June 29 2013

Trailer mounted sludge separation system is movable easily from one site to another, greatly increased the working efficience. This unit system structure simple only involving 2 stages solids control equipment.

Customer use this separation system for sea water and shellfish to prevent the hybrid or shellfish from different area. When the ship arrived the port, they use one type scratcher to collect the shellfish stuck on the bottom of ship, and transfer the mixer of sea water and shellfish to the separation system. After treatment by the shale shaker and desilter unit, the shellfish could be removed from, water get back to the sea. Always the size of shellfish is not so small, therefore in the system there are only shaker, desander and desilter.

Also the system could be applied in sedimentation sludge separation on sea port.

Besides the oil drilling industry, solid control technology also be adopted in HDD, Mining, Enviroment protection industry as a early stage separation or dewatering equipment. Sometimes,customer's requirements determine what we offer, also promote the developing of the industry.