN Screw conveyor, welcome you contact GN sales engineers.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes and various designs of oil sludge treatment system. GN Solids Control oily sludge separation system is customized per client’s job site situation and clients’ demands.

A full package of GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment has finished job site installation. Currently, GN Solids Control engineer is at the job site for commission, and offer training services to the job site operators.

The handling capacity of the GNOST-15B Oil Sludge separation system is 15m3/h, which is defined per the decanter centrifuge rather than the 1rst stage shale shaker. It means it is the not the raw material treatment capability. Decanter centrifuge is the last separation equipment, but its capacity is the smallest inside the system. Then we use the centrifuge capability to define the system.

It is a full function separation system including following treatment modular.
#1: Feeding pump modular. The vacuum pump is used to suck the oil sludge and transfer to the treatment equipment.
#2: Coarse shale shaker separation modular. There is a coarse shale shaker GNLMP1236 with coarse screens to remove the big particles.
#3: Crusher machine: It is used to crush large particles and rocks to help for the next stage separations.
#4: Pre-mixing and heating modular. There are 2 ea 20ft containerized mud tank to do the work.
#5: Fine screen separation shale shaker. Double deck shale shaker GNZS706 is used in this stage.
#6: Decanter centrifuge separation modular. Big bowl centrifuge GNLW553D-VFD is used in this stage. This process is for 2-phase separation.
#7: 3-phase centrifuge separation unit. It is equipped with disc centrifuge or 3-phase decanter centrifuge. For this project, it is GNSD-125 disc centrifuge.

And plus, there is a containerized chemical dosing unit in side the oil sludge separation system. It is suitable for both liquid and powder chemicals. It is equipped in the system to dosing chemicals for the whole process.

China is the world’s largest oil and gas importer, also the second largest oil consumer and third largest gas consumer in the world. CIPPE is the largest oil and gas exhibition in China. It is an annual event. As the affect of the COVID policy, CIPPE was canceled in the past 2 years. It is reopen now.

The 23rd China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (2023 CIPPE) will be held in Beijing China at end of May . Welcome visitors from worldwide.

The exhibition space of CIPPE is around 100,000 sqm, including 18 international pavilions. 1,800 exhibitors and over 123,000 professional visitors from 65 countries and regions will come and joint the big event.

Below are details of the exhibition:
Time of CIPPE: May 31rst to June 2nd, 2023
Venue of 2023 Beijing CIPPE: New China International Exhibition Center,Beijing
Booth NO. of GN Solids Control: E2168

As the major solids control brand from China, GN Solids Control will get back with latest design solids control and waste management equipment showing on the booth:

1. Shaker Screen vacuum unit
2. Decanter centrifuge in various sizes
3. Drilling waste Vertical cuttings dryer. GN Solids Control advanced design vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with
4. Solids and sludge vacuum pump for long distance suction and discharge
5. Screw conveyor for drilling cuttings collection and transfer. GN Solids Control make screw conveyor augers vary from 10 inch to 18 inch, with transfer length from 12 ft, 24 ft to 36 ft and 48 ft.
6. Replacement shaker screen for various shaker models. GN makes high quality composite frame pretension screens.

GN Solids Control engineering team and sales team will come for the exhibition, for offering professional supporting to visitors.

And plus, GN Solids Control have 2 factories nearby the exhibition center. GN Solids Control will provide shuttle bus between the exhibition center and GN Solids Control plants. If clients and visitors have interest to check and see more about GN Solids Control, they can come and check.

If the oil sludge discharged from oil sludge treatment is directly discharged without treatment, it will not only occupy a large amount of land, but also contain a large amount of heavy metals and bacteria, which will produce foul odors and cause serious pollution of water, soil and atmosphere.

At present, there are many treatment technologies for oily sludge, in accordance with the requirements of reduction, harmlessness, resource utilization and comprehensive utilization.

The main treatment methods of oily sludge waste in oilfields are as follows:

1. Incinerate in a high temperature incinerator. Oilfields often use thermal desorption unit (TDU). The sludge is incinerated to recover clean oil and water, and the oil content in the solid waste is reduced to less than 0.5%. The products that meet the standard will be landfilled or fired bricks. This treatment method is costly and causes coking, which affects the normal operation of the incinerator. And energy cannot be recovered efficiently. If the oily sludge has a high moisture content, the temperature in the incinerator will decrease after entering the incinerator, and the pollutants after incineration will not be able to reach the standard stably, which will lead to air pollution and dust pollution.

2. Treat oily sludge by drying ordinary sludge. Because of the particularity of oily sludge, common processes and machines are not suitable for the treatment of oily sludge, which leads to agglomeration and coking of oily sludge in the equipment, making the equipment scrapped. In addition, the oily sludge treated by the ordinary sludge drying process cannot meet the standard. For example, equipment such as rotary kiln sludge dryers will form coking inside the equipment in a short period of time during the process of processing oily sludge, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally.

3. GN Solids Control Use chemical hot washing to treat and recycle oily sludge. As far as China’s current situation is concerned, chemical hot washing is mostly used for oil recovery from oil sludge, with the purpose of recovering oil. Therefore, the oil sludge after hot washing is a non-standard product and still needs to be treated. Therefore, the hot washing method can only be used as an auxiliary method for reduction, and cannot be used as a direct oil sludge treatment method.

GN Solids Control finished the final inspection and assembly of 5 packages of solids control equipment. They will be equipped for 5 sets new 2000 HP deep oil drilling rigs. The solids control equipment will be shipped to the client soon to commission together with their new drilling rigs.

All the equipment are customized for an old client from Nigeria. Since the first time they bought from GN Solids Control in 2012, till now, they deal with GN Solids Control over 10 years. And up to now, the all their deep drilling rigs are all running with GN Solids Control equipment for drilling mud and drilling cuttings treatment. For each 2000HP deep drilling rig, the client uses a fixed speed decanter and a VFD centrifuge for drilling mud treatment. And a vertical cuttings dryer for drilling cuttings treatment, and other accessories equipment.

The 5 packages solids control equipment include following items:

1) 5 sets fixed speed decanter centrifuge. Each fixed speed centrifuge will come together with another set of pulley and belt. While changing the pulley and belt, clients can run the centrifuge at another fixed speed. Normally GN Solids Control offer 3200 RPM and 2700RPM pulley and belt for high speed decanter centrifuge. Clients can contact GN Solids Control in case they need other speeds.

2) 5 sets VFD centrifuge. The VFD panel are equipped with Air conditioner cooling system for high ambient areas. And there are 3 VFD control inside the VFD control panel for variable speed control on main drive motor, back drive motor, as well as pump motor.

3) 5 sets vertical cuttings dryer for oil base mud treatment.

4) 40 sets screw conveyors. It is 10 inch diameter augers to fit for drilling mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment.

5) Various screw pump to feed for decanter centrifuges and as flush pump for vertical cuttings dryers.

6) All above equipment will come together with relative control panels.

Last week, GN Solids Control finished a set of decanter centrifuge and sludge & solids vacuum pump for an Environmental Solution Company.

The centrifuge is a 2-phase decanter centrifuge which can be used for separation oily sludge and non-oily sludge.
When the material feed to decanter centrifuge, the solids particles should be separated by GN Solids Shale Shaker to achieve correct particle size. Suitable API screen size should be chosen during the separation to achieve the separation result.

And the solids content before enter into decanter centrifuge should be less than 15%. It can be achieved by heating and dilution during pre-mixing stage. GN Solids Control can offer the pre-mixing tank which is equipped with heating pipes, agitators, slurry transfer pump and electrical control system for dilution and mixing. Operators can also prepare it at jobsite.
And plus, the Solid material density inside the oily sludge should be higher than liquid material. In this situation, after heating and flocculation, the solid phase can settle naturally or can be separated by lab tube centrifuge.

The output after 2-phase decanter centrifuge is solids phase and oil & water & soil mixture. So after 2-phase decanter centrifuge, 3-phase decanter centrifuge or disc centrifuge can be used to further clean the water, oil and soil.

The vacuum pump has a wide range application at waste management jobsite. The pump can suck slurry and feed the system. GN Solids Control vacuum pump can be used for liquid, solids and sludge transfer. The vacuum pump model used for the environmental solution company is a small size model GNSP-10, it is the smallest size vacuum pump made by GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control can offer another set of suction pipe and ahead, so this case, the mini vacuum pump can be used as an industry vacuum cleaner to clean the spilled mud on mud tanks or on the ground.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes and various standards centrifuges to meet for oil and gas drilling, no-oil drilling mud treatment, as well as industry waste separation.

In many cases, clients contact GN Solids Control sales team to ask for prices of GN centrifuges. They said their choice of centrifuge will depend on the characteristics and the price for this they want GN Solids Control to send them a draft quotation for all types of centrifuges.

Actually, it is impossible to quote prices if without the details information of the project or clients request on the separation centrifuges. Some of the reasons are that, GN Solids Control makes various types decanter centrifuge for oil gas drilling, slurry separation and industry separation.

GN Solids Control need the project information and clients’ request on the decanter centrifuge, then GN sales engineer can recommend clients suitable model with necessary standards.

Prices cannot be quoted without project information. As even for the same centrifuge model, price will vary much for different standard while treating different materials, like for the VFD centrifuges, for a same model, there are Explosion proof zone 1 and zone 2 for hazardous areas, there are CNEX, ATEX, and IECEX explosion proof standard for various market request. For the positive pressurized VFD control panel, there are 3 VFD or 2 VFD control panel per different field request. There are vortex tube cooking system and air conditioner cooling type VFD panel to suit for different ambient areas.
You can visit our website for information. And also there are non-explosion proof decanter and VFD panel for safety areas. Clients can choose the suitable standard based on his job site situation and his budget.

GN Solids Control website show some general centrifuge models for clients’ information.


Below are some general questions about centrifuge separation, but not limited to below:

1) Before entering into decanter centrifuge, where is the material coming from, and what treatment it have been down?

2) what is the solids & liquid percentage, and max. particle size before enter into centrifuge?

3) What kind of solids and liquid output you want to reach after centrifuge separation?

4) Handling capacity of centrifuge you want to reach?

and other information you can offer.

GN Solids Control vacuum pump is mainly designed for solids and slurry transfer. With its special design, the vacuum pump can reach discharging distance up to 500m or 1000m, it’s up to the models clients choose. The big size vacuum pump can discharge to 1000m away, and the even the smallest model vacuum pump can reach up transfer distance 500m away.

Recently, GN Solids Control offered a mini size vacuum pump applied for tank cleaning works. The client will use the mini size vacuum pump to suck the waste slurry from deep tanks. The model of the mini size vacuum pump is GNSP-10B. It is the smallest size vacuum pump made by GN Solid Control. The biggest model is GNSP-10B.

After tank cleaning, the client choose a GN mini size decanter centrifuge to do the liquid and solids separation. After the separation, the client can reduce the waste liquid, recover more usable liquid and reuse the water. It is a 9 inch baby centrifuge with high speed and high G force for water treatment and slurry recover. GN Solids Control mini size centrifuge is widely used at Industry Waste Water Treatment plant and Diamond Core Drilling Fluids Treatment.

GN Solids Control major advantage is to offer full package tank cleaning treatment system and solids removal unit for mining industry, which will consist of shale shaker separator, desander / desilter, decanter centrifuge, feeding pumps, control panels, mud tanks, and skids to holding all items. Sometimes, the chemical dosing unit will be used together with centrifuge to ultra fine solids separation.

GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump, also named as solids transfer pump. It is a pneumatic slurry transfer vacuum pump. The pump is widely used for liquid, slurry, powder and solids transfer. GN vacuum pump is a high vacuum loading solids transfer pump, so it can be used at tough environmental for solids or sludge transfer especially used to suck and transfer the high density and high viscosity oil sludge from waste pits generated by oil and gas drilling. GN vacuum pump is working with high performance and less maintenance. The pump can transfer material with high gravity and high density, with dry solids material or slurry with solids content max. up to 80%.

Recently, GN Solid Control has successfully finished a set of mini size sludge vacuum pump and mini size decanter centrifuge, they will be exported for a foreign customer. They will be used for a tank cleaning project.

The solids and sludge vacuum pump is a mini size with portable design, the model code is GNSP-10. The mini size vacuum pump is equipped with tires for easy movement. It will be used to transfer the waste slurry which is generated from tank cleaning works. And the decanter centrifuge model code is GNLW224. It is a 9 inch mini size bowl centrifuge with high speed for solid and liquid separation. GN Solids Control sludge vacuum pump and decanter centrifuge are widely used in China and outside China at various job sites. Clients are very happy with their performance.

GN Solids Control makes various sizes sludge vacuum pump for solids, sludge, powder or liquid transfer. It is a kind of vacuum pump that forms a vacuum in the tank through pneumatic, then sucks the materials, and then inflates the tank into positive pressure to discharge the materials from the tank. Because its working principle is pneumatic and no power supply is required, GN Solids Control vacuum pump can be used in explosion-proof areas and hazardous areas.

Due to the unique venturi device of GN Solids Control solid vacuum pump, it can produce a vacuum effect of 25 inches Hg (mercury column) under the condition of strong air flow, empty the air in the tank and then suck the materials, so there are almost no wear parts. It is suitable for the transportation of high-density materials and materials with solid content exceeding 80%, and its stable performance enables it to operate in the most difficult environment.

GN Solids Control 9 inch decanter centrifuge is a small bowl centrifuge, which are mainly used under the working conditions of small treatment or limited site, and are also ideal equipment for centrifuge experimental test. The mini side centrifuge is mainly used to treat the oily sludge extracted from the oil tank by the vacuum pump for solid-liquid separation. According to different customer needs, our company can also provide customers with three different control modes; Constant speed control, frequency conversion control and full hydraulic control. In addition to centrifuges, our company can also provide customers with professional chemical dosing devices, which can be used with centrifuges to obtain better solid-liquid separation effect.