February 20 2014

This is the third time for GN Solids Control to present in OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston,Texas,USA.But this is a different time for GN Solids Control.Because it is the first time to present GN USA branch:GN Solids America LLC in the OTC, GN Solids America is the First USA based Solids Control Company from China.

2014 OTC GN Solids America

2014 OTC GN Solids Control

GN 2014 OTC General Information:

  • 1) Schedule: 5-8,May,2014
  • 2) City: Houston,Texas,USA
  • 3) Place: Reliant Park,Houston
  • 4) GN No.1 Booth No.:Reliant Arena 9241 (320SF)
  •      GN No.2 Booth No.:Reliant Arena 10147 (190SF)
  • 5) Meeting Appointment: Email  to 
2014 OTC Solids Control Equipment

What products will GN Show in 2014 OTC:

1) Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363VFD with VFD and PLC control
2) Big bowl Big Voume Decanter Centrifuge GNLW553VFD
3) High G Dryer Shale Shakers
4) Vertical Cuttings Dryer
5) Shale Shaker Screen

Since GN Solids Control is now having the branch in Houston,Texas,we are keeping solids control equipment in stock in the houston warehouse for sale.Visitors for the OTC can schedule a visit to checking the equipment available in stock before the show or even after the show.

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