July 04 2014

GN Solids Control designed a Dual Function solids control unit for a drilling company, this solids control unit can be used for CBM drilling and Diamond Core Drilling. This saves a lot of cost for the drilling contractor to have one dual function mud recycling unit instead to spending money on two units.

Although this two types of drilling requires a very different handling capacity of drilling mud. For CBM Drilling, normally it needs to be 500 GPM mud cleaning capacity, but for diamond core drilling it needs only 50 GPM capacity. And for CBM drilling, normally, the solids control unit needs to control and separate the sands and silts in drilling mud, which is bigger than 20 microns. But for diamond core drilling, a lot of fine solids less than 20 microns, it needs to separate solids bigger than 5 microns to get nearly pure water.

Dimamond Drilling Mud Tank

How GN Dual Function Solids Control Unit works for above situation?

The Dual function unit is installed with following main equipment:
1)    8 M Drilling Mud tank with Hydraulic Jackup System for self lifting without big cranes.
2)    One Multi-Function Mud Cleaner with Double Deck Shale Shaker, and Desilter. GNYZ703E-8N
3)    GNLW223 Mini Decanter Centrifuge with High Speed.
4)    Positive displacement pump for feeding the decanter centrifuge installed at the side o the tank.
5)    Desilter feeding Pump, Mud Mixing Pump, and Mixing hopper.
6)    Mud Agitators.


For 500GPM capacity for CBM Drilling Solids Control Unit Working Flow:
The mud will firstly goes thru the bottom deck shaker of GNYZ703E-8N, with API 60 shaker screens to remove particles larger than 230 Microns. And a desilter centrifugal pump suck the fluids from tank first compartment to feed the 4 inch desilters to remove solids larger than 20 microns.And solids discharge from the desilter nipple will drop down the the upper shaker deck for drying before discharge. If the drillers still want to reduce the density of the drilling mud, the Mini decanter centrifuge can be turned on to remove solids bigger than 5 microns. The mixing hopper and mixing pump is available for preparing and mixing chemicals in the drilling mud.

Diamond Drilling Shale Shaker Diamond Drilling Centrifuge

For the 50 GPM capacity Diamond Core Drilling Solids Removal unit Working Flow
The mud will also firstly goes thru the bottom deck shaker of GNYZ703E-8N Shale shaker, but the fine screen  range from API 150 to API 250 will be used taking fine solids of diamond core drilling mud. And the desilter will not work for this situation, and mud will overflow to the second department of the mud tank,and the centrifuge feeding pump will take the drilling mud to feed to the Mini GNLW223 decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids between 5-30 Microns.

Hydraulic Jackup Mud tank

About CBM Drilling
CBM is an unconventional source of natural gas produced from gas residing in coal seams. CBM wells are typically shallow (less than 1000 meters total depth) and have a single string of surface casing cemented in place. So the 500 GPM mud solids control unit is very popular for the CBM Drilling.

CBM (Coal Bed Methane) drilling is performed with rotary and core drilling equipment. The Two type of drilling rigs have different functions. Rotary rigs are used to drill and set casing for CBM production wells, and, along with core drills, are used to drill long directionally-drilled holes into coal seams from which coal-bed methane gas is extracted

More about Diamond Core Drilling
Diamond-core drilling cuts a cylindrical core of solid rock with an annular diamond-impregnated drill bit attached to the end of a hollow drill rod. The diamond-core bits come in in a variety of sizes: fine to micro-fine industrial grade diamonds.
The ratio of diamonds to metal used in the matrix affects the performance of the bits’ cutting ability in different types of rock formations. The diamonds are set within a matrix of varying hardness, from brass to high-grade steel. The rock formation, which must be cut, verifies the matrix hardness and diamond size. Hard steel bits with a low diamond ratio are used for softer highly fractured rock while softer steel bits with a high diamond ratio are good for coring in hard solid rock. The bit has holes that allow water to be delivered to the cutting face and this serves three essential functions: lubrication, cooling and removal of drill cuttings from the hole. The capacity is small, but the cleaning is very important for reusing the water for diamond drilling.