Drilling mud system

Offshore drilling is becoming mutual, and focus more on environment and health, to keep the world better and more beautiful. So drilling fluid circulation are more and more important than before.

For offshore drilling, there are some big players in the world. Aker Solutions’ wholly-owned subsidiary STEP Offshore has delivered a drilling fluid and well control system to Rolls-Royce Marine, which will be used on the Yme field in the North Sea. The Aker Solutions unit made a fast and efficient delivery of an ultra compact skid mounted system for drilling fluid circulation and well control to the customer.

Although, GN Solids Control also can supply similar drilling fluid circulation equipments for offshore drilling site.  As an API & ISO certificated company, GN Solids Control focus on solid liquid circulation system (equipment) manufacturing, and GN can supply one stop solution for drilling rigs, or a certain offshore drilling site.

For the offshore drilling fluid circulation, the equipment usually contains:

BEM Shale Shaker

1. Shale Shaker, now GN Solids Control invent their own patent balanced elliptical motion (BEM) shale shaker

2. Mud Cleaner, with BEM shaker, or linear motion shaker, and high quality hydrocyclones, (stainless clamp and valve).

3. Mud Agitator, GN can supply high efficient agitator for drilling site.

4. Decanter Centrifuge, top advanced technology.

5. All other related equipment.

Also,  products of GN Solids Control got highly appreciate by the customer.



This message is from one of them:

We run our gn 500gpm mud recycler one month ago on a job,and everybody was really happy.It is a real good system.

200-300 gpm mud system is widely used in HDD, underground work, or trenchless work sites. Like all the brands you know, GN Solids Control can supply all kinds of mud system.

Features and benefits of GN 300 gpm mud system:

Compact and ease of mobilization.mud system

New and advanced BEM shaker, designed by GN and Southwest Petroleum University

Top qulity materials

API manufacturing and quality control process

User freindly design

GN 300 gpm mud system including:

One 6000mm×2300mm×1550mm mud tank

One BEM (balanced elliptical motion)852 Shale Shaker + Hydrocyclones, all cones are 100% PU, and with stainless steel ball vavle and clamp, also customized.

One SB5x4 centrifugal pump (30hp, 22kw) with machenique seal

One JBQ 5.5 mud agitator,

One SLH150-35 Jet Mud Mixer, one SB5*4 pump including,

All necessary plumbing for above equipment

Electrical System to include receptacle, main braker florescent rig lights, wire, conduit, junction boxes, electrical motors and single panel control box

The main function of the mud system of ZJ50 drilling rig is: recycle, clean the drilling fluids with debris from the wellhead. this system can eliminate sands less than 7μm in size, and supply drilling rigs with satisfied drilling fluids.

1. The installation

Level off the work site, set a good base. As show as figure 1 : install and fix GNPS70-3S shale shaker & ZQJ250 × 3 / 100 × 16 mudzj 50 mud system cleaner and jet mud mixer SLH150-50. connect all manifolds ,walkways, guardrails ,ladders, etc.. Ensure all parts flexible and on the good site. Connect inlet manifolds as showed. Connect all the solids control equipment control circuit connectors.

2. Working process of the recycling system

Firstly, start up the shaker box locking device of GNPS70-3S shale shaker & ZQJ250×2/100×16 mud cleaner (as to its operation please refer to the related user manual), and have a trying operation. And ensure all valves not been blocked . The butterfly vavles should be shut up while connecting the mud cleaner pipes. Send drilling fluids to the mud cleaner while bigger capacity needed.

Then, start up GNPS70-3 shale shaker & ZQJ250×2/100×16 mud cleaner.

Driller mud system and GN Solids Control both are very famous drilling equipments company. Here I am going to compare these two companies.drillers mud system llc
Drillers Mud Systems, LLC offers a variety of mud pumps, mud mixing/ recycling systems, spare parts and tooling designed to fit in Horizontal Directional Drilling or Oilfield applications. It can supply all of HDD or drilling needs.

GN Solids Control (Tangshan Guanneng Machinery Co.Ltd) is a company focus on solid liquid separation. We can supply all kinds of solids control equipments for oil & gas drilling, mud recycling system for HDD.
GN Solids Control in CIPPE 2010

As a yougn drilling mud system manufacturer in China,GN Solids Control started exporting business from 2008,just in 3 years,GN Solids has exported drilling mud systems and equipments to over 40 countries around the world.

Countries GN mud system been exported

GN has  established  agency in over 10 countries around the world  and  exported  to more than 40 overseas countries : Australia , Brazil, Canada , India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan , Kuwait, Korea, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco,Nigeria , Poland, Russia, Singapore ,Thailand, Turkey ,UAE, Ukraine, USA etc. Many repeated mud systems customers proved our reliable service.

Why GN mud system can be exported to over 40 countries?

1)Top Quality:Standard manufacture for mud system,GN is an API & ISO certified company,assures you top quality.

2)Customized Solutions:With GN experienced engineer team, GN design and make both multi-tanks mud system and single tank smart unit  according to clients requirements . Instead of a collection of equipments from various sources, the GN drilling mud system  are field-proven solids-control components specifically designed to function as a single unit.

There are three kinds of drilling fluid, oil based fluids (OBF’s), synthetic based fluids (SBF’s), water based fluids (WBF’s). Every coin have two sides, three ways have there own advantages and disadvantages, but for water based fluids, one important factor is: enviomental friendly, while not delivering optimal performance in more challenging drilling conditions.

Enviomental drilling fluid is water based fluid, no need any biologichal process. Just screening, hydrocycling, decanting, and so on, only mechinical separation.

As one of the few API and ISO certified manufacturer,GN Solids Control design various drilling mud weighting equipment and system for Petroleum drilling,Micro-Tunneling,Horizontal direction Drilling,downhole drilling etc.

To know why people need to weight the drilling mud as operation goes,firstly,we need to know

Composition of drilling mud

Water-based drilling mud most commonly consists of bentonite clay (gel) with additives such as barium sulfate (barite), calcium

Drilling mud weighting system

Drilling mud weighting system

carbonate (chalk) or hematite. Various thickeners are used to influence the viscosity of the fluid, e.g. xanthan gum, guar gum, glycol, carboxymethylcellulose, polyanionic cellulose (PAC), or starch. In turn, deflocculants are used to reduce viscosity of clay-based muds; anionic polyelectrolytes (e.g. acrylates, polyphosphates, lignosulfonates (Lig) or tannic acid derivates such as Quebracho) are frequently used. Red mud was the name for a Quebracho-based mixture, named after the color of the red tannic acid salts; it was commonly used in 1940s to 1950s, then was made obsolete when lignosulfonates became available. Other components are added to provide various specific functional characteristics as listed above.

While operation goes,some material as composed of the drilling mud above may lose.To keep the balance of the drilling mud,drillers need to weight the drilling mud by adding chemicals into the mud.Usually,a complete drilling mud weighting system is consist of following equipment or accessories.

GN Solids Control design and manufacturer drilling mud system specifically for CSG (Coal Seam Gas) Drilling Mud Cleaning System.
The CSG (Coal Seam Gas) exploration and drilling is very popular in Australia.GN Solids Control has exported mud system to Australia for CSG drilling contractors.

CSG GN 400 GPM Mud System

CSG GN 400 GPM Mud System

About CSG (Coal Seam Gas)
As an end-use product, CSG is the same as natural gas, and can be utilised in all natural gas appliances and commercial applications.The difference between CSG and other natural gas is mostly how it occurs in nature. CSG collects in the coal seam by bonding to the surface of coal particles, whereas other natural gas is stored in the pore spaces between grains of sandstone or similar rock.

Coal seams in the ground are generally filled with water, and it is the pressure of the water that keeps the gas adsorbed as a thin film on the surface of the coal. The cleats, the fracture system of coal, may be interconnected and permeable. In a high quality CSG deposit the cleats are permeable enough to allow gas and water to flow freely through them.

The level of gas produced from a coal bed is dependent on the thickness of the coal, gas content, permeability and the depth of the coal seam.The coal seams that can produce CSG economically are usually between 200m to 1,000m below the surface.

As described by GN Solids Control Clients,in CSG drilling,the drilling mud usually has much fine solids sometimes up to 80% solids.Aslo the CSG drilling is very fast.

As an ISO & API Certified company specilize in mud circulation system.Following GN Solids Control introduction of mud circulation systems.
Function of Mud Circulation System
A fluid called mud circulates through the drilling bit as it cuts through rock. The fluid lubricates the bit, removes rock cuttings, stabilizes the wall around the hole, and controls the pressure in the wellbore. The mud is a suspension of chemicals and minerals, such as bentonite clay in water or sometimes oil.

Mud Circulation System

Mud Circulation System

Processing of Mud Circulation System
Workers blend the mixture in the mud-mixing shack. The mud pumps push the fluid up the standpipe and into the drill pipe through the kelly, or through fittings in a top drive mechanism. After passing through the drill bit, the mud and cuttings circulate back to the surface through the space outside the pipe, known as the annulus, and into the return line.

The shale shaker, a vibrating screen, then separates the cuttings from the mud. The cuttings flow into lined pits or tanks, while the drilling mud flows through the de-silter and is recirculated. More fluid is added through the mixer as the drilling progresses to greater depths. When drilling is completed, the remaining fluid is trucked away for disposal or reuse at another site.

More info. about GN mud Circulation System