March 29 2019

OTC is one of the largest events in the world for the oil and gas industry. As usual, GN Solids Control will attend the show there and bring new products. GN is going to have 2 booths this year, same as last year, please refer below information that will guide you to GN's booths.

Show Time & Location: 6 May - 9 May, 2019. NRG Park, Houston, Texas, USA
Booth No. 1: NRG Center 4361 (GN Solids Control)
Booth No. 2: NRG Arena 8341 (GN Solids America)

For appointment with GN, please send email to or
GN has office and warehouse in Houston so that can give local support, for more information, please refer to

What GN will display at the show
1. GN ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen System
GN ViST vacuum shaker screen system is including a ViST vacuum unit connecting with a collecting pan that is installed under the last panel shaker screen at the solids discharge port. The Vist vacuum shaker screen system is suitable for OBM, WBM and SBM., it can greatly recover the drilling fluids to reduce the drilling waste discharge. GN is able to provide the ViST vacuum shaker screen system to fit on GN won shale shaker, but also design the collecting pan customized as per clients’ existing drilling fluids shale shaker.
2. GN New Generation Shale Shaker
GN new generation shale shaker will be connected with GN VIST unit to show visitors how is the working principle of GN VIST. To save operators’ time onsite, GN upgraded the shaker screen fastening system on new shale shaker. This improvement can greatly reduce the time in replacing the shaker screen to increase the working efficiency.

3. Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363C
GN 14 inch decanter centrifuge is a very popular model in oilfield for the application of drilling fluids barite recovery and ultrafine solids separation. GN adopts centrifugal casting technology to make the solid bowl of the decanter to make it denser for better balancing performance. All wearing parts of the decanter like mud distribution port, solid discharge port and screw propeller are protected by tungsten carbide plate for longer life time.
4. GN Full Series Replacement Shaker Screen
GN is able to provide replacement shaker screen comply with the API RP 13C standard. GN shaker screen full series API Nos. are tested by authorized third party and the test report is available. GN advanced production line ensures the manufacturing capability of screen required not only by GN own shale shakers, but also the replacement screen requirement for other well know shaker brand.

5. For the mud service company or waste management company, they may need slurry pump to transfer the slurry. GN will show at OTC the sand pump and solid vacuum pump. GN sand pump could be used as drilling mud transferring pump and mud mixing pump. GN uses ductile iron to make the pump casing and impeller to get longer working life. In transferring the drilling cutting or other drilling waste with high solids content, GN developed 100% air driving solid vacuum pump to solve the problem of transferring. This pump is a safe pump that can be used in hazardous area. Without moving parts in the vacuum bag, the maintenance of the pump is also very convenient.

GN is looking forward to meet with all visitors at the OTC 2019.