June 02 2016

One set of mud tank system for ZJ50 rig was just finished the fabrication and waiting for delivery. Few days ago, customer came to GN factory for delivery inspection and gave many good suggestions on how to make the system more suitable for India operators, and some positive comments on GN’s production quality.

High Configuration Mud Tank System with Full Stage Solids Control

This system is a very high configuration with all stages for drilling fluids recycling. It is equipped with all solids control equipment like shale shakers, vacuum degasser, de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge unit. The detailed configuration of this drilling fluids recycling system will be as follow: 
3 shale shakers will be connected with drilling mud distributor for evenly mud flows into the 3 shakers.
1 vacuum degasser could suck the mud from tank itself and also be fed by the centrifugal pumps. The centrifugal pumps are also used to feed the de-sander and de-silter. By perfecting the pipeline connection, the centrifugal pumps will have multiple functions. 
1 each for de-sander & de-silter are used to remove the fine solids from the drilling fluids.
1 each decanter centrifuge for barite recovery. 

The mud tanks are divided into shaker tank, intermediary tank and reserve tanks. All tanks are connected well that will be good for the jobsite layout. The pipes inside and outside the tanks would be used for mud mixing, adding chemicals to the tanks system, mud sucking. All sealing of the valves, mud gates are inspected by using water which ensures the jobsite free of troubles.
Besides, this mud tanks system has very good mud gun line for mud transferring, clear water line for tank top surface equipment cleaning, and the mud overflow line bypass all the equipment for drilling fluids recycling.

Now this mud tank system is under the final inspection procedure and waiting for delivery. Actually, this set was customized. According to customer’s specifications and equipment dimensions, after sufficient communication with customer, then it was built up. We firmly believe this mud tank system will perform well onsite and bring good feedback to us.