June 08 2018

This week, GN is almost finished the fabrication of 8 units solids vacuum pump what would be used in a long distance mud transfer project in Beijing. Now GN’s engineer is the making the last step of delivery inspection and packing.
In client's project, it is a long distance from the mud pit to the rig. This brought a problem to client how to transfer plenty of mud to where it would be used. The client didn't get a good solution till they saw GN vacuum pump at the CIPPE show this March.

GN Solids Vacuum pump is a 100 percent pneumatic driving pump that could be used to transfer high solids content sludge like the oilfield drilling waste cuttings, normal drilling mud in recycling system, vessel remaining sludge etc. The other feature of this type pump is the capability to suck and discharge the sludge from and to faraway place.

The client totally order 8 this vacuum pump from GN, and each 4 of them would be installed together to get a large capacity. Besides the pumps, client also ordered 2 empty containers that would be especially used to pack and mount the pumps. Few people will get the idea to put the pump unit into the container. This installation will bring some benefits. All parts of the pump would be covered and protected. All the pumps are installed in the container neatly for convenient operation onsite. This package term is also good for transportation, client only need one time lifting, then 4 pumps can be loaded on the truck. The vacuum pump need air compressor to work, thus the container is provided with air buffer vessel. All suction and discharging pipe manifold are provided and connected, before running onsite, client only need to connect the quick connectors.
GN solid vacuum pump can be used in waste cuttings management system, solids control system, sludge pit cleaning project. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN.