November 25 2009

Centifugal pumps and mud agitators to Egypt

2 SB 8×6-13 Centrifugal pumps and 4 JBQ11 mud agitator(11kw) just finish production and inspection in GN factory.The centrifugal pumps and agitators are going to deliver to GN Egypt client.In drilling mud purification system,the desander and desilter require sand pumps to feed drilling mud for treatment.And the drilling mud in the mud tank need mud agitator to keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids.

mud cleaner cones
November 24 2009

Mud cleaner desilter cones to Indonesia

We just finish production of 16 desilter cones,and the desilter cones are ready for delivery to Indonesia.The desilter of  mud cleaner,and  desilter usually uses 4" hydrocyclone cones.As a manufacturer of mud cleaner,and desilter,GN provide fast and reliable spare parts for our equipments.Mud cleaner & desilter cones package

Welcome to contact GN Solids Control sales to get the right and fast delivery desander cones,desilter cones,and cones for mud cleaner.

HDD Mud Cleaner
November 19 2009

HDD Mud Cleaner negotiation with Korean Client

Korean Client from a HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling) Company come to visit GN drilling mud equipments factory to negotiate about purchasing HDD mud cleaners,sand pumps,and re-design for his present HDD mud system.

With GN experienced Engineers in HDD mud system design,we provide a satisfied re-design proposal from clients mud tank to a fluids processing system.Clients is more than happy of our customized & cost-effective solution,and told us they will send the purchase order after they come back to Korean.

Negotiation about HDD Mud Cleaner.

GN Solids Control Provide drilling mud equipments and mud treatment system for HDD from large to small models,unlike other hdd mud system supplier,GN HDD mud system is customized enough,cost-effective solution oriented, and specially design for clients drilling conditions.



November 17 2009

Bentonite mixing unit and mud tanks for HDD

Bentonite mixing unit and 5 drilling mud tanks for HDD drilling of Chinese giant Company CPPLB just finished production and inspection,ready for delivery in GN Solids Control factory.CPPLB HDD branch has cooperated with GN Solids Control many times,our engineers have design many HDD mud tank unit for CPPLB,and they are satisfied with our mud cleaning unit efficiency and our service.

Egypt Clients
November 13 2009

Egypt clients visit GN Factory for buying drilling mud system

Egypt clients visit GN Factory for discussing about purchasing a set of complete drilling mud  system.

They checked our equipments design,and painting carefully, and further discussed with us about production process,and quality control,finally,they gave us positive comments for our production process.And they are very happy that GN can offer them customized drilling mud system according to their special requirements.


GN Solids Control offer cost-effective drilling mud system for customers special requirements all around the world.