Drilling mud system

Big capacity mud tanks on promotion now. The tanks from world top solids control and drilling waste management manufacturer- GN Solids Control.

Specifications of the tanks:

1) 7x400BBL Mud Tankfor one set

2) 3 sets total capacity=8400BBL

3) Dimension (LxWxH):1200x2900x2300mm

4) Including Shaker Tank, suction tank, storage tanks, mixing tanks completed with agitators, mud guns, and centrifugal pumps.

Option items: Shale Screens

With Coverage roof for Sun and Rain protection.

This is optional for buyers.

Equipments can mounted on the tank:

1) 3x Linear Motion Shale Shaker : Derrick FLC2000 or GNZS703Model

2) 1xVacuum Degasser: Derrick 1200 or GNCQ270

3) 1xMud Cleaner with 3x10inch desander and 16x4inch desilter, underflow linear motion shaker:Derrick FLC2000 or GNZJ703-3S16N

4) 2xDecanter Centrifuge: Derrick DE1000 Or GNLW363

The configuration for above is flexible,you can choose not ot have centrifuge or degasser or less shakers etc.

The tanks can be used for 1000hp or 1500hp drilling rig mud system. Some clients buy them as storage tank or water tank as the good price. Both good choice.

GN Solids Control is one of the biggest mud cleaning system supplier in China, already sent a lot of mud cleaning system to all over the world, and biggest HDD contractor in China (CPP) is cooperating very well with GN.mud cleaning system

Who need a cleaning system?
Any Directional Drilling contractor using boring machines with pumping capacities of 25 GPM or larger regardless of soil type or conditions. Contractors typically making bores larger than 6-1/2” Diameter and more than 200 feet long.
Contractors working in areas where mud disposal is expensive or restrictive.

Technical Benefits from GN Solids Cotrol (More than competitive price!)

Normally pumping higher volumes of fluid also provides an adequate presence of bentonite to repair filter cake as it is being scarred by rotating drill pipe. Keeping the filter cake in good shape will reduce chances of formation swelling while drilling in clay or shale thus reducing the chances of getting stuck.
Clean mud significantly reduces repair costs to mud pump, mud motor and circulation system components.

GN Solids Control have more experence to design a compact and lightweight system for your application.
Now GN have already developed some new products for HDD project, the MINI shaker is a highlight.mini shaker

Does not require a full time dedicated operator. The unit is monitored for proper operation by the boring machine operator.

In oil drilling, hydrocyclones usually refer to 10 inch desander cones and 4 inch desilter cones. And use desander cones & desilter cones to separate different size solids content.

For each kind of cones, need one separate tank compartment. Generally, a desander and a desilter manifold are available as part of the rig equipment. Hydrocyclones should process all drilling fluid entering their suction compartments independently of the drilling-fluid circulation rate.hydrocyclone

The flowability requires the system operating continually. Suction is taken from the tank immediately upstream of the discharge tank. The number of cones in use should process at least 100% but preferably greater than 100% of the flow rate of all fluids entering the suction tank for the hydrocyclone.

A backflow between the hydrocyclone discharge and suction compartments of at least 100 gpm usually ensures adequate processing. Estimations based on rig circulation rates are usually inadequate if the plumbing is not arranged properly.

GN Solids Control usually choose 3 phase separation for HDD and other compact system for HDD and other similar projects. To keep a better result for the drilling fluids separation. Specially designed cones ensure the result.

The use of thermal desorption technology or thermal desorption units (TDUs) to recover oil from drill cuttings has been well documented in the industry  and a detailed study of all available technology and processes was published by Halliburton in 2004.3

In summary, thermal desorption of oil from drilling cuttings for environmentally acceptable disposal of the cuttings was identified as an option in the early 1990s. The technology used for this purpose evolved significantly in the intervening years. In Europe and South America, the processed cuttings typically measure less than 1% of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) before disposal in landfills and this was the target selected for the subject project.

Regulatory agencies in other areas have also set standards for the levels of TPH in cuttings prior to disposal or discharge to the environment. Some processes do not require thermal desorption technologies. For example, in the Gulf of Mexico the discharge of cuttings with TPH levels of either 6.9% or 9.4% by weight, depending on the synthetic oil selected, is allowed if other toxicity and biodegradation standards are met or exceeded.

These levels of oil on cuttings can be attained with mechanical systems. However, the trend in environmental regulations is toward greater stringency and therefore an increased demand for minimal TPH levels in treated cuttings will drive the development of more oil-removal technologies.

All thermal desorption processes evaporate the oil and water from the cuttings. The heat required to evaporate the oil and water provides enough energy to remove and separate emulsified oil as well. Free and emulsified oil and water are removed by distillation, and in the process, water evaporates first to produce steam. Oil has a higher boiling point and evaporates after the water. The production of steam can also assist in lowering the boiling point of oil.

The goal is to produce oil-free (or ultra-low TPH) solids for disposal by distilling off oils from the cuttings and recovering oil to be re-used for drilling fluid.

The auxiliary units of this system must be ordered separately. They are no components of the rotary drilling rig and, thus, are not included in its scope of delivery. Auxiliary units include several components that are detailed on the following pages:mud conditioning system Auxiliary pump
Mud tank
Mud ditch
Hoses and hose couplings

In individual cases the arrangement may be different, depending on the local usage site and conditions.

Filter press know as an equipment in environment protection, (Filter Press wiki), it is a separated system. Referring to mud cleaning system or mud recycling system for dealing with drilling waste of construction, or HDD,or alike. “We need clean water.” So a filter press seems better.filter press

As one client told us: We have the mud pit, so not like your system working continuously. It is a big one, and do not working with other equipment as systems, no logical connections. It can handle big particles, but if the particle smaller, it is better.

We need a highly efficient, compact, plate & frame filter press dewatering filter press device for separating solids from liquid slurries in the form of compressed cake. Its major components are a structured framework, plate and frame dewatering filter press system and filter cloth (shown with optional sludge carts).

If you have any more questions, Here is a list of questions about our filter presses that we commonly receive.

To solve the customers problem, we supply one updated GNZS8752 shale shaker, one GNZJ852 mud cleaner, and one jet mud mixing equipment. After the desander, it is the filter press, one plate & frame filter press.

This is Sophia Zhao from “GN Solids Control“, from last October to now, GN has exported 10 sets complete Drilling Mud recycling system  to Australia.GNSolids Control is a China based Solids Control Equipment top manufacturer.Unlike your options from US,GN would be your Choice for “Top Quality,But Reasonable Price,and Assured Services”.

Self-Lifting Mud Recycling System

Self-Lifting Mud Recycling System

We are bringing a Self-Lifting GN500 GPM Mud Recycling System to “Brisbane No-Dig Exhibition 2011” http://www.nodigshow.com/ ,If you are interested to visit us please reply to request more info.?

 1) API & ISO cerfified

 GN Is the 1rst API Certified Mud Solids Control Equipments Manufacturer in China

2) TOP Quality

   GN Only Focus On “Top Quality, Reasonable Price ,Assured Services”.Eg.,We use:SIEMENS Electrical, Italy Oli

   Vibrator,SKF Bearing Etc.)

3) Globle Market over than 40 countries

GN has been exported to over 40 countries including all 7 continents.

4) 1 stop for complete line equipment

   GN factory is 1 of the very few who make all equipments for a complete mud tank system Including:

   Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Agitator,Degasser,Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter,

   Various Tanks, Pumps, Shaker Screens ,Mud Gun.

After coming back from exhibition from Brazil, Russia, GN now is going to attend the exhibition in Argentina. We also are considering to attend Mining Conference in Mongolia on 8-9 September, 2011.

Water Well Drilling Mud System for SALE!

We are going to take one complete water well drilling mud system, so drilling contractors, or end users can understand more about our products. The one who buy the mud system for showing will get a special discount, free transportation, or other conditions for discussion.

water well drilling mud system for sale

water well drilling mud system for sale

GN Solids Control have exported to Mongolian several water drilling mud systems, we have cooperate very well with schramm drilling rig company, they are very happy with our mud systems.

Major Drilling in Mongolia also bought one mud system from us. It is working very well, this is the feedback.

It is a good chance to try our products, and then if you buy again, you will know, GN Solids Control always supplying high quality products, for exhibition or not, it will also a better exhibition in your working site.

“FAST MOVING” is becoming a more and more important factors for drilling system, especially for small and compact ones. Then rigs, mud pumps, and mud systems, all putted onto a trailer.

fast moving workover rigfast moving mud systemWhen we put our system in CIPPE 2011, we just put the mud system on the trailer, for fast moving, and keep it compact. Then the clients are very excited to say, wow, GN Solids Control is going to supply fast moving mud system.

Yes, we are! But we are designing and testing them, it needs some time to say “hello, world”. As people know, we insist our own design, and produce systems for our clients with high quality. Keep tune, you will get the exciting news.

Now we have produced 2 mud system, with hydraulic jet legs, for an Australian client.

While happy to see that, other clients are also very interested in this.

At the same time, a really fast moving mud system, which is mounted on a trailer, as we have known from other foreign mud system. And one customer are going to buy the first set.

Trip tank is part of whole drilling mud system, usually a small metal tank with small capacity about 20-40 bbls with 1 bbl divisions inside and it is used to monitor the well. The trip tank is utilized to determine well condition in order to see if the well is still under static condition.

trip tank by GN Solids Control

How the trip tank work?

While Tripping Out of Hole (TOH), a trip tank pump will circulate mud into a bell nipple in order to keep the hole full all the time and the over-flow mud will return back to the trip tank. Once every stand is pulled, the mud volume in the well will decrease because the drill pipe is pulled out of hole. Since the trip tank pump is always run while tripping, the annulus will be full all the time.

Trip tank manufacturer in China:

Beside is the ZJ70 drilling mud system, manufactured by GN Solids Control, the client is a famous Indian company, they repeat 3 orders for whole system.

GN Solids Control can supply the whole drilling mud system, trip tank included.

For the whole trip tank, it usually contains one mud agitator, one or two centrifugal pump, and GN Solids Control supply high quality products.