drilling mud centrifuge

For the mining, GN have made a few customised layout systems, the first one is for Poultry, the customer co-design the system along with GN; then for the coring ming project, we style and design a very small system to get diamond drilling; then some decanter centrifuge with different layout for mining or prospecting water; now another customized system for Philippine mining or prospecting project.
This system contains a shale shaker, two centrifuges. The problems delivered to us is: deep subway, have mining water, having mixtures, different particles, which will destroys the pump which usually keep pumping the lakes and rivers out to keep it able to perform there. The pump is created in German, good quality, but expensive, we want to keep it within good condition, and not easy to get repalcement parts. To sum up, we need another technique to make the pump running properly.
Then we tried a variety of choices, to keep it below ground, or keep it along with the land. To only start using a centrifuge, or use several centrifuges. And questions continually come like do we need shaker, do we need desnader and many others.

Hydraulic Jackup Mud Recycling System

With the professional help from clients’ engineer, we finally what is design, and also modify this current operation flow of the mining or prospecting water. Then finally detox the singing water, and then transport to the surface. Considering that the purpose is not for consuming, so do not try.

Furthermore in the mud recycling system, it contains 2 Nemo pump, which is manufactured by German Netsch.

Specifications connected with decanter centrifuge
we have VFD cp to achieve stepless bowl rate adjustment to enhance mud treatment method performance
we use De dos niveles stainless steel SS2205 for centrifuge casting to improve bowl sense of balance, centrifuge balance, as well as progress performance on corrosion weight.
We use Tungsten carbide tiles protecting the twist conveyor impellers to enhance the particular performance when treating large mud.
When the system appear the site, GN solids control engineers should go to the site for the first time having and also operator training. To be sure all goes well and the right way.

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GN Solids Control mud recycling systems are widespread in the world. Mud systems may be used in oil and gas area in addition to HDD, TBM Drilling, CBM Drilling or Water Very well Drilling. Last year, GN offered two sets of high construction mud recycling systems to get no dig drilling to 1 Asian client. Just some days and nights before, GN Solids control provided another set soil systems for one client coming from Philippine.
With a compact framework, this system is mainly used to distinct dirty mud can get clean up water. By using this set, each of our client can get water wherever possible, and solids can be individual out for further treating. The item mainly includes the following accessories:
1 . GN shale shaker GNZS594E-HB, 1 set
The dealing with capacity of this shaker will be 600 GPM. By using world renowned vibration motors like German OLI or USA Charlie, GN shaker can work to get a quite long time without cracked.
After the mud is shipped to the shaker from the serving box, the 4 portions shaker screens will distinct out most the solid waste. GN using good quality cable mesh to manufacture individuals shaker screens in order to keep going longer while also has a pretty excellent separating performance. GN likewise manufactures some other shaker window screens to replacement well-known shaker screens, such as Mongoose, Brant, Derrick etc .

2015.05.27 500gpm mud system
2 . GN decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, 2 units
These 2 sets centrifuges both have one 14 inches rotating bowl. Running rate can be changed easily by employing touch screen when using the VFD manage box. GN VFD package is using ABB or Siemens electrical components for long life use. Different explosion proof cardboard boxes can be customized based on customers’ demands, such as IEC, ATEX.
The first variable speed centrifuge is rotating at a decrease speed compared with the second just one. It mainly used to separate out and about those solids with a greater diameter. On the other side, the second centrifuge is used to separate finer debris at a higher speed.
3. GN Screw Pump, 2 pieces
These 2 screw pumping systems are used to feed the decanter centrifuge without agitating the soil too much. GN is using well-known positive displacement pumps Netzsch.
4. GN Mud tank
All the above equipments tend to be fixed on one mud aquarium.

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The drilling operator might know that after several times reuse of the drilling mud, there will accumulate more and more ultra fine solids in the mud that cannot be separated out with physical method even by using high speed decanter centrifuge unit.
The accumulated solids will rise up the mud specific gravity that will greatly affect the mud performance. While, in order to keep the normal density of the mud, under this circumstance, the flocculation no doubt is the most popular method to be used.

polymer mixing unit (1)

polymer mixing unit

The flocculation process is produced in a type of machine called polymer mixing unit. This unit is used to mix the polymer that will be fed into the centrifuge to gather the fine solids in the mud. This polymer mixing unit is always connected with the centrifuge unit in the solids control system. After the separation by primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and cyclone unit, most of the solids larger than 5 microns could be removed out. The centrifuge unit plays an important role in this flocculation process. Sometimes, this centrifuge is called dewatering centrifuge.
GN’s polymer mixing unit is designed as 3 compartments mixing tank with automatic dosing conveyor and agitating device. Dry chemicals and water are fed into the first compartment for mixing, and then overflow into the second compartment for maturing process. The third compartment is used to store the solutions waiting for use.

polymer mixing unit (2)

dewatering centrifuge

The material of this machine body is PP. At each compartment, there is installed one automatic agitator with stainless steel made agitating shaft and impeller. The chemicals feed hopper is also made of SS304.

In order to realize the continuously mixing, the tank compartments are installed with liquid level control device. The mixing, maturing and storing process continuously transfer with low labor cost. The PLC design makes the operator adjust the solution concentration as per request, high automatic degree, and no need human watch over.
GN could provide the polymer mixing unit with dewatering centrifuge containerized for weather proof. For more information, welcome click to see GN Dewatering System.

GN Solids Control LTD and GN Solids America LLC’s VFD (variable speed drive) decanter centrifuge it allows oil well drilling service contractors or drilling mud service contractor company to perform the barite recovery, fine/ ultra fine solids filtrations and water-removal centrifuge. GN Solids Control LTD has the decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl to 22 inch bowl available for different solids-removal applications. GN Solid Control’s decanter centrifuge bowl length and diameter ratio is over 3 times and it gives the best result for the drilling fluids cleaning.

GN Solids Control China

Purposely to make drilling fluid decanter centrifuge parameter to perform adjustment according to the drilling stratum, depth of the oil well and drilling technology evolved through times, the development of the variable-control  speed and the closed-looped solids control system which basic on the main electric current to be as sending the control signal.

The oil-field application shows that drilling fluid decanter centrifuge matched frequency control speed closed-loop control system can use the different drilling fluid viscosity and density according to technology used and oil field’s physical condition.

Using decanter centrifuge main electric current signal, it automatic adjust the feeding pump displacement and high speed centrifuge actual parameter to realize drilling fluid centrifuge closed-loop control, ensure the de-slugging quantity and decanter centrifuge handing capacity always be in the condition at the fullest.

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge frequency control closed-loop control system parameter can be automatic adjustment and realize self-awareness, also can efficiency avoid decanter centrifuge overload the fluid feeding and blocking.  It can improve the reliability of centrifuge operation; reduce the uncertain operation surprise because of sudden failure.

By using frequency control speed closed-loop centrifuge can automatic and manual adjust decanter centrifuge’s rotary speed, make it can be as the middle speed centrifuge(1000-2000 rpm), also can as the high speed centrifuge( 2000-3000 rpm) to achieve efficiency control drilling fluid solid phase content and improve drilling fluid solid control condition.


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Still feel difficult to find a good solution to dispose the drilling waste cuttings? GN solids control now has developed the complete treating system for to drying the drilling cuttings and recover the drilling liquid stick on the cuttings maximally.

As per the market feedback and customer’s requirements, GN has independently designed 2 series waste cuttings management system with the Model No. of GNCM-40A and GNCM-40B.

GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying System

Waste Cuttings Dryer System

The Configuration of GN Drilling Waste Cuttings Drying System

First Stage separation: GN’s drilling waste cuttings drying system mainly includes 2 modules, in which the first module is the vertical cuttings dryer system. The cuttings dryer model of GNCD930 is designed with fixed speed and variable speed. The cuttings with size larger than 250 microns could be removed by the screen located inside the dryer bowl. By using the material of stainless steel, the screen would have better features of anti-corrosion. With the air knife and flushing system on the cover of the dryer, the dryer could consistently for longer time without blocking on the screen. The super high speed of 1200RPM could produce the G-force of 750. If application for the oil based drilling cuttings, the oil content could be reduced down to 3-5 percent.

Second Stage Separation: The fluid going through the screen opening of the cutting dryer would be fed into the high speed decanter centrifuge series of GNLW363CG with working RPM of 3200. Here, the solids down to 2 microns could be separated out.

In this system, both the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge have fixed speed and variable speed models for option which could meet the customer’s request for different drilling mud conditions. GN’s VFD control panel is PLC smart design with visual and touchable screen for easier operation.

For this system, we also provide the feeding pump system. And as per customer’s option, GN could also provide the cuttings delivery system screw conveyor for feeding and discharge.

The customer could choose to locate the decanter centrifuge on the telescopic frame or catching tank. That is also the difference between the model of GNCM40-A and GNCM-40B. The GNCM-40A is to put the centrifuge on the telescopic frame with the height adjustable, the discharged clean liquid would pipeline manifold guiding to other catching tank. While the GNCM-40B is self with the catching tank beneath the decanter centrifuge, the liquid could be stored in the catching tank and wait for pumped to reuse.

GN drilling waste cuttings drying system is an excellent solution to make the cuttings dry so as suitable for transportation. And it maximally recovers the drilling liquid to reduce the drilling cost.

In some mining projects, before the exploitation, the contractor would like to do some research on the geological condition. The most popular method is to use the core drilling machine to get some sample of the stratum. By analyzing the stratum sample, the mining operator would get some basic information like the mineral reserves and what kind of the mineral it is.

When getting the sample of the stratum, the contractors always apply to use the core drilling machine to get a series column shape stratum. The drilling bit is a type of pipe, not like the drilling project for oil and gas, the core drilling not need too much drilling fluids to cool down the drill pit and take the cuttings out from the drilling whole. However, in order to make sure the better performance of the drilling process, the drilling contractor always will get a solids removal unit to separate the drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids.

Now the solids removal package unit specially for core drilling designed and manufactured by GN Solids Control has already been applied on site and the performance was proved good.

GNLW223 Centrifuge

GN Centrifuge for Core Drilling

In GN’s solids removal package unit, the equipment involved is as below:

Shale shaker model of GNZS752 with 2 panel screens, which is used as the first stage solids removing unit to separate out the larger size solids in the drilling mud.

High speed decanter centrifuge GNLW223 which is also the key equipment in this solids removal unit. It could run at a typical speed of 3800 RMP that ensure a good performance for dewatering. The semi-dry solids discharged out from the centrifuge unit could be transported easily.

Considering the requirement of the small footprint, this solids removing unit is designed structure compact and the mud tank only has 2 compartments separately to be used for sand settling and mud mixing. The centrifuge pump used in this system could both transfer the mud to centrifuge and mud mixing. This dual function centrifugal pump saves great power cost and reduces the system size.

For the power supply, GN could also provide a diesel generator as an option.

GN Solids Control is welcoming the customer worldwide come to us for learn more about the core drilling solids removal unit.

GN has promoted the 4th generation of the vertical cuttings dryer. After few-year upgrade on the structure and perfection on the design, GN’s vertical cuttings dryer could be applied in both the water base mud and oil base mud drilling waste cuttings drying projects.

Generally, the drilling waste cuttings processing job requests a complete system that will involve the cuttings transfer equipment, drying equipment, liquid storage vessel , liquid transferring device as well as the ultra fine solids removing unit.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with frame (1)

Waste Cuttings Drying System

Some customer prefer to getting a complete cuttings drying system from GN. GN cuttings drying system is designed as a skid mounted tank and frame stand system. In this system, there are the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge that are located on 2 ends of the skid and supported by the frame. The cutting dryer is fed with the sick cuttings via the screw conveyor. Besides the screw conveyor, the hose pump can also be used to deliver the cuttings from the primary solids control equipment like shale shaker and mud cleaner. Sometimes, the cuttings are coming from several different sites and collected to be transported to a facility for treatment. Under the cuttings dryer, there is a chute that is used to guide the dry cuttings to the collection box after separated by the dryer unit. And the liquid would flow into the V-type storage tank waiting for further treatment. The liquid is transferred to the high speed centrifuge by the screw pump and there the fine solids would be removed out. By locating the dryer and centrifuge on the frame, it is easy for solids removing through the under installed chute.

Some customer may only request the cuttings dryer unit if the already have the centrifuge. GN could also provide the single cuttings dryer unit on the frame. And the customer could connect with their existing slurry transferring device and centrifuge unit to make it a complete waste cuttings management system.

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with frame (2)

Vertical Cutting System with Frame

GN’s vertical cuttings dryer is always equipped with a screw pump that is used to flush the screen inside the dryer to avoid blocking. This pump is located on the skid but under the frame to save the space. The customer could choose to use the fixed speed or variable speed model for the cuttings dryer and centrifuge, if VFD model is selected, the control panel could be located un the frame which is also easy for transportation.

Few months before, GN got order of 4 pieces decanter centrifuges from one Africa drilling company, after the jobsite actual operation, they placed the repeated order of 6 pieces decanter centrifuge. Many of the GN’s customers are this kind of old customers. A certain percentage of GN’s business is coming from the old customer who is satisfied with GN’s equipment performance.

This total 10 Sets decanter centrifuge are all package provided with the feed pumps. While for the centrifuge, there are both the fixed speed model of GNLW363BG and the variable speed model of GNLW363BG-VFD. The feeding pump is provided as a package solution for the customer; it is also an option for the customer.

GN Decanter Centrifuge

GN Decanter Centrifuge to Africa Drilling Company

The parameters of the centrifuges and feeding pumps are as below:

GN’s fixed speed centrifuge is designed typical speed of 3200 RPM, while maximum speed is 3900RPM. And there are different belt pulley for option and could also be package provided, the belt pulley are 2500RPM and 2200 RPM. The variable speed model could be adjusted from 0 to 3200 RPM. GN’s 363 series decanter centrifuge is designed bowl diameter of 14 inch and bowl length 50 inch which is very popular used in the drilling mud solids control and waste cuttings proposal processing. The treating capacity of 130 GPM could meet the general application demand on site.

GN always recommends the feeding pump for the provided centrifuge. The pump proposed is positive displacement type screw pump. The main material of the pump is stainless steel of SS316L that make sure a long life time and better feeding performance. The gearbox used for this pump is from Germany Nord. The capacity of 30 cubic meters per hour is matched to the treating capacity of the centrifuge.

GN’s decanter centrifuges are more and more used in the jobsite of drilling company worldwide. It is the stable performance won the customers trust and got the repeated orders for GN Solids Control.

Environmental protection is being given more and more attention in whatever projects. Some corporation in the business of river and later cleaning has a main business is to make the polluted river and lake clean again. The method they are always using is the separate the solids out from the water step by step, then the produced water would be clean enough to flow back to the river or lake.

GN 4 Panel Shale Shaker

GN 4 Panels Shale Shaker

The dredging boat is the most used to get the slurry out from the bottom of the river or lake. That is the very first step. Then the slurry would be guided to a pool or tank. There a coarse screen would be located to separate the very large size is the slurry like the tree remains, beer cans and something else.
Then the treated slurry would be pumped into a solids and liquid separation system. Simpler than the oil gas drilling mud solids control system, the mud system is designed with the coarse shaker which is fixed with gap screens. As we know, the solid separation is a step by step procedure, after separation by the shaker screen, the slurry would also be fed to the desander unit and desilter unit. After treated by the desilter, the solids with size large than 20 microns would be removed out.
The separation procedure after the desilter is much difficult as the solids is really fine. The operator always need add flocculate agent into the slurry to make a flocculation block which could be easily separate out. A machine with name filter press is always be used to remove the flocculation block out from the slurry. The capacity of the filter press is really small, so, in one project, always several units filter press would be used. The mud cake out from the filter press would be very dry.
In general condition, after separation by the filter press, the water can be guide back to the river and lake.

 Many people use the decanter centrifuge for their dewatering system. For the oil and gas industry, GN could provide one model of 22” big bowl which could be used for the drilling fluids ultra fine solids particles separation which is also called the dewatering procedure.

Dewatering Centrifuge

Dewatering Centrifuge

GN 22” Big Bowl Centrifuge Basic Parameters as below:

The bowl is diameter 22 inch and length 71 inch with GN’s model number GNLW553.
The designed maximum speed for this bowl is 3000rpm, and the recommended working speed is 0 to 2500 rpm. Due to the large horse power of the motor, this model is designed variable frequency drive for stable start and smoothly operation.
The G force for this unit is maximum 2719 at 3000 rpm, and the popular working G force is up to 1888 which could remove the solids particles down to 5 microns, even finer.
The 400GPM treating capacity could meet large flow rate requirement and save cost for using several smaller capacity units.

The features of the GN 22” Big Bowl

The material of the 22” bowl is duplex stainless steel 2205 and the producing technology is centrifugal casting which could get a much better balance for the bowl.
Complete the screw propeller edge is protected by replaceable tungsten carbide tiles with the thickness of 4mm which is much better than 2mm tungsten spray welding. This guarantee the long life time of the screw, extend the non breakdown time and save customer’s maintenance cost.
All the liquid discharge port plates are adjustable; the operator could control the discharged solids dryness and liquid cleanness by adjusting the liquid port plates.
To avoid the dry solids gathering at the collection box and block the solids discharge port, GN’s decanter centrifuge has the solid blocking ring over the discharge port, when running the centrifuge, the solids discharged out from the bowl would get onto the blocking ring first, then drop off and delivered out of the collection box.
When feeding the slurry through a screw pump, the flocculation chemicals could also be fed at the same time, and then the ultra fine solids would produce the flocculate block which could be easier removed out by the centrifuge. GN’s 22” big bowl is a equivalent of Derrick DE7200 and Swaco CD600.