March 23 2017

Beijing CIPPE show lowered the curtain yesterday, GN Solids Control gained a lot once again. To be a leading brand of solids control equipment manufacturer and separation solution provider in China, GN is always consistent to provide top quality products and complete services to all domestic and abroad clients.

 gn cippe 2017 1

From manufacturer of drilling fluids solids control equipment to supplier of mud recycling and waste cuttings equipment, and then to separation solution provider, GN's role in the industry changed a lot. Keeping improving is one of GN's critical features, not only improving on the sales amount and market share, but also new products publication development. It is this feature that changed GN's role many times in only ten years. GN would like to do more for this industry, and in the meanwhile, GN is expecting more opportunities. 

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GN's New Release at CIPPE

Now that GN is not only an equipment manufacturer but also a package separation solution provider. Therefore, GN's new releases at CIPPE include single equipment and complete separation solution that will involve many equipments.

Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge – this time, GN brought the 30 inch decanter centrifuge model of GNLW764 to the show. It has 30 inch bowl diameter and 131 inch bowl length. This model is designed for best performance in tunnel boring mud cleaning, dredging slurry separation, municipal sewage in purification and industry waste water treatment. Its primary feature is the capacity of 528GPM at the slurry with 20% solids content.

gn cippe 2017 6

Full Hydraulic Drive Decanter Centrifuge – this type decanter centrifuge GNLW363D-FHD is an ideal choice for high temperature ambient application for heavy mud treatment with flexible bowl speed and differential speed. One unit hydraulic pump could feed oil to drive both the bowl and scroll for a continuously and infinitely variable operation.

gn cippe 2017 5

High Density Slurry Vacuum Pump – GNSP-40A vacuum pump is designed for transferring the slurry with solids content up to 80%. It has a widely application including waste cutting, oil sludge & tank bottom residual, and vessel bottom clean out transferring etc.

Assembled Equipment Packaged Module Separation Solution

Oily Sludge Treatment System - In the past one year, GN developed the separation system for oily sludge. Oily sludge mainly comes from oil based drilling cuttings, oil tank bottom residual and refineries oil waste. The sludge is a kind of mixture of oil, water and solids. GN's oily sludge treatment system includes coarse screen module, demulsion module, chemicals dosing module, liquid solids separation module and oil water module. It is an effective solution for 3-phase separation; GN's system could make the oil content in solids to less than 20%.

gn cippe 2017 4

Thermal Desorption Unit – this system is a relative complex, ex-situ and non-incineration technology for hydrocarbons separation from various matrices including oilfiled waste, soil, sludge, tanker bottoms and organic hazardous without destroying the hydrocarbons. It uses indirect heat treatment technology to separate hydrocarbons in solids down to 0.3%.

GN's new released products and solutions attracted many visitors to GN's booth for future cooperation intention. One of GN's old clients came to GN booth and said "GN is keeping improving and growing fast; I would like to be GN's loyal partner. I know I can keep my business for long time, because GN definitely can keep the business for long time with continuous new products. Furthermore, GN is really a reliable vendor".