November 30 2018

GN completed the fabrication of one batch solids control equipment for client from Uzbekistan. Now these equipment are in the final factory inspection and test running process, and then the equipment will be shipped out to work in the cold weather in Uzbekistan. Let us what the client ordered.

Shale shaker and mud cleaner unit are the first stage and second stage separation equipment in solids control system. It is know that the used drilling fluid is back from the down well with plenty of drilling cutting. The shale shaker is used to remove the coarse size cuttings in the drilling fluid. The subsequent equipment mud cleaner is to separate finer size cuttings.
Shale shaker in the only type solids control equipment that to separate the cutting by size of the cuttings and opening on wire mesh screen. The mud cleaner is using centrifugal working principle to separate solid and liquid.

Being a leading solids control equipment manufacturer, GN shale shaker and mud cleaner has below advantages.
1. Shaker deck is with simple structure but complete heating treatment for strengthening purpose.
2. Shaker deck both sides are with extra horizontal beam to bear higher G force.
3. Shaker screen is composite frame type for long working life and large screening area.
4. Screen support frame is stainless steel.
5. Hydraucylone manifold frame is movable easy transportation.
6. Composite damping spring is covered by rubber to prevent rust and protection to operator.

The ordered decanter centrifuge is GNLW363 with 14 inch drum diameter and typical working speed of 3200RPM, which is a very popular size in the market for drilling fluids recycling and waste cutting treatment in petroleum industry. The material of the drum is duplex stainless steel 2305 which has better machinability than SS316L. The protection by using tungsten alloy on scroll propeller and the solids discharge port give the equipment longer working life and less maintenance to bring more benefit to user.

These equipment will be shipped to Uzbekistan and working there with low temperature of minus 50 degree Celsius. For more information on high quality solids control equipment, please feel free to contact with GN.