July 22 2014

GN Solids Control is one of very few companies who have successfully proven the drilling cuttings management system from China. The following drilling cuttings management system is for shipping to West Africa. GN solids control is manufacturing another two completed drilling cuttings waste management system. One is for Middle East, the other unit is for Europe drilling waste management company, one is going to be ready for shipping end of this month, the other is going to ship in next month.

 OBM Drilling Cuttings Dryer System

If you want to see the Working Performance of GN Drilling Cuttings Management System, please check following videos:

Configuration of GN Drilling Cuttings Management System:


  • One oilfield three runner design skid with catching tank.
  • One GNCD930 Vertical Cuttings Dryer with air Knife system.
  • One Screw pump for flushing the cuttings dryer.    
  • One GNLW363B-VFD variable speed decanter Centrifuges.
  • One Telescopic skid for mounting decanter centrifuge which is available to lift the centrifuge in a higher position while working, and lower down for shipping.
  • One Vertical slurry pump for feeding the decanter centrifuges.
  • All the tank attachments include: walkways, handrails, pipelines, electric control panels,clean gate etc.

OBM Drilling Waste Management Africa

The feature of this GN Drilling Cuttings Management System is that it is turnkey solution with completed equipment for the customer. And customer can put the completed skid with all the equipment to the trailer for moving from jobsite to jobsite, this saves a lot of cost for the logistic, and also it saves time for the installation of the equipments.

 GN drilling cuttings drying system africa

Working Procedures of the GN Drilling Cuttings Management System:

  • Step 1) The screw conveyor or Hose pump feed the drilling cuttings to the GNCD930 Vertical Cuttings Dryer.
  • Step 2) The GNCD930 Vertical Cuttings Dryer will take the oil or water out of the drilling cuttings, and discharged the fluids to the catching tank. The drying solids will discharged with oil on cuttings below 5%.The flushing pump under the cuttings dryer can take clean drilling fluids to flush the cuttings dryer.
  • Step 3) Since the fluids from the cuttings dryer to the catching tank, it contains a lot of fine solids, The vertical slurry pump take the drilling fluids with fine solids to feed to the GNLW363B-VFD decanter centrifuge.
  • Step 4) The GNLW363B-VFD Decanter Centrifuge will separate the solids from the drilling fluids, and as the telescopic skid will lift to the high position, the clean fluids from the centrifuge can go to the active solids control system or storage tank by gravity.

Africa waste management System

With GN Drilling Cuttings Management System, it reduced the cost for treating the drilling cuttings, and also very importantly,  for 100 tons of drilling cuttings, it normally can recover 20 tons of drilling fluids for reuse.