March 10 2015

Decanter Centrifuge is key equipment for drilling solids control & drilling waste management field. With super high centrifugal G-force, it can separate very fine solids from 2 to 7 microns. After centrifuge treatment, the drilling mud can be lower down weight or the barite can be recycled for reuse. Recently, GN Solids Control get big order for a large number of decanter centrifuges and all centrifuge is ready for shipping to Africa.

Generally, one oil drilling rig need at least two sets centrifuge ( one high speed & one low speed). The high speed centrifuge can be used to cut mud weight and the low speed centrifuge can be used to remove big particles and recovery barite. The centrifuge model for high speed & low speed is different type usually, with different bowl size, different pulley, different belt, different motor (if it is motor drive), different control panel. That is to say, the centrifuge engineer at rigsite should know both high speed model centrifuge & low speed centrifuge model very well. This require longer time to practice and shift from different models. Based on this, GN Solids Control develop one model centrifuge GNLW363C (this is evolved from GNLW363B) with both high speed model (3200rpm) & low speed model(1800rpm). The user just need to switch to get one of the options. This is very good design to make less of user’s spare parts in stock and make is faster to train the people who operate centrifuge is jobsite.

Another advantage of GN centrifuge, it is working with thermal coupling. This can measure and control the left bearing temperature and right bearing temperature. This make centrifuge working much safely.

GN Solids Control with over 150sets centrifuge production every year, GN Solids Control is becoming more and more popular in both overseas market & domestic market. As the biggest private solids control & drilling waste management equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control will be ever working harder, committed to serve the best for customers.