January 08 2010

A mud service company in Singapore ordered a complete drilling mud recovery system from us about 30 days ago.Now GN Team have finished production and careful testing and running until every equipment works properly.It is ready for delivery today.

This drilling mud recovery system is a customized system with compact design,and the total mud tank system can be put in 40' top open container.The mud recovery system including following Solids Control Equipments and components.

 Mud desander DesilterSolids Control system

Mud Tank:6000×2300×1800mm, ZS83×108-2 Linear motion mud shale shaker,Four 4' cones Desilter & One 10" Desander,LSB4×3-11 Vertical sand pump,and Lighting system for night shift working.

 Drilling mud recovery system

GN drilling fluids system

Linear mud shale shaker

Linear motion shaker

Mud system on truck

mud system on truck

Welcome to contact GN sales team to get free design customized drilling mud recovery system for your mud service company,or HDD,oil gas drilling company.