Drilling mud system

This post GN Solids Control will share with your our configuration of 1000 GPM to 1500GPM mud cleaning system for HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling).

Main Benefits of the mud cleaning system:

  • Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling muds.
  • Reduces cost of supplying fresh mud.
  • Avoids cost of disposing of liquid waste.
  • Cut point of 7 micron removes particles which damage triplex pumps, whilst leaving the useful bentonite particles in suspension for re-use.
  • The discharge from the cleaner is virtually dry, dramatically reducing disposal costs.

    1500GPM Mud Cleaning System

    1500GPM Mud Cleaning System

  • Reliable and durable design, based on 20 years of field experience Engineer
  • High speed continuous mixing facility incorporated.

Detailed process features:


A) Cleaning Tank is divided into 3 compartment,1# Shaker compartment,2# De-sander compartment,3# De-silter compartment.

B) Mixing Tank is divided into 3 compartment,4# Intermediate compartment ,5# Centrifuge compartment,6# Mixing compartment.

1)Flexible feeding of mud from mud pit to Shale Shaker.

Two 100YZ160-38B submersible slurry pump feed slurry from mud pit to 3 each Shale Shaker at capacity of 1450GPM .Slurry pump is made from Cr26 Abrasion resistant Alloy which allow users to pump high solids content fluids. Each slurry pump connected with fluids divider of Shale shaker separately by 4 inch hoses with quick connectors. Slurry pumps are controlled separately in control panel in cleaning tank & and drillers shack. The flow capacity can be controlled by valve separately.

Well servicing rig is also called workover drilling rig,GN Solids Control design and supply well service drilling rig mud system clients all around the world.

Well servicing  RIGS: Land-based workover rigs (commonly referred to as well servicing rigs) consist of a mobile carrier, engine,

Well Servicing Rig mud system

Well Servicing Rig mud system

drawworks and a mast. The primary function of a workover(Servicing) rig is to act as a hoist so that pipe, sucker rods and down-hole equipment can be run into and out of a well. Land-based workover(Servicing) rigs are easier to move between well sites and different geographical areas of operations than drilling rigs. Typically, the rigs are self-propelled and have less auxillary equipment to move. Because of size and cost considerations, workover(Servicing) rigs are used for these operations rather than the larger drilling rigs.

Well servicing drilling mud systems:

Tuesday, 05 October 2010 01:56
We just finished the production of 2 sets solids control equipments for the repeat order from a Kuwait company.Our valued client from Kuwait is a big drilling company,this time they are going to set up 6 workover drilling rigs.Firstly,the need 2 sets solids control equipments urgently.
Monday, 28 December 2009 13:04

Mud rotary drilling solids control unit is usually very small,it’s better to be a compact design.For mud rotary drilling mud cleaning,GN Solids control have 100GPM,200GPM,300GPM mud recycling system available.

Following is the confirguration of GN200 GPM Mud rotary drilling  solids control unit.

  • GNZS83-2 Shale Shaker with 1.8㎡ screen areaa

    200GPM Solids Control Unit

    200GPM Solids Control Unit

  • ZQJ100S Desilter with four 4 inch cones.
  • 11kw 3×4 centrifugal pump for feeding desilter.
  • Mud tank 7000L x 2300W x 1550H
  • Jet mud mixing unit with 11kw 3×4 pump and hoppers
  • Submersilble slurry pump

Solids Control Unit processing

  1. Slurry pump feeding mud to the shale shaker from the mud pit for first phase solids removal
  2. Then desilter pump suck mud from first compartment and feed to desilter.

The geothermal drilling mud system is similar to oil gas drilling solids control system.They are both  vertical drilling,and need the drilling mud cleaning equipment to be explosion proof.Some geothermal drillers use AIR drilling for  Geo Thermal  but  tehy will have to use drilling mud when we encounter water and the air won’t lift  the water anymore.Then drillers will have requirement for mud recycling and solids control.As a professional manufacturer for solids control,GN supply complete equipment for geothermal drilling mud system,but also gives our clients turnkey solution with Skid mounted mud system,or Trailer mounted mud tank system.

Features of geothermal drilling mud system.

The drilling depth of geothermal well drilling is not as deep as the oil gas drilling,so the treati

Geothermal drilling mud system

Geothermal drilling mud system

ng capacity is not as big as oil gas deep well drilling.But clients usually require the solids control equipment to separate out the fine p articles.This is similar to workover drilling mud solids control system.GN Solids Control  have provide equipments for China geothermal well drilling clients,and also supplied mud equipments to many other countries around the world.Presently,we are discussing with many geothermal drilling companies from western Australia for mud system.Following is an example layout of of geothermal drilling mud system.

Skid mounted single mud tank system for bentonite mud mixing and recycling are popular for horizontal directional drilling(HDD),water well drilling,geothermal  well drilling,and small workover petroleum well drilling rig.

Following we give an example of GN 400 GPM Skid mounted bentonite mud mixing/recycling system made by GN Solids Control in China.

Skid mounted Mud  Recycling

Skid mounted Mud Recycling

400 GPM Mud Tank System

  • One Mud Recycling Tank with dimension:8000Lx2300Wx2100H
  • Desander unit with 3 Panel shale shaker mounted by 2×8 inch desander cones
  • Desilter unit with 4×6 desilter cones.
  • Two 5×6 30Kw centrifugal pump for feeding the hydrocyclone cones
  • One 5×6 30 Kw centrifugal pump for mud mixing
  • Mud mixing hopper mounted on the tank top side.
  • Two mud gun for mud agitation within tank.
  • Normal treating capacity for 400GPM with separation cut point:20 Microns
  • Submersible slurry pump for feeding shale shaker from mud pit

ZJ50 drilling rig is a Chinese model oil drilling rig,GN Solids Control manufacture ZJ50 (1500HP) drilling rig mud solids control system with standard solids control equipments,but also customized mud tanks layout for your drilling application.

To buy ZJ50 (1500HP) drilling rig mud solids control system from GN,the solids control equipment manufacturer

ZJ50 1500HP Mud System

ZJ50 1500HP Mud System

directly,you’ll save at least 20% cost/price for the total mud system package,we also provide services for training up clients engineer for commissioning and operating of the the ZJ50 (1500HP) mud system.

In China, for the ZJ50 there are different models as below:

·  ZJ50/3150L Drilling Rigs (1500 HP)
·  ZJ50/3150D E-Drive Drilling Rigs

The ZJ50 drilling rig mud system usually have the following main solids control equipments.

1)2 Sets GNZS83-3 Shale Shaker

2)1 Sets GNZJ83-3 Mud Cleaner with 12inch 2 desander cones,and 4 inch 16 desilter cones.

Oilfield drilling rig fluid system is a very indispensable module,drilling rig fluid system is also called mud system,solids control system.Major manufacturers for drilling fluid system are based in China,and USA.GN Solids Control is one of the few China manufacturers who can make complete line equipment for drilling fluid system for oilfield drilling,and

GN drilling fluid system

GN drilling fluid system

horizontal directional drilling.

Visit to see :GN drilling fluid system.

Following we listed some good recommended drilling fluid manufacturers based in USA for your infomation.

Whether your next well is in a high-temperature, high-pressure environment, in the deepwater with the ever-present threat of gas hydrates, or in a depleted reservoir, we can customize a system to fit your application.

We provide the industry’s most comprehensive line of drilling fluid systems, all aimed at reducing your drilling costs, increasing production and minimizing HSE impact. And, while we are the industry leader in introducing new systems for the technological demands of tomorrow, we are constantly pushing our existing systems to higher levels of performance.

Derrick Equipment Company and GustoMSC-Ocean Design Inc. have entered into a development services and sales agreement in order to collaborate in the development and marketing of Drilling Fluid System for installation and service on Jackup drilling units.
Derrick and GustoMSC-Ocean Design Inc. recognize a movement in the market by operators to want to drill for deeper formations at greater penetration rates thereby motivating drilling contractors to refurbish and increase the drilling capacity of the world’s Jackup fleet. One major upgrade required is the addition of extra high capacity mud pumps, which leads to the requirement for a high capacity solids control system.

Derrick and GustoMSC-Ocean Design Inc. are presenting to the industry a series of Solids Control Modules that will be specifically designed to fit the size and capacity of several Jackup rig designs. Our first effort is aimed at a Solids Control Module to fit the Marathon LeTourneau 116, 84 & 53 class rigs, which are strong candidates for an upgrade.

The Solids Control Module we propose is designed to accept flow capacities up to 2800 GPM, degassing capacity of 1200 GPM, desanding capacity of 1500 GPM and desilting capacity of 1600 GPM. All associated independent tanks and pumps required for the system are included in one compact skid. An auger system is supplied to move cuttings forward or aft of the Solids Control Module as required by the ongoing operation. A 300 lb. per sq. ft. capacity upper deck is designed to accommodate two centrifuges for fine solids separation. The Solids Control Module is built to be installed on the aft starboard corner of the drilling unit in one single lift.

Derrick and GustoMSC-Ocean Design Inc. believe the purchase of this drilling fluids system by the client offers the following advantages:

  • A custom built, state-of-the-industry package designed specifically to fit the space available and weight requirements of the subject drilling unit.
  • The solids control equipment incorporated in the fluid system is specifically designed for the rig’s pumping capacity while maintaining a minimum number of units to simplify future maintenance issues.
  • The turnkey project format places the delivery and fabrication schedule responsibility on Derrick and GustoMSC-Ocean Design.
  • The turnkey single source of supply allows the client’s staff to focus on the overall project management of the rig refurbishment.
  • The turnkey single price helps minimize financial exposure and controls the overall project cost.

The drilling mud system and mud mixing system for Australia is GN Solids Control new and fast developing market.There are many Australia Horizontal directional drilling,mining drilling,civil construction and tunneling company inquire us for mud systems.

Have you visited xx Tunneling Company to see our jet mixing unit?

drilling mud system

drilling mud system

By the way,besides xx Tunneling Company,xx Drilling company has ordered drilling mud decanter centrifuge from us last week.

Also xx Civil Constructions are very interested in GN 500GPM Mud System and GN 200GPM Mud System,they are planing to visit us in a fewdays.We ‘ll Bring him to the job site near to our factory.Australia is our new market,we have exported many solids control equipments to about 20 countries.

We enclosed GN 500 GPM Mud Recycling System FYI.Because,in this system,it only have a small compartment for mud storage,and also the mud mixing system is not combined in the recycling tank.Clients have mud storage tanks and mixing system and tanks separately.This reduce the cost for mud recycling system.