water well drilling mud reycling system
April 03 2010

Water well drilling mud recycling system to Mongolia

A group company with division for water well drilling in Mongolia and oil gas drilling service in Kazakstan. They are satisfied with the 2 mud system for oil gas drilling which we delivered to them to Kazakstan..They re-purchased a set of mud system for their water drilling.The small unit water well drilling mud recycling system is compact and easy-transportation

CIPPE 10th
April 01 2010

GN Solids Control back from 10th CIPPE

With the developing of GN Solids Control,we are keeping enlarging our promotion to more world's largest petroleum equipments exhibitions.We attended 9th CIPPE,and doubled our booth space in 10th CIPPE.

Comparing with other exhibitors, only GN Solids Control bring a complete line drilling mud solids control equipments and mud tanks for exhibition.That's because GN is one of the expert who specialize in design and manufacture solids control equipments for oil gas drilling & HDD

Our main equipments in the exhibition:Shale Shaker,Mud Cleaner ,Vacuum Degasser,Decanting centrifuge,Sand Pumps,Mud agitator,Mud tanks etc.

Oil Gas Drilling mud solids control system


March 20 2010

Australia tunneling company bought one set of Jet mud mixer (SLH150-30) from GN.

Australia tunneling company bought one set of Jet mud mixer (SLH150-30) from GN.

They use the jet mud mixer in their tunneling project, in order to mix the bentonite completely and ensure high performance. They requested capacity is about 20m3/h, the required detail is: mix in batches of around 5000 litres to mix of 5%, 50kgs of bentonite to 1000 litres of water.

March 19 2010

Five Sets of Desanders and Desilters for Kuwait Clients

A Kuwait client purchased five sets of desanders and desilters each from GN Solids Control.They met us at the CIPPE Petroleum Equipments Exhibition in 2009. After visit our factory,they are satisfied with our technique and professional proposal, they decided to purchase the desander and desilter from us directly.

Mud vacuum degasser
March 18 2010

Vacuum degasser & Sand Pumps & Agitators to Indonesia

 Vacuum degasser,sand pumps and mud agitator are indispensable solids control equipments for mud tank system.

The Indonesia client is an oilfield drilling operation company,from new :Mud cleaner desilter cones to Indonesia, you'll see they ever bought desilter cones from us.As an old customer of us,this time,they made the order within 10 days for the  Vacuum degasser,sand pumps and mud agitator.With GN fast response,we delivered all the equipments within 10 days.