July 04 2011

Mud recycling system with hydraulic Jack up is now very popular in Australia, when the customer ordered the mud system, he told us. And as he anticipated, now another client ordered 2 same system after got the pictures ready to be shipped. From November, 2010, we have exported 8 complete mud system to Australia, some of them have been in process.
500GPM Mud Cleaing System to Australia

These 2 sets 500 GPM mud recycling system consist of below equipment for each:
  • One mud cleaner: GNPJ703
  • Two centrifugal pump: SB6x5-12 (37kw)
  • One Mud gun: NJQ50-3
  • One jet mud mixer: SLH150-35
Mud tank and spare parts: mud tank dimension is: 9000mm*2300mm*1800mm
One set hydraulic jack up


500GPM Hydraulic Jack Up Mud System

Fast moving mud recycling system

These 2 sets 500gpm mud system were designed while concerning fast moving. Suitable for container, only the desander desilter part should be unload. With the hydraulic jack up, the system can easily transported by the trailer.

500GPM Mud Reycling System

Visit our system in Brisbane

We have an agreement with the next customer, one of their system will be used for our show firstly. We are going to attend No-Dig Down Under 2011 (from 3-6 October)will be held in Brisbane, if you are interested, kindly email us and let us know firstly.