August 11 2017

After nearly three months design and fabrication, this week, GN successfully shipped out the helicopter lifting mud system to Papua New Guinea where client’s jobsite locates.

When the time client came to GN factory for capacity inspection and communication on the request, GN knew that this project would be a challenge in all aspects like design calculation, fabrication technique, delivery time and quality testing. However, GN accepted this order and finally submitted a satisfactory answer sheet.

Features of this helicopter-lifting mud system are as below:
1. This mud system includes total 11 modules; nine of them are mud tank module, the other 2 modules are frames for installation the primary shale shaker and mud cleaner unit.
2. Due to drilling site is in remote area, all the modules need to be air shipped by helicopter. To ensure the helicopter able to work, the total weight of every module cannot be over 9 metric tons. While on the other hand, the tank has to be with sufficient volume and strength.

3. When design this system, GN’s engineer need to consider the easy disassemble and availability for helicopter lifting. Every module was strictly calculated by weight and loading capacity. Thousands of phone calls between GN and clients on communicating the design key point just for ensure the accuracy.
4. Client also had strict request on part like valves, unions and bearing. GN all chosen high-end brand and provide detailed specs. to client for confirmation.
5. The welding of the tank is complying with ASME standard, and all key welding line is passed NDT. All the pipelines use material SS316. The coating is from world famous brand PPG.

Appreciate for client giving this great challenge, in the meanwhile, a great opportunity to GN. GN became much stronger by overcoming all the difficulties. Thanks for all GN people who was sweating on this project for nearly three months, day and night. It made GN much united than ever before. Growth is always coming with challenge; this project brought much experience on designing and fabricating the helicopter-lifting mud system, which makes GN can serve to more clients.