November 06 2014

GN just finish the 500gpm mud system for Kenya geothermal drilling company. The customer came to GN Solids Control two times. One time is to check GN facility close to Beijing airport before order; the other time is to test the equipment before delivery.

GN 500gpm mud system for Kenya Geothermal Drilling, configuration as below:

  • 1 set low weir shale shaker, GNZS703D-HD, the weir height is 500mm. This low weir shaker is professional for small rigs, like geothermal drilling rig, HDD rig, water well drilling rig etc. The small rig with lower flowline require lower weir shaker.
  • 1 set desander with 1 pcs 10’’ PU desander cyclones. This require 1 set 30kw centrifugal pump for feeding.
  • 3 sets mud tank: 6012x2100x1600mm(1 pc); 11512x2100x2314mm(2 pcs); the small tank working as mud treating and recycling tank and the two bigger tank working as mud storage and mud mixing tank.
  • 6 sets mud agitator and 6 sets mud gun for 2 bigger mud tanks.
  • 1 set generator with Simens generator and Cummins diesel engine. Static speaker is also attached to lower down the working noise.
  • 1 set accessories and spare parts for all the related equipment.

Except for 500gpm mud system, GN can also offer 200gpm mud system, 800gpm mud system, 1000gpm mud system, 1500gpm mud system.

500gpm mud sysetm for Kenya geothermal drilling

PVOC Certificate compulsory for Kenya customs

We customer propose to apply PVOC when the manufacturing is finish. This certificate is equipment inspection before delivery and forcible for Kenya customs. After discussed with our customer, they find BV China and let BV do this for them and pay to BV directly. Now, we are focus on the PVOC application process. It may finish soon.

Geothermal is picking up from North America and spreading to other parts of the world. Like China CNPC and SINOPEC, also invest a lot on geothermal and make specific plan for next year. For geothermal drilling rig owners, pls contact GN Solids Control to get perfect geothermal mud system.

mud system for Kenya Geothermal Drilling