April 25 2013

Following the equipment supplied to PDVSA and Pertamina, GN got the oppotunity to offer one set oil sludge separation system to KOC (Kuwait Oil Company). With more and more cooperation with world oil company, GN Solids Control is gradually enhancing her capability for big project.

GN's equipment was provided to KOC oil sludge separation project through a local company. The involved equipment was used as the 1st stage oil recovery system.

The equipment list as below:

  • 4 units Double Deck Shale Shaker (GNZS703D) with capacity more than 600GPM
  • V-hopper with underneath screw conveyor assembly, each of the screw conveyor with length 36ft & 40ft, swivel screwconveyor is adjustable on height by both vertical and horizontal,

It is worthy to mention is that all equipment was customized design for connecting with steam line / hot water line to heating the system.

By now, GN's equipment already applicated in project for oil sludge separation, drilling waste management, general drilling fluids solid control and dredging slurry separation almost all the industries /that would request for solid control.