drilling mud centrifuge

GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is the perfect model for LGS and HGS separation. It can be used for difference application while running under suitale speed.

GNLW363 LGS and HGS decanter centrifuge parameters as below:

Bowl diameter: 360mm (14 inch)

Bowl length: 1270mm (50 inch)

Max capacity: 200GPM

Bowl speed: reach up to 3900 rpm

G force reach up to 3063.

While matched with PLC control panel, it can adjust low speed for HGS, or high speed for LGS.LGS and HGS centrifuge for sale

Why choose GN brand centrifuge for LGS and HGS:

1) Equal to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518 centrifuge, but highly cost effective on price

2) Fixed speed and VFD centrifuge for option

3) Centrifuge material Stainless steel 316 L

4) Centrifuge screw protection: tungsten alloy tile, or coated with ceramics as optionMiddle East centrifuge for sale

Besides treatment of LGS and HGS, GNlw363 centrifuge are suitable for a wide range of pplications:

1) Matched with Dewatering unit for dewatering

2) Used with oil and gas drilling rig mud system for barite recovery, operating under lower speed

3) Used with oil and gas drilling rig mud system for fine solids separation, operating under lower speed

4) For waste management and working together with vertical cuttings dryer or high G shaker


Decantering centrifuge with big bowl and big volume become more and more favored in drilling fluids recycling and waste management field.

GN Solids Control is China top 1 manufacturer for both solids control and waste management system. It makes big bowl and big volume centrifuge for waste management field. They are decantering centrifuge with high bowl rotating, and made from most advanced material with latest design. It is the perfect choice for drilling cuttings management.

GNLW553 big bowl centrifuge

GNLW553 big bowl centrifuge

GN big bowl big volume centrifuge model GNLW553 is euqal to Derrick DE-7200. It has many advantages:

1) Big bowl diameter: 22 inch

2) Big bowl length: 71 inch

3) Max. capacity: 500GPM

4) Max. bowl speed:3000rpm

5) Centrifuge material: Stainless steel 316

6) Separation point: 2~5 microns

7) Fixed speed and VFD for option

8) All bearing FAG and SKF original

GN can offer customized color and logo to meet different requirements of more user. If you have any question on centrifuge with big bowl and big volume, inquire GN now for professional solution.

GN mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying is designed and made by China top 1 manufacturer: GN Solids Control. They are the 1rst API certified solids control manufacturer in China. And they are the only 1 API certified manufacturer who can make both solids control and drilling waste management (DWM) machine.

Mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying
Mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying

GN brand mobile unit for drilling cuttings drying is comprised of advanced designed machine as below:

1) GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer , can reduce Oil of Cuttings (OOC) less than 5%.

2) GNLW363 VFD centrifuge, most fine solids smaller than 2~5 microns will be separated by the centrifuge.

And GN has big bowl big volume centrifuge GNLW553 for option

3) German brand NEMO pump feeding for the centrifuge

4) NOV interchangeable centrifugal discharge pump

5) Feeding screw conveyor for the vertical cuttings dryer

GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer
GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer

Why choose GN brand mobile drilling cuttings unit:

1) GNLW363VFD centrifuge matched the mobile unit treating drilling cuttings, it is with Intuitive color operator interface with PLC control panel. The panel have Graphic HMI to control and display centrifuge status, bowl RPM, conveyor differential RPM, conveyor and bowl torque loading, feed rate and alarm status.

2) Pressurized & cooling system type is Vortex tube. It is the latest advanced design. The vortex tube cooling system can reduce temp. max. 70℃. Namely, ambient temp. outsite the centrifuge control panel is 55 ℃, within the control panel, it can reduced to -15℃.

3) All separation machine mounted on a trailer skid for fast movement. It is only need to mount the screw conveyor or drilling cuttings transfer pump at jobsit to feeding for the vertical cuttings dryer.

4) Cost effective price and different jobsite reference.

GN drilling cuttings drying system are running well worldwide. GN mostly compete with U.S brand and win a very good market share as the good quality, reliable service and reasonable price.

As all these reasons, GN Brand Mobile Drill Cuttings Drying Unit is your best choice for your drilling rigs waste management system.

For any question on mud solids control or waste management system, contact GN now for a professional solution.

Decanter centrifuge application for drilling rigs

Decanter centrifuge is a very important machine for oil & gas drilling rigs. Usually at least 2 sets decanter centrifuge should be used for 1 drilling rig.

The first centrifuge with middle speed acting as the fourth phase solids control equipment. It is used for recovery barite. Barite is an expensive material for drilling mud. A good barite recovery centrifuge can help to reduce drilling cost.

The second centrifuge will be used for treatment of the drilling cuttings. Usually, for OBM and SBM, it is used after vertical cuttings dryer. For WBM, after high G shaker. It is used to cover useful drilling mud from drilling cuttings.

GNLW553 decanter centrifuge

GNLW553 decanter centrifuge

World top decanter centrifuge model for drilling rigs:

1) Derrick (DE-1000) decanter centrifuge

2) MI-Swaco (518) decanter centrifuge

3) GN Solids Control: GNLW363 decanter centrifuge

Why choose GN brand decanter centrifuge

The former 2 brand is formerly the most famous for decanter centrifuge for drilling site for a long time. But their price is relative higher. Or say, much higher. In this case, market urgently needs a new brand with good quality, reliable service, good brand name, but more cost-effective price. GN Solids Control comes out with its most hot sale model GNLW363 and GNLW553 centrifuge. Both of the decanter centrifuge model can be matched for fixed speed or variable speed with PLC control panel.

Many drilling rig they not buy decanter centrifuge with mud recovery system as the high cost. They rent from special mud service company while needed. And they pay for every day. Actually, it is a huge cost for the long run. Now, GN Solids Control enable them another option. Contact GN now, then you can own your own centrifuge for your rigs: good price centrifuge model for option

For a longer lifetime and reliable performance, suitable and on time operation and maintenance on decanter unit is essential. Below instruction from work top cantrifuge manufacturer- GN Solids Control

high speed centrifuge bowl gn mud decanting centrifuge


A. All safety protection guards shall be installed before starting up. It is forbidden to open the guards of decanter centrifuge to observe the running state of the machines.

B. During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, touch to moving parts and rotation parts should be avoided.

C. It is forbidden to brake in any way before the decanter centrifuge is stopped.

D. If there is abnormal noise and vibration, close down decanter centrifuge immediately and make troubleshooting.

E. It is forbidden to have the decanter centrifuge running at the rotating speed out of active speed that indicated in the instruction and nameplate.

△Only after power is cut off can electrical devices be wired or plugged/unplugged!


A. Only after power is cut off and bowl stops completely running can the decanter centrifuge be dismantled and adjusted.

B. When opening the cover of collecting box, it should be opened sufficiently and be fixed to prevent the sudden closure of the cover and injure the operators.

Decanter centrifuge is one part of the solids control system, and sometimes it is used separately, for diamond drilling works, some coring works in mining industry, other drilling works with small debries.

As we know, in solids control system for oil&gas drilling, after the third phase, the desilter, debries bigger than 30 (15-47) microns are cleared out.

Once a client told us that they use mi swaco 414 with tank as a centrifuge system for their diamond drilling, we find we producing the equivalent one, LW220. So after proved with our experenced engineer, then re-researched by the cooperation universities, we manufactured our own centrifuge system for diamond drilling. LW220 with mud tank. Rugged design, compact body, efficient solution.

The differential gear type is mechanical differential, and the treating capactity is ≤ 150lpm, which means the maximun capacity is 150lpm, and you even can use this to handal the drilling mud with about 20lpm.  Other specific is as shown below:

Drum diameter: 220mmlw 220 centrifuge

Rotary speed:1500~4800rpm (Variable Speed)

Extruder rate L/D: 4.3

Separation factor: 2800G

Motor power(explosion proof):main power:11kw;Assistant motor: 5.5kw

Dimension :2020×1080×755mm

Weight :1000kg;

Operation period:continuously 24hours

If you are interested in this centrifuge system, or centrifuge itself, contact GN Solids Control.

Decanter centrifuge from GN Solids Control is mainly used for treating drilling mud,our mud decanter centrifuge can be used in drilling mud circulation system,Liquid & Mud plant,Bentonite  mud processing facility.

Following we listed the FAQ (Frequenctly Asked Questions)of GN oilfield drilling clients

8.1) What type of material is used in constructing the bowl, screw propeller, heads, etc.?

Decanting Centrifuge Converyor

Decanting Centrifuge Converyor

Normal price is for SS304 Material,SS316 and Titanium Alloy is optional.

8.2) Is the screw propeller wear protected?
Yes, Normal price is for wear protected by Tungsten carbon alloy coating. Tungsten carbon alloy tile protection is optional.

8.3) Is the solids discharge wear protected?
Yes, Tungsten carbon alloy coating protection and Tungsten carbon alloy changeable ring protection available.

8.4) What type of gear box for the decanter centrifuge?
Cycloidal pinwheel gear box and satellite gearbox are available.

Brief introduction

Decanter centrifuge is the fourth class solids control in drilling mud separation system. Decanter centrifuges used to separate more fine particles from drilling cuttings.

GN drilling mud processing system is a complete “closed-loop” re-circulating liquid filtration / fluid clarification system typically applied to glass, ceramic, and metal grinding coolants as well as other industrial fluids.

The main structure and simple principle of GN Decanter centrifuge

The solid wall bowl has a cylindrical section for good separation and clarification of the liquid and a conical section for dewatering the solids. The product enters the decanter through the feed and is led into the separation chamber via the distributor. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid particles sediment on the bowl wall and are conveyed to the solids discharge by the scroll. On decanter the clarified liquid flows off under gravity whereas on decanter type the liquid is discharged under pressure by means of centripetal pump.

Centrifuges can be customized

Centrifugal filtration equipment By matching the appropriate tank size and capacity requirement, decanter centrifuges are designed and configured to suit each customer’s individual application. GN will size, design, and configure a decanter centrifuge that suits your facility and specific application requirements.

LWF Decanter centrifuges are designed to provide a continuous and consistently low minimum level of suspending solids and extend the life of the working liquid / fluid while providing a low maintenance and environmentally effective method of separating and handling the separated solids / sludge.

More on GN LWF Decanter centrifuge

GN produce qualified decanter centrifuges, high performance and efficient on drilling mud solids control. Separating suspended fine cuttings out from drilling fluids. To make well drilling more cost-effective, and economical cost. Knowing more info on LWF Decanter centrifuges, please contact GN Solids Control freely.

A client need high speed polishing centrifuge for drilling waste management.And also inquired us for Barite Recovery decanting centrifuge.
-Fully hydraulic driven centrifuge, with a 14” OD Contour Cylinder bowl x 57” length. Capable to run at minimum

High Speed Polishing Centrifuge

High Speed Polishing Centrifuge

from 0to 3000 rpm without changing any pulley. Driven by explosion proof electric motor. Completed with a variable speed positive displacement supply pump, automatic safety shutdown if under excessive torque, scroll and bowl anti-plugging device, and emergency stop for safe operation
-G-Force at max speed : 2,100 G’s
-Capable to process 120 GPM at 10.00 PPG fluid

GN High Speed Polishing Centrifuge can be rum from 0 to 3200 RPM.But our centrifuge is not hydraulic driven polishing centrifge.