October 29 2014

GN Solids Control service team just come back from Rigsite of West Africa and take valuable data from Rigsite. As leading manufacturer for centrifuge, GN Solids Control have a good reputation in West Africa area, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Garbon, Congo etc. From last year, GN have exported over 30 sets decanter centrifuge to West Africa and North Africa, Vertical cuttings dryer, Hi-G dryer to West Africa.

GN centrifuge working for solids control to cut mud weight

Below picture is GN Centrifuge working at rigsite to cut mud weight. They are 2 sets GNLW363 series centrifuge, equal model to Derrick DE1000 and Swaco 518. One set is fixed speed decanter centrifuge, with 3200rpm high speed when delivery, also 2200rpm/2500rpm/2700rpm as option. We can teach the customer to change the speed by change the belt pulley and belt. However, it takes some time, about 3-5hours if the tools are enough. So the customer buy the other variable speed centrifuge with VFD control panel. With the PLC VFD control panel, the customer can change the speed easily from 0 to 3200rpm continuously. The VFD control panel can change the bowl speed and conveyor speed to achieve fine performance.

GN Centrifuge

GNLW363BG is fixed speed centrifuge from GN Solids Control.

GNLW363BG-VFD is variable speed centrifuge from GN Solids Control.

GN centrifuge working for dewatering unit to remove fine solids

Below picture is GN centrifuge working at rigsite for dewatering unit to remove fine solids. The variable speed centrifuge can reach 0 to 3200rpm with VFD control panel. The VFD control panel is 3 VFD, which control main motor, auxiliary motor and feeding pump. Some customer prefer to control panel for centrifuge and control panel for feeding pump separately, we can also offer that 2 VFD control panel for centrifuge and 1 VFD control panel for feeding pump.

Before the dewatering centrifuge, generally one set 20ft container sized flocculent unit is required, 2 chamber or 3 chamber is required to mix the waste water with chemicals. GN can offer 20ft container size and 40ft flocculation unit, the centrifuge can be put into container for better safety.

GN centrifuge for dewatering unit

GN Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge is widely used in different areas, like solids control and waste management, mud weight cutting and dewatering. For more information, pls contact GN Solids Control sales team.