May 26 2014

LG Kuwait is sister company of LG Group, the world famoust South Korea electrical products manufacturer. LG Kuwait is engaged in oil field Soil Testing and Remediation project. Recently, they are conducting experiment on oil sludge treatment to make the drilling waste turning into environmental friendly material.  Based on the backgroud, LG Kuwait come to GN Solids Control Beijing factory to check oil sludge treament decanter centrifuge and signed purchase contract with GN.

Equipment configuration list of Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge Package

  • One(1) nos Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW363BG-VFD
  • One(1) nos height adjustable telescopic skid, high platform for decanter centrifuge

Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge Package 1

The decanter centrifuge is positioned on the high platform, the platform is adjustable on height, from 2m to 3.3m making the solids discharge port flexible for use. The VFD control panel with PLC touch screen is positioned under the decanter centrifuge, but also on the skid, making the package more compact with smaller footprint.  There is cat ladder to go up the platform and guardrail on the platform for safety.

GN Solids Control Equipment have been widly used in Kuwait

Drilling waste management 2


Decanter Centrifuge is vital equipment for oil field in many applications:

  • solids control barite recovery decanter centrifuge for Oil & Gas drilling
  • solids control fine solids separation decanter centrifuge for Oil & Gas drilling
  • Drilling waste management fine solids separation decanter centrifuge for Oil & Gas drilling
  • Oil Sludge treatment decanter centrifuge for Oil & Gas drilling
  • Waste Water treatment decanter centrifuge for environmental projects

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge use duplex stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal casting to make th cylindrical bowl and conical section, use Stainless steel SS316L to make the other parts for assembly. This is samilar design and material as Derrick and Alfa Laval, making GN Solids Control stand out from the competition.