October 17 2009

Two drilling mud mixing tanks just finished production in our factrory.These two drilling mud mixing tanks are for storage of drilling mud.The drilling mud tanks are ready for export to Ethiopia in our factory.

Features of these new design mud tanks:

  • Multifunctional-The Mud mixing tanks are divided into 3 compartment,1 for tools storage,1 for water/diesel storage,1 for drilling mud mixing.
  • Flexible- The yellow small tank for diesel storage can be put into the large tanks water storage for transportation.

Picture of drilling mud mixing tanks

mud mixing tanks

Mud mixing tanks

Then mud mixing tanks have walkways on top to allow a worker to traverse and inspect the level of fluid in the tanks. The walkways also allow access to other equipment mounted on top.  The mud mixing tanks have mud agitators, which are large fan blades stirring the fluid to prevent its contents from precipitating.

.drilling mud tanks

We also design complete drilling mud tanks system with equipments like shale shakers,desanders,desitlers,mud cleaners,centrifuges,vacuum degassers mounted over it.

GN Solids Control design mud tanks from small to large tanks,with our experienced engineers design,careful material selection,top quality paiting.Then mud tanks are more than beautiful,but also lasts longer for drilling fluids storage.