Oct 12

500GPM is a very common capacity for mud cleaning system. How to choose the right equipment for 500GPM mud system system.

Below is a standard proposal from world top solids control specialist – GN Solids Control. GN now have a complete set 500GPM mud cleaning system in storage for sale:

Solids Control Equipment for the 500GPM mud cleaning System

500gpm mud cleaing system for sale1) One Linear Motion Shale Shaker GNZS703
2) One Mud Cleaner with Desander / Desilter
3) Centrifugal Pumps 6×5 (37kw) for feeding to desander/ desilter
4) 40 Feet Size length and width ISO container size with fast fixing on trailer.
5) Centrifugal pumps completed with mixing hoppers for you drilling mud mixing.
6) Transfer function for transfering clean mud to the drilling rig mud pump.
7) Mud Agitators and Mud guns for agitation of the mud.
8) High quality mud tank attachment for easy operation and safety, Handrails can be fold up to the side of tank without removing during shipment.

Mud tank size for the mention proposal of 500GPM mud cleaning system is a common standard; it can meet the shipment limitation of most countries. GN can also customize other tank size per customers’ requirement on tank storage capacity.

For equipment, GN can also change other model per different requirements of different jobsite. For some jobsite, they may only need separate desander and desilter without the underflow shale shaker, it is also option.

For a more exact proposal, no hesitate to contact GN Group now.

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Sep 06

GN have just came back from Australia from a NO DIG drilling show there. GN take a compact 200GPM drilling rig mud system for the show. The mud cleaning system is in stock for sale now.

It is a complete mud cleaning system with a tank, a double deck shaker with mud cleaner, mixing system, electric control system, and tank accessories.GN200 GPM mud system for HDD

Suitable applications of the GN200 GPM drilling mud system:

1) Water well drilling

2) Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

3) Coal bed methane (CBM drilling)

Parameter of the GN200 GPM drilling mud system:

1) Mud tank

2) Double deck shale shaker combined with 4 each 4 inch desilter (the same dimension desilter cone with Derrick cone)

3) Mud mixing system (mixing pump and mixing hopper)   GN200 GPM mud system for HDD

Advantages of GN200 GPM mud system for drilling:

1) The double deck shale shaker is combined function of shale shaker and mud cleaner, but much more compact and have a very limited footprint.

2) Centrifugal pump for mixing and feeding interchangeable with NOV Mission

3) Desilter cone interchangeable with Derrick

4) The whole system is in very compact design and take a limitation footprint

5) Ladder, guardrail and walkway are foldable, easy for movement

If you have interest on the system, contact GN group freely for more information.



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Aug 17

Last week, China top solids control Manufacturer: GN Solids Control exported a complete mobile unit mud system to Kazakhstan. It is a 500GPM mobile mud system specially designed and made for DHH drilling rigs.

Mobile mud system is a kind of fast movement system. GN Solids Control have much experience on mobile mud system used for HDD drilling rigs.

Mobile mud system for HDD drilling rig to Kazarkstan

Strong points of GN 500GPM mobile mud system for HDD drilling rig:

1) Mud tank with same dimension with 20 feet container

2) The mud system is separated with the mobile skid. It can be taken off and used as skids mud system

3) Linear motion shale shaker. With the same shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose shaker

4) Centrifugal feeding pump interchangeable with NOV Mission pump

3 stages solids control equipment including in the 500GPM mud system:

1) GNZS594 linear motion shale shaker, 1 set (interchangeable shaker screen with Swaco Mongoose)

2) GNZJ594-2S12N mud cleaner, 1 set

3) Jet mud mixer, 1 set

4) Centrifugal sand pump 2 sets feeding for mud cleaner (desander and desilter)

More for information on GN500 GPM HDD mud system mobile unit, or if you have any inquire on HDD recycling mud system, contact GN group at Email: Sales@gnsolidscontrol.com

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Jul 07

GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturer who are specialized in both oil & gas drilling rig, as well as compact mud system for HDD, CBM drilling. 500GPM mud recycling system for HDD and CBM is one of the most common model from GN Solids Control.

CPP(China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau),the largest HDD contractor in China, by now, they have already got nearly 30 sets mud system from GN Solids Control. Before they shift to GN, they bought mud system from U.S. And many user contact GN for mud system as they see GN 500GPM mud system running world wide with CPP worldwide activities.

GN 500GPM HDD mud recycling system

GN 500GPM mud system for HDD is a high configration including all the 4 phase solids control equipment. For higher standard, it includes 2 tanks to insure sufficient space to store the active mud. For some users wants system more compact, GN offer 1 tank system with all 4 phase treatment equipment on it.

Solids Control equipment included in GN500GPM HDD mud system under High ranking:

1) One unit 500GPM linear motion shale shaker is proved by both home and abroad customers as a well performed unit.

2) Mud Cleaner is designed 2 units De-sander cyclones and 12 units De-silter cyclones to meet a maximum 1000GPM capacity is case damage of any cyclone leading to broken down.

3) One uint GNLW363G decanter centrifuge  separate ultra fine solids in drilling mud greatly enhance the quality of mud. (Centrifuge is for option)

GNLW363 centrifuge




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Jun 29

GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is the perfect model for LGS and HGS separation. It can be used for difference application while running under suitale speed.

GNLW363 LGS and HGS decanter centrifuge parameters as below:

Bowl diameter: 360mm (14 inch)

Bowl length: 1270mm (50 inch)

Max capacity: 200GPM

Bowl speed: reach up to 3900 rpm

G force reach up to 3063.

While matched with PLC control panel, it can adjust low speed for HGS, or high speed for LGS.LGS and HGS centrifuge for sale

Why choose GN brand centrifuge for LGS and HGS:

1) Equal to Derrick DE-1000 and Swaco 518 centrifuge, but highly cost effective on price

2) Fixed speed and VFD centrifuge for option

3) Centrifuge material Stainless steel 316 L

4) Centrifuge screw protection: tungsten alloy tile, or coated with ceramics as optionMiddle East centrifuge for sale

Besides treatment of LGS and HGS, GNlw363 centrifuge are suitable for a wide range of pplications:

1) Matched with Dewatering unit for dewatering

2) Used with oil and gas drilling rig mud system for barite recovery, operating under lower speed

3) Used with oil and gas drilling rig mud system for fine solids separation, operating under lower speed

4) For waste management and working together with vertical cuttings dryer or high G shaker


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Mar 23

Shale shaker is the act as the first stage solids control equipment. Its performance important to the whole system. If the shale shaker can work well, it can greatly improve the lifetime of next stage equipment.

Shale shaker vibration

Vibration of the shaker basket creates G-forces which help drive shear thinning fluids such as drilling mud through the screens. Vibration also conveys solids off the screens. Most linear motion shakers operate in the range of 3 to 4 G’s to balance throughput with screen life. G-force is a function of vibration frequency (rpm) and stroke length.

Top brand Linear motion shale shaker

Top brand Linear motion shale shaker

But there are alway some misunderstanding on shale shaker performance, it should be avoided :

• “High-Speed” should not be equated with “high performance”.

Laboratory tests indicate that, in the normal operating range for linear motion shale shakers, lower frequency vibration and longer stroke lengths improve throughput capacity. Most linear motion shakers operate at 1200 to 1800 rpm.

• Avoid deck inclinations above 3˚.

High deck angles reduce solids conveyance and increase the risk of grinding soft or friable solids through the screens.

• Shakers are designed to accept either hookstrip or rigid frame screen panels.

Hookstrip screen panels are the most common and are usually cheaper, although cuttings wetness can be a concern due to deck curvature. Flat, rigid frame panels promote even fluid coverage, but can cost more.

• Shakers may have single or tandem screening decks. Single deck shakers offer mechanical simplicity and full access to the screening surface. Single deck shakers may be arranged to process mud sequentially as a “cascading” system to improve performance under high solids loading conditions. Tandem deck shakers offer improved processing capacity under high solids loading conditions when space is limited.



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Jan 19

About microtunneling

Microtunnelling is a nature method of construction using pipe jacking. In many countries and areas, it also defined as a “Trenchless Construction Method”.

Slurry separation system for microtunneling

Microtunnelling project usually takes in urban district. In this case mud system matched for microtunneling request compact and a very small footprint recirculation slurry system with different capacity. This kind of mud system usually called as “slurry separation system”.

TBM Slurry Separation System In Oman

Features of slurry separation system

1) Steel Frame Screen with large open microns usually used.

As the solids usually bigger than oil and gas drilling, solids content higher and many bigger size sands / solids. And it is big diameter well with smaller depth, no higher request for mud quality. It is no need to separate very fine. And steel frame have a longer lifetime for microtunneling.

2) Compact system with smaller footprint: all separation equipment combined together, a storage tank and a mixing tank.

Usually, GN only offer separation plant and equipment for mixing part. And recommend users to build storage / mixing tank locally to save cost.

3) Big size hydro cyclones for large capacity. And it is not easy to be blocked.

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Aug 13

Coal Bed Methane Drilling Mud System to Australia

CBM drilling
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GN Solids Control have exported 9 mud system to Australia from last year, for coal bed methane drilling and HDD (horizontal directional drilling).  The feedback is very exciting. More and more Australian companies are going to buy from us. And we are going to attend the No-dig exhibition in October, 2011.

Coal Bed Methane Drilling Exploration in AustraliaCBM drilling mud system

Although the presence of methane has been known ever since coal mining began, separate commercial production of CBM is a relatively recent step. This commenced in the USA in the 1970’s, and exploration for CBM in Australia began in 1976 in Queensland’s Bowen Basin when Houston Oil and Minerals of Australia Incorporated drilled two unsuccessful wells. In February 1996 the first commercial CMM operation commenced at the Moura mine in Queensland methane drainage project (then owned by BHP Mitsui Coal Pty Ltd). In the same year at the Appin and Tower underground mines (then owned by BHP Pty Ltd) a CMM operation was used to fuel on-site generator sets (gas fired power stations). The first stand alone commercial production of CBM in Australia commenced in December 1996 at the Dawson Valley project (then owned by Conoco), adjoining the Moura coal mine.

Coal Bed Methane Drilling Mud System

Very similar to systems for HDD, but higher required about the electricity. Now we are learning very well about this part, that is why we are competitive, our manager usually says. Very Thankful for the clients which are patient, and help us to know all these very well.

Here is a list of some exciting news, if you want to know more, kindly contact us.

2 Sets 500GPM Mud Recycling System with Hydraulic Jack up to Australia Brisbane

GN500 GPM Drilling fluid system for coal seam Methane and HDD

GN 500GPM Mud Recycling System to Australia

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