January 05 2015

2015 Offshore Technology Conference will be hold in May, just after Beijing CIPPE in March. As the best event to gain technical knowledge and make valuable contacts, OTC is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

As China leading Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management equipment original manufacturer, GN Solids Control attends OTC from 2012 and gets big success every year. In 2015, GN also attends OTC with excellent technical solids control equipment. For customers from America (North America & South America) and customers missing Beijing CIPPE, you may come to OTC and meet GN sales team there.

OTC 2015 Conference

  • Address: Reliant Park Houston, TX, USA
  • Time: May 04-07, 2015
  • GN Booth No.:   

    Reliant Arena Booth A (290SF) No.: 9225-2    - Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd
    Reliant Arena Booth B (200SF) No.: 6137        - GN Solids America LLC

GN Solids Control OTC 2015

Solids Control Equipment to show

1) 22 inch big bowl Decanter Centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD
GNLW553 is 22inch big bowl big capacity centrifuge which is professional for fast drilling ( eg. fast cutting mud weight) or Tunneling high capacity mud treatment. The VFD control panel make centrifuge speed from 0 to 2500rpm is pretty flexible for different application. Eg. as below

  • 1600rpm with 700 to 1000 G force can be used for barite recovery.
  • 2000rpm with 1000 to 2000 G force can be used for high gravity solids separation
  • 2500rpm with 1800 to 2300 G force can be used for low gravity solids separation

2) 14 inch high speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD
GNLW363C series centrifuge is the most popular model in oil & gas drilling industry. With large- adjusted speed range, GNLW363C centrifuge can be used for barite recovery, high/low gravity solids separation and zero-discharge dewatering centrifuge. The typical speed for dewatering use can be 3200rpm with G Force 2062.

One Africa drilling & exploration company buy 5 sets GNLW363CG & 5 sets GNLW363CG-VFD from us this year and use it for recovery barite and cutting mud weight.

GN centrifuge

3) Quality tested and verified Vertical Cuttings Dryer GNCD930D

GN will also take 4th generation Vertical cuttings dryer / Verti-G dryer to OTC exhibition. Vertical cuttings dryer is vital equipment for on-line drilling waste management / drilling cuttings management. The oil based drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker & desander cones & desilter cones generally will go to Vertical cuttings dryer for first treatment; water based drilling cuttings generally go to Hi-G dryer shaker for first treatment. GN Vertical cuttings dryer is tested and verified in many drilling jobsite. Like Shell in China, Baker Hughes in Russia and Cyprus Service Co.

GNCD930D vertical cuttings dryer-1

GN Solids Control Company advantages

1) GN  is the 1st API certified solids control company in China, also certified by: Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC

2) GN Solids America is the first & biggest China owned USA based Solids Control Company. USA brand GN Solids America LLC

3) GN Solids Control facility Area: 700,000 SF,exported to over 60 countries.