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GN Solids Control is a famous brand of oil equipment manufacturer in domestic and overseas. GN's electrical engineering business department, affiliated to Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd, has comprehensive ability to provide solution for explosion-proof electrical control. GN is able to provide the electric control system, explosion-proof electrical enclosure design and development, fabrication, site installation, program debugging, and other services.

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GN has set up branch in the USA, from where GN is able to provide quick response to customers from North and South America. The branch company in the meanwhile brings the latest technology back to China headquarter. Nowadays, GN has become one of the qualified suppliers of explosion proof electrical enclosures in global supply chain.

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GN Explosion Proof Certification

GN electrical control products have been certified by IEC Ex and China CNEx, which enable GN's products to meet high level market requirements.


International IECEx Ex-proof Certification


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China CNEX Ex-proof Certification