drilling mud centrifuge

GN solids control is the first one China based API certified manufacturer for drilling fluids processing decanter centrifuge. To meet customers’ requirement from different industries for different purpose, by now, GN has released a relative complete series centrifuges which have been proved good performance on site.

GN high speed centrifuge

GN High Speed Centrifuge on Site

This article is to give a brief introduction on how to choose GN’s decanter centrifuge according to different purpose. GN now has models of GNLW363 fixed speed and VFD, GNLW452 fixed speed and GNLW453 VFD, GNLW553 VFD.

1. For barite recovery, GN always recommends the model of GNLW452 with RPM 1800, designed maximum RPM is 2200. This is the lowest RPM model GN hold. GN also has the model GNLW363 with RPM 2200.
2. For general drilling mud solids control, the model of GNLW452 is proposed for high gravity solids separation. The customer could also choose the model of GNLW 363 with RPM 2700. If the customer has a cuttings dryer in the system, then GN firmly propose latter model.
3. For solids separation application to the low solids content drilling mud or the low gravity solids. It always is difficult to separate the solids thoroughly, then a centrifuge with high centrifugal force would be need. High speed centrifuge always has large centrifugal force could perform well for this application. GN always recommends the model of GNLW363 with RPM 3200.
4. For some of the mud recycling system, the operators always choose 2-centrifuge system for solids separation. One middle speed and then one high speed. For this application, GN’s solution is 1 unit GNLW452 with speed of 1800 and 1 unit GNLW363 with RPM 2700 or 3200.
5. GN could also provide centrifuge unit with several belt pulleys for different speed, the customer could adjust the RPM by changing the belt pulley.
The best solution for all this different working condition is to get a VFD model with different RPM in same unit centrifuge. GN could provide VFD model for 14”, 18” and 22” bowl with different capacity.

The above mentioned large size decanter centrifuge are all used for oil gas industry. GN also has a model of GNLW223 with capacity 6 cubic meters which is a very popular model for core drilling. This model is both fixed speed and variable speed available.
Any questions, you may contact with GN or send Email to us for more information.

It is more often heard about dewatering unit in drilling industry but most of the persons in this industry are not very familiar with the dewatering unit. In this article, we may give a simple introduction on what is dewatering unit and the application.
Dewatering unit we can also call it ultra fine solids removing system. It always includes the polymer mixing system and fine solids separation system.

20141026 GN Dewatering System

GN Dewatering System

What is the composition of the dewatering unit

1. Automatic polymer mixing system.

GN dewatering unit automatic polymer mixing system is 2 tanks system. It is equipped with medical feeding system, water injection system, delivery system and mixing system, gauge system and electrical control system. This APM system has 2 screw conveyors, one is used to transfer the powder medicines to the hopper on the mixing tank, and the other screw conveyor is located under the hopper to deliver the powder into the pre-mixing tank. The pre-mixing tank would receive the powder from the screw conveyor and the water from the water injection pipe which could automatically inject the water as per the control of the control panel when the water flow gauge send the signal to the control panel. The mixing tank is divided into 2 parts and 2 compartments is same design and the function is also the same. According to the signal send to the control panel, one of the either compartments is mix the medicine while the other one is already full and to start the output of the flocculation.

2. Feeding System

GN’s dewatering system has 2 screw pumps used for transferring the flocculation and the slurry to the decanter centrifuge. The chemicals and the slurry meet at the feeding pipe of the decanter centrifuge and the flocs also produced here. Then the slurry with large size flocs gets into the centrifuge together and there for separation.

3. GNLW553-VFD dewatering centrifuge for separation

GN dewatering unit choose GNLW553 various frequency drive model as the separation centrifuge. The control panel is designed as four various frequency drive for the centrifuge main motor, back motor and two feeding pumps for slurry and medicals. After the separation of the centrifuge, the large size flocs would be removed out, then the ultra fine solids is separated out.
GN’s dewatering unit is also equipped with pre-separation system. The separation includes the shale shaker and mud cleaner which could remove the large size solids then make the drilling fluids could be fed into the centrifuge for dewatering process.


It is known that the solids control system is part of the complete drilling rig system. So, always we see the drilling mud solids control equipment is equipped for the drill rig at wild field where the working condition would be various. Some places the weather is four-spring like, while some other places very cold. When finished the drilling job at one well, all the equipment would be disassembled and transported to next well. It always takes few months to move all parts of the drilling rig system. Solids control system is only small part of the drill rig system. However, if the solids control equipment could be moved easily, that would be also benefit for the whole transportation of the drill rig.

GN decenter centrifuge installed in frame

Decanter Centrifuge Installed in Frame

With the rich experience on solids control management and job working, some customers came to GN Solids Control and talked about their idea to build a drilling mud system which could be easily transported and all equipment could be operated and repaired indoor. What they preferred are two options: Containerized and Frame Supported.

For the containerized design, all the equipment would be located inside a container or a same size mud tank, which is completely closed and with doors for operator in and out. The advantages of this design the all operation would be completed indoor, especially for some area with bad climate condition. With air conditioner installed inside the container, winter to prevent cold and summer avoid hot sun. On the other hand, this containerized design may not have sufficient space left for the operator to move do maintenance job freely. For the big size equipment, it is also difficult to be put into the container. Once GN provided Russia customer 2 units containerized drilling waste cuttings management system. To lift out the huge cuttings dryer out from the container, the container was opened a door on top and use a crane to get the rotation part of the dryer out.

For the frame supported idea, the solids control equipment like shale shaker and decanter centrifuge would be installed in a strong steel frame, the frame size is same with standard container. When assemble the system, the equipment could be easily positioned. For the operation and maintenance, there is enough space as there will be walkways surrounded the frame. The operator could make a thick canvas cover to cover the whole system to make it a closed unit.

Both the containerized and frame supported system are easy for transportation as no equipment need to be disassembled before moving. The frame is design same fixing point with the container that makes the system trailer available.
Welcome contact with GN Solids Control to get a solution for drilling mud recycling.

Verti G cuttings dryer is specially used in drilling fluids solids control system to recover the waste cuttings out from the primary shale shaker and mud cleaner. At present, the company CSI is the world accepted most famous manufacturer for the Verti G cuttings dryer unit. No matter on quality and production series, CSI is the No. 1.

GN verti G Cuttings Dryer with Flushing and Blowing System

VVerti G Cuttings Dryer Unit

GN Solids Control has been dedicated to design and manufacture the Verti G cuttings dryer in the past three years, and now GN 2nd generation cuttings dryer have been tested successfully and already applied on site. GN’s verti G unit is workable for both the water based drilling mud and oil based mud which makes GN Solids Control occupy the first seed in China solids control market. To ensure the smooth performance of the verti G dryer, GN equipped on the unit with flushing and blowing system.

GN Verti G dryer flushing system

The flushing system on GN second generation verti G cuttings dryer is consisting of a screw pump and relative hoses. Usually the material getting into the Cuttings dryer would be high viscosity and dry. With the rotating of the dryer bowl, the fine solids and liquid would be sprayed on to the inner surrounded wall of the bowl and stick on it. To clean the inside of the cuttings dryer, the screw pump would feed clean water into the bowl. Under the high pressure of the flushing water, the fine solids and dirty liquid would be flushed down from the wall and get out from the dryer vessel.

GN Verti G Air Knife System

One of GN first generation Verti G cuttings dryer defects is that the discharged solids out from dryer unit is not dry enough for easy transportation. The air knife design could solve the problem of the block on the rotating screen opening. GN’s vertical cuttings dryer has 3 types screen for option, the opening is 250 microns, 350 microns and 500 microns. Under high pressure of the blowing air, the blocked opening of the screen would open and the solids would be blow to much dryer. This greatly enhances the working efficiency and makes the transportation of the discharged solid very easy.
Besides the verti G dryer, there would be another important equipment called decanter centrifuge which would remove the much fine solid particles in the drilling mud.

At the end of the Past August, GN Solids Control attended the Shanghai CIPPPE 2014 and shown there 1 unit GNLW363BG-VFD decanter Centrifuge. The visitors from oil industry paid much interest on this unit and awarded the unique design of the structure.
The model GNLW363BG is the second generation of GN decanter centrifuge. This unit is with the main drive motor and back drive motor located on the same side. Thus more space is saved to locate the fixed speed control box and for operator standing. The main motor is connected with rotation bowl directly, and the screw propeller inside the bowl is driven by the back motor through belt pulley. Comparing with GN first generation centrifuge, 1 set belt is saved.

2014.09.06 CIPPI 2014 Shanghai Oil Show

GN Decanter Centrifuge

GNLW363BG centrifuge has 2 models of fixed speed and variable frequency drive. For the common drilling fluids solids control, GN always propose to use the fixed speed model for barite recovery. The normal fixed speed of GNLW363BG is 3200 RPM, and it could be adjusted to 2600RPM by changing the belt pulley. GN could provide the belt pulley for both speeds. To change the belt pulley may take some time, and then a better way is to use the VFD model.

The GNLW363VFD is equipped with 1 unit positive pressurized design PLC control panel, which make the speed is ranging from zero to 3200RPM, the operator could adjust the speed as per the actual working and mud condition. The rotation bowl assembling unit is seen as the key part for the decanter centrifuge. Beside the material of SS2205 of the main body of the bowl, the screw is protected by bolting the tungsten carbide tiles. And to avoid the solid accumulation at the solid discharge port, the GNLW363 has the design of solids plow at the discharge port, which could effectively reduce the settlement of the solids. And at the big end of the bowl where the liquid is discharged out, the liquid discharging plates are adjustable to adjust the humidity of the discharging solid cuttings. The operator could also reduce the solids accumulation by increasing the humidity.

Now, the GN third generation decanter centrifuge is under fabrication processing, this generation would much better solve the problem for solids accumulation and extent the critical part life time. GN sincerely appreciate the support and trust coming from the customers.

GNLW223 Series decanter centrifuge is a main product of GN Solids Control, different from the centrifuge used in oil drilling and drilling cuttings management system. The GNLW223 centrifuge is more compact structure and has a relative small treating capacity which determines this series decanter centrifuge is always be used in diamond drilling mud recycling.

GNLW223 Decanter Centrifuge

GNLW223 Diamond Drilling Decanter Centrifuge

GN now could provide this GNLW223 centrifuge electric drive fixed speed GNLW223G and Variable Speed GNLW223-VFD.
Both of the two models are driven by one unit electric motor. Regarding the motor and control panel, GN could also provide IEC explosion proof standard which could be used in hazardous area. Some customer may prefer the fully hydraulic drive model, at this time, GN hydraulic driven centrifuge for GNLW223 still under research process. But GN could provide the Decanter Centrifuge without motor and control panel, the customer could get the hydraulic driven unit locally and assembly together with the mechanical part. The unit which was sent to Canada is like that.
GNLW223 series decanter centrifuge has a normal treating capacity of 6 cubic meters per hour. The designed maximum rotating speed is 4900RPM. If variable frequency drive, the speed would be 0~3800RPM. Under general condition, the solid particles size in diamond drilling is very fine, however, sometimes, there would be large size drilling cuttings. Thus, one unit shale shaker maybe needed as first stage cleaning equipment to remove the large size solid particles. GN has a mini model shale shaker GNZS752 is especially for this job.
The mud system for diamond drilling is very simple; always it is consisting of mini shale shaker, GNLW223 decanter centrifuge, and mud tank and mud agitators.
Diamond drilling is very popular in Canada, there are more than 50 diamond drilling company in Canada right now. GNLW223 series decanter centrifuge has already been used in Canada for diamond drilling and performance proved very good.

Every year, GN Solids Control would have a sales promotion in order to return the profit to customer. What GN would do is to sell the equipment with very special discount. The equipment on sale is also proved performance very good and with positive feedback from the customer.

GN 18 Inch Decanter Centrifuge GNLW454

GNLW454 Decanter Centrifuge

The Parameters and features of the on sale 18 inch decanter centrifuge GNLW454:
1. 18 inch bowl diameter and 61 inch bowl length, nearly 4:1 length and diameter ration which would make the separation performance much better.
2. Bowl material of stainless steel 2205 even much better than the 316L guarantee the long life time. While the screw propeller is made of SS316L, comparing with other China manufacturer using the SS304, GN’s centrifuge is more qualified.
3. Complete importing SKF bearing application make sure the operation stability and easy for maintenance.
4. Tungsten carbide tiles protection on the screw propeller and solids discharge port further make sure long time no shutting down running.

This unit is designed the Max. speed of 2800RPM that could cut solids size down to 2~7 microns. 30% discount, absolutely, it is a real a hard to get opportunity for drilling contractor or the oilfield mud service provider. Please no hesitate to contact with GN solids control for more information on that.

Applications of Dewatering unit

Dewatering unit is the necessary unit for drilling waste management in oil and gas drilling field. It can also be used for many other applications, like: oily sludge separation system, dredge slurry separation, waste water separation, etc…

Specifications of GN 1500 20ft dewatering unit

1) Chemical enhancing speed: 1500 liter / h, it is the most important parameters

2) Dewatering unit size: 20ft containerized

3) Components: 2 components / 3 components, depends on customer’s request

4) Chemical enhancing trough: normally Quality from 1 to 3, to enhance 1 kinds of chemicals, or 2 or 3 kinds of chemicals, depends on customer’s request.

Dewatering Unit

Dewatering Unit

GN standard 1500 20ft containerized dewatering unit is put into a 20 ft container, while the decanter centrifuge GNLW363 for the dewatering unit can be put into the container, on the top or the container or just out side the container, depends on customers’ jobsite.

In case the dewatering unit mounted on a container, the complete unit cannot be shipped by container but need to be shipped by bulk vessel, shipping cost relative higher and shipping time longer. In order to save cost, customer can choose only the dewatering unit, can mounted it into a container or something similar locally to save cost.

For other kinds of dewatering unit, contact GN group freely.


Bearing is one of the most important parts for high speed rotating equipment, like oil field decanter centrifuge. A high quality and suitable model bearing plays an very important role on the lifetime of decanter centrifuge.

How to ensure suitable bearing for decanter centrifuge

1) Choose original famous brand bearings. For international market, the best choice small bearing brand is SKF, while FAG is the best choice for big bearing. For save cost, NSK bearing can also be a good choice.

2) Lubrication and Maintenance: Lubricate the bearing per bearing operation manual indicated. Choose high quality high temperature lithium grease, add suitable amount grease, no more, no less.

Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge

Oilfield Decanter Centrifuge

What to do in case bearing temperature higher:

1) Firstly, stop the machine immediately to avoid damage to bearing or the oilfield centrifuge.

2) Be sure the grease quality is suitable model and top quality per bearing user manual request.

3) Be sure to add grease with suitable volume, no more no less.

4) Be sure to empty the old grease in the bearing and then add new grease, after that, start the centrifuge.

5) Be sure it is in clean environment while remove bearing to avoid dust on it;

6) Be sure the bearing is clean & in good condition, if not, clean it or change it. If there is sands or dust on the bearing, clean it with gas or exclusive cleaner.

Above is some of knowledge on centrifuge bearing. If the users have more questions, contact world famous centrifuge manufacturer – GN Solids Control.

What is a telescopic skid for drilling waste centrifuge?

Telescopic skid is a high skid with adjustable height. In drilling waste field, it is mainly used to mount decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control company offer telescopic skid with height changed between 2.0m, 2.2m and 3.3m. It can meet most drilling site condition.

Telescopic skid for drilling waste centrifuge

Telescopic skid for drilling waste centrifuge

When need to use a telescopic skid, the advantages of it?

In mud recycling system (solids control system), there will be many tanks, decanter centrifuge can be mounted on the tank top. Hydraulic phase will fall into the tank under the centrifuge. Then a pump charge mud centrifuge tank to other tank or processing machines.

In drilling waste management system, the centrifuge can be mounted to a telescopic skid. With the skid, the centrifuge fluids outlet port should be higher than other mud storage tank. In this case, hydraulic phase can flow under garavity into mud storage tank or other device already there. No extra tank to store the mud and no need charging pump for the transfer. It can save cost of tank, and save power. And another side, the space under the telescopic skid can be used to mount other machine or device, like VFD control panel, centrifuge feeding pump, or others.