Drilling Fluids shale shaker

As a  API Certified manufacturer for shale shaker screens, GN Solids Control  have the following shale shaker screens for sale:

For the type of shale shaker screens,GN owns the following types

  • Steel Frame shale shaker screen
  • Hook Strip flat shaker screen
  • Pyramid shaker screen
  • Composite material shale shaker screen
Shale Shaker Screen

Shale Shaker Screen

For the following countries and regions GN have already sold equipment or  shale shaker screens:

China, USA(America),Canada, Russia,Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Yemen Qatar etc.), Latin America (Brazil,Argentina,Columbia, Venezuela  Chile, Ecuador etc), Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India, Indonesia,Thailand,Malaysia ,and Africa (Nigeria,Libya,Egypt Sudan,Algeria,Kenya)

GN supply replacment shale shaker screens for following model of shale shakers

GN Group of Shale Shakers :GNZS703 GNZS853 GNZS852 GNZS752 shale shaker.

Derrick model of shaker: FLC 2000  FLC 500  FLC 503 FLC 513  FLC504 FLC514 shaker or mud cleaner.

MI-Swaco shale shaker:Moongoose Shale shaker screen,DP380 shale shaker screen

NOV Brandt: VSM100 VSM300 King Cobra shaker or mud cleaner


As a Shale Shaker manufacturer,GN has many Oli Vibrator Motor in stock for sale.The vibrating motor is MVE-series Electric External vibrator motors.

Contact to get quote for price for Oli MVE-Type Electric External Vibrator motor:GN Solids Control.

The MVE-series Electric External Vibrator motor Range has been successfully used by the construction industry, the mining ,oilfield industry where the shale shaker,and shaking unit are used.as well as by other industrial sectors worldwide for many years. Rotary Motor vibrators by OLI afford a guarantee of long term durability, reflecting the care taken over selection of components and the

Oli Vibrator  Motor

Oli Vibrator Motor

high level of precision adopted in manufacture, whilst maintenance is simple in the extreme.

Oli Vibrator Motor Specs:

Voltage: 220/380V three-phase, can be customized
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, can be customized
Insulation Class: H-level subject, wiring chamber Class F
Protection class: dustproof and waterproof (IP65)
Working environment: Altitude does not exceed 1000m, -20 ~ +40 ℃
Duty: Continuous (S1)
Exciting force adjustment: 0 ~ rated exciting force, can achieve the stepless adjustment
Exciting force: 0 ~ 3500 kg
Certification: ExdⅡBT4

Vibrating Strength for the motor is adjustable.

The Oli Vibrator motor are used in GN Shale shakers,mud cleaners,desander and desilter with different power.

As a mud tank system China leading manufacturer,GN Solids Control also provide flow line divider for petroleum drilling,and horizontal  directional drilling(HDD).Flow line divider is also called flow line distributor.

Function of flow line divider:

Solids removal efficiencies are dramatically increased by the Flow line Divider, which distributes fluids/solids equally

Flow Line Divider

Flow Line Divider

to multiple downstream shale shakers. Positive sealing weir gates are removable, allowing flow per selected shale shaker or installed omitting flow. The Flow line Divider/Distributor eliminates the need for back tanks and shaker bypasses and minimizes the effect of pitch and heave.

How the Flow line Divider Works

Mud from the flow line enters the rear of the Flow line Divider (1) where it contacts a baffle (2) allowing the flow to pass under and sometimes over before it flows over the weirs (3), and divides the liquid and solids equally between the desired number of shale shaker feed ports (4). Positive-sealing weir gates permit flow to the downstream shale shakers

Not only we design and manufacture flow line distributor for GN shale shaker,but also we can design and make flow lline divider for international top brand shale shaker like Derrick,NOV Brandt,MI-Swaco.

When search “Shale Shaker” in Google English,GN Shale shaker Ranks Top 8.

Learn more about GN Shale Shaker.

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